February 13, 2014

A List of Featured Stories by Date Posted (Latest at Top of List)

The Thompson Transcripts: Shocking Revelations About Vaccines and Autism by the CDC Whistleblower

The Truth About Gaddafi's Libya, NATO's Bombing, and the Benghazi 'Consulate' Attack

Do John and Tony Podesta Have a Connection with Missing Child, Madeleine McCann?

Essay: Anatomy of the Deep State

The ‘Sex Slave’ Scandal That Exposed Clinton and Trump's Friend, Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein

Chicago is Ruled by Fear and the Government Operates with Impunity Like the Mafia

The Name of the Pedophile Scandal of the Elite is Pizzagate

Pedophiles in High Places Are Manipulating the Masses Through Mind Control

Johnny Gosch: A Story of Kidnapping, Mind Control and Pedophilia

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Has Disgraced the Entire Profession of Journalism

A Shadow Government, a Hybrid Entity of Public and Private Institutions, Rules the United States of America 

Global Environmental Governance: Countries to Battle Over Wealth Transfers Worth Trillions in the Context of 'Sustainable Development' and a 'Global Green Economy'

Turkey Plays a Pivotal Role in the Illuminati's Plan to Foment War Between Political Zionists and Muslim Leaders

Accused Boston Marathon Bombers Were the Former Nephews of Samantha Fuller, Daughter of Top CIA Strategist Graham Fuller

1964, Laurel Canyon, and the Birth of the Hippie Generation
The Prophetic Super Moon of 2015 and the Final Eclipses of the Tetrad in 2018 - 2019

Law Enforcement, Prosecutors and Investigators Can Lie to Judges and Juries with Impunity

Who are the Real Boston Marathon Bombers? Part 1

Who are the Real Boston Marathon Bombers? Part 2

Paul Ceglia Has Been Falsely Charged by the U.S. Government and Will Not Get a Fair Trial, Which is Why He is 'On the Lam'

Khazarian Jews Have No Rights to Palestine

300,000 Wealthy Investors Collect Each Year Over 60% of the Capital Gains, Taxed at Far Less Than Ordinary Income; Individuals Earning Over $400,000 are Often Public Figures

CIA Insider Predicts a $100-Trillion Worldwide Economic Breakdown and an Extended Period of Global Anarchy

Marine Scout Sniper Adan CastaƱeda Declared Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

9/11/2001 Attack on the World Trade Center was Israeli Mossad Engineered

'American Sniper' Chris Kyle Lied About Jesse Ventura, Among Other Things; Eddie Ray Routh Thought Kyle Was Going to Kill Him

The Abomination of Desolation, Antichrist and The Great Tribulation

A Third Temple, a Replica of Solomon's Temple, Was Built in Brazil and Inaugurated on July 31, 2014 for the One World Religion

The New World Order Fulfills All Biblical Prophecy About the End Times

Stockton's Bankruptcy Plan Slashes City Spending, Cuts Salaries and Eliminates Jobs — But Preserves Worker Pensions

Education Companies Claiming "Non-Profit" Status are Profiting on Common Core State Standards

World War III, the Islamic State, and the New World Order into Which We Entered After 9/11/2001

Government Corruption in South Carolina and the Story of Doris E. Holt and James B. Spencer (a.k.a. Robert Brian Holt)

Christ Will Not Return Until Satan Stands in the Holy Place Showing Himself That He is God, Which Means the Temple Will Be Rebuilt Prior to Christ's Return to Deliver Up His People to the Kingdom of Heaven

Elitists Who Would Be God

Ecofascism Has Nazi Roots: Green Ideology Was at the Core of Nazi Thinking (Pagan Worship)

Tom Fife: Obama is a Communist, Groomed for the U.S. Presidency

70 Million People Were Rounded Up and Killed in the 20th Century Because of Gun Control

International Corporations and Bankers Run the World - They Own the Politicians, Big Media, Judges, State Houses, City Halls

$8.5 Trillion in Taxpayer Money Doled Out to the Pentagon Since 1996 Has Never Been Accounted For

Boxer–Sanders Carbon Tax Would Empower EPA to Crush Booming Energy Economy

U.S. Education System is Teaching Our Youth That Individualism is Bad and Collectivism ('Group Think) is Good

The Problem with the U.S. Education System is the Federal Programs and Education Bureaucracy That Run It

Solar Flares: What You Need to Know

Companies File Bankruptcy So They Can Ask Courts to Slash Pensions; Federal Government is Bankrupt, So Should Taxpayers Demand That Congress Slash Federal Pensions?

Government Employees are the New Face of Labor Unions

Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

The Roman Empire During the Time of Jesus

Obamacare Will Lead to a National ID Card, Which Could Presage the 'Mark of the Beast' That is One-World Government

Chinese Government and Large Chinese Corporations Have Been Systematically Buying Up U.S. Businesses, Homes, Farmland, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Natural Resources

China Is Massively Boosting Stockpiles of Rice, Iron Ore, Precious Metals, Dry Milk

If We Are Dependent on Government for Our Livelihood, We Are Part of the Problem

The Third Temple Will Be Built for Antichrist Not Jesus Christ

More Than 600 Local Governments in the U.S. Use Taxpayer Dollars to Pay Membership Dues to ICLEI USA

Ruby Ridge and the Age of State Terrorism

Antichrist Must Come First, Standing in the Temple and Showing Himself That He is God, Causing a Great Falling Away from the Christian Faith

More Than Two Years After the Earthquake, the U.S. Pledge to Rebuild Haiti is Not Being Met (But Corrupt Contractors and Governments Are Receiving Millions)

Healthcare Reform Law and the 2009 Stimulus Bill Mandate Biometric Screening and Electronic Health Records by 2014

The Culling of the Population with a Desired Outcome of One Billion People Worldwide

Chick-fil-A Supporters Turn Out in Droves for ‘Appreciation Day’ on August 1, 2012; Opponents Countered with August 3rd Protest, Encouraging People of the Same Sex to Show Up at Chick-fil-A Restaurants Around the Country and Kiss Each Other

Word Substitutions by Bible Translators Change the Word of God to Fit Man-made Doctrine

$4 Trillion in Deficits for State and City Pensions Could Destroy the U.S. Economy

Iran Nuclear Threat Is Not Imminent But War with Iran Is

Feds Continue to Deny Chemtrails as Well as Any Experimentation in Weather Modification

World Government Is Already Upon Us

Most Corporations Pay No U.S. Income Tax

Iran-Russia-China Military Alliance: Russia and China Will Not Stand Idly By If Iran Is Attacked

By Grace We Have Been Saved; Faith is a Gift of God 

They Opened the Borders to Bring in Unqualified Buyers to Aggravate the Housing Bubble and Bust

$200 Dollar Per Barrel of Oil and $7 Per Gallon of Gas

A Tiny Elite Owns 80% of the World's Wealth

Want Lower-hassle Airport Screening? Just Give the Government Your Biometric Data— Security Theater Has Always Been a Ruse for Getting You to Willingly Give up Your Biometric Data

Public Schools are Quasi-prison Facilities Organized Along the Same Principles as Factory Farming

If Ron Paul Is So 'Nutty,' Why Is He Right About So Many Things?

Caterpillar is a Prime Example of How Big Business Has Colluded with Government to Wipe Out America's Middle Class

The Social Welfare State: With Voter Bribery, Government as Santa Claus Was Possible

NDAA Places U.S. Citizens Under Military Rule

The Secret History of Western Education: the Scientific Destruction of Minds

Asian Secret Societies (the Dragon Family) Want Their Gold Back from the Western Secret Societies; the Western Secret Societies Blew Up the World Trade Center So That They Wouldn't Have to Give It Back

The IMF and Federal Reserve are About to Merge

Federal Judge Paves the Way for a State Takeover of Harrisburg's Finances

Will the U.S. Military Fire upon U.S. Citizens?

Indefinite Military Detention of U.S. Citizens without Charge or Trial - The National Defense Authorization Act

World Government Climate Deal Fails in Durban, But the War Goes On

'Think Tanks' of the Elite Guiding U.S. Policy

The Banksters are Pushing for a World Economic Government under Their Direct Control to Solve the Financial Crisis They Created

Federal Reserve Committed $7.77 Trillion to Rescue the Financial System

California - The Poster Child for Bad Government

The Return of Debtors Prisons (After All, Prison Labor is Cheap Labor for Transnational Corporations and Private Prisons Get Paid More If There are More Inmates)

In 2011, Taxpayers Will Pay $19 Billion to Fund Federal Pensions, While Federal Employees Will Contribute Only $1 Billion

The Government Has Your Baby's DNA

Red Tide or Corexit — Oxygen Starved Dead Zones Killing Texas Seafood

Agenda 21 is the Master Plan for a New World Order

U.S. is Quickly Becoming a Post Industrial Neo-Third-World Country

The End is Getting Close

Obama’s Allegiance Is to the New World Order and Satan

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Demand High-Finance Transaction Tax, Marching Straight into the Globalist Trap

Inequality in the United States Has Hit a New Level: CEO Pay Has Skyrocketed 300% Since 1990; Corporate Profits Have Doubled; Average 'Production Worker' Pay Has Increased 4%; Minimum Wage Has Dropped (All Numbers Adjusted for Inflation)

Letters of Concern About Obamacare from Texas Judge David Kithil and Indianapolis Doctor Stephen E. Frazer, M.D.

The Order of Events Until the End of the World

'Occupy Wall Street' Movement Could Turn into Riots and Lock Down the Nation into Martial Law

HUD is Heavily Involved with UN Agenda 21

The Truth About Student Loans

Student Loan Market Created a Tuition Bubble Rivaling the Housing Bubble

Federal Agency Which Insures Private Pensions Shifted to Stocks Just Months Before the 2008 Collapse

World Population from Seven Billion Down to 500 Million Using Vaccines

Obama Signs 'White House Rural Council,' an Agenda 21 Executive Order

Orwell Was Right But Off By 30 Years: 1984 Is 2014

Establishment Using 10-year Anniversary of 911 to Instill Greater Fear

NWO Order Plans Exposed by Insider in 1969: One World Government Under the Devil Without Liberty or Justice for All

The Political Class Attack on Social Programs: The Supposed Social Security Crisis is Fictional But Obama's Debt Commission Says Benefits Need to Be Cut So That the Federal Debt Can Be Paid Off By Taxpayers Rather Than Those Responsible for the Economic Implosion (the Too-Big-to-Fail Banks, Wall Street, Corrupt Politicians and Labor Unions, and Multi-national Corporations in Collusion with Government)

2010 'Citizens United' Decision Made Corporations and Unions Political Powers

Obama Opens First of Eight Federal Climate Centers While Waiting for 2012 to Move Forward with Carbon Taxes

The Ruling Elite Want Our 401(k)s to Pay Down the Federal Debt; Debt Deal Establishes 'Super Committee', Promises Future Cuts, and Includes Constitutional Amendment Requiring the Feds to Balance the Budget

Fed Arrives at the End of the 'Road to Nowhere' — $15 Trillion in U.S. Ghost Assets Will Go Up in Smoke in the Second Half of 2011

Elite Private Equity Firms are Buying Farmland to Control the Food Supply

We Are Information-age Serfs Ruled Over by a Global Elite, Our Minds Enslaved to Celebrating Diversity, Embracing Tolerance, and Worshipping Mother Earth

The Bond Bubble, U.S. Debt and Federal Pensions

The Catholic Church’s Secret Gay Cabal

Bottleneck at Patent Office is Leading Indicator of U.S. Economy

G. Edward Griffin: 'Within the Next 18 Months We Are Going to See Triple Digit Inflation'

GEAB: U.S. Dollar Will Begin a Massive Devaluation in Autumn 2011 (Around 30% in a Few Weeks)

Don't Cut Social Security and Medicare Before Cutting the Federal Workforce and Federal Pay and Benefits, Including the Military

George Soros: 'The Main Obstacle to a Stable and Just World Order is the United States'

The Global Government and Religion of the New World Order is the Anti-Christian Beast Described in the Book of Revelation

Illuminati Meeting at Bohemian Grove July 16 - July 17, 2011

Other Than Social Security and Medicare (Funded by Separate Payroll Taxes) as Well as Medicaid, the Top Federal Expenses are the Defense and Security, Benefits for Federal Retirees and Veterans, and Interest on the National Debt

Carbon Currency to Replace All Paper Currencies, Limiting Manufacturing, Food Production and People Movement

Get Ready for Price Inflation, Tax Increases, Reductions in Social Security and Health Care Benefits, a Much Lower Standard of Living, and Confiscation of Your Retirement Assets

The Real U.S. National Security Budget is $1.2 Trillion and the Real Price of U.S. Wars is $4.4 Trillion

Drones May Well Be the 'Locusts' That Come Out from the Smoke of the Bottomless Pit

Governments Using Drones Designed for Military Use Against Its Citizens in Significant Expansion of Covert State Surveillance

Fake Alien Threat: The Solution to Uniting a Hostile World

IMF, World Bank and G20 Are Destroying Countries

Second American Revolution Can Begin June 14, 2011

The Illuminati: A Brief History of the Shadow Government

The 'Round-up' of Americans Will Soon Begin

U.S. Corporate Profits Soar at the Expense of Wages

Obama Favors Arab Sovereignty Over the Temple Mount

The Charter School Movement and the Corporate Takeover of Education in America

The U.S. Government Will Steal Your Retirement Money as a Revenue Source to Pay Down the U.S. Debt

The Federal Government's Crimes Against the People

Privatization and Globalization: The Corporate Takeover of America

Fatah-Hamas Pact and the Third Intifada

When It Finally Occurs, Today’s Depression Will Make the Great Depression Look Like a Sunday Picnic

Since 1980 the Majority of Economic Gains Have Gone to the Wealthiest 1% of the Population

Congress Has No Authority to Steal the Fruits of Your Labor

Privatizing the U.S. Public Education System with Public Money

Jesus Says to Watch for the Signs and Prepare for His Return

Inequality is on the Rise in America; the Ruling Class Has Redistributed Private Sector Middle Class Wealth to the Public Sector Until They Finally Redistribute It All to Themselves

Angry Public is Blaming Business, Government, and Organized Labor for the Weak Economy

How Legitimate is the U.S. Government?

Broken Currencies Will Lead to a Single, United Global Currency

Another Year With No Social Security Increase Yet Another Year of DOD Increases and Military Bonuses for the Perpetual Global War on Terror

We Are on the Road to World War III

U.S. Military Pay Tables

Obamacare Will Expand State Medicaid Coverage, and Will Further Bankrupt the States, Making Them Totally Dependent on the Feds

Transforming Humanity into a Global Interdependent Sustainable Society

Michelle Obama's Campaign Against Obesity is a Campaign for Taxing 'Junk Food' and Rationing Healthcare for the Obese under Obamacare

The Alien and UFO Threat Claimed by Government-paid Scientists is Fake

The Ruling Elite Will Incite American Youth Through Social Networking to Protest Just Like Their Counterparts Around the World

A Fourth and Final Global Empire Will Arise Out of Chaos, Just as the Third Reich Arose from Chaos for Hitler

The American Workplace and the Shift from Manufacturing to a Service Economy: Manufacturing Employs 9.1% of the U.S. Workforce While the Service Industry Employs 83.4%

The Herd Mentality, Groupthink and the Willingness to Blindly Obey

The Truth About Public Education in the U.S.: Public School Systems Are Overfunded and Public School Employees Are Overcompensated

The Ruling Elite's Wealth Redistribution Plan

Collective Bargaining Laws Give Enormous Political Power to Public Sector Unions

Obama's High Speed Rail System Will Be a Burden on Taxpayers

1913 Was a Very Bad Year

IMF and the World Bank

Race to the Top or Race to the Trough? The Federal and Corporate Takeover of Public Education in America

The Great Global Debt Prison

The Unconstitutional Power of the Transportation Security Agency and Federal Labor Unions

Gold Confiscation: Could It Happen Again?

The Public Sector Menace

The Church Will Be 'Raptured' at Armageddon

Your Private Wealth Is Threatened By Government Revenue Needs and Treasury Debt

The Databasing of America

The Feds Have an Official Plan for Rounding Up Americans During a 'National Emergency'

Biometric National ID Cards and a Cashless Society

We Have Not Yet Hit Rock-bottom Prices in Real Estate

The Bill and Melinda Gates (of Hell) Foundation

The Country's in the Crapper, Part 2

This Is What Life Will Be Like in the New World Order

WWIII, the Rise of the Anti-Christian One-world Government and Religion, and the Abomination of Desolation

Bill Gates' Agenda for the 21st Century

What Happens If a Solar Flare, EMP or Plague Wipes Out Our Technology Base?

The Real Meaning of the Statue of Liberty’s Symbols

Which Areas Where Most Affected by the Real Estate Bubble Crash?

72 State Fusion Centers Feed Information to the FBI's 'Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative'

Top Ways to Prepare for the Coming Economic Collapse

The Chronological Order of the Book of Revelation

Gulen Islamist Movement in the United States is Funded By Taxpayers

Prepare for the End of Days By Getting Out of Debt and Off the Public Dole, and By Pulling Together Resources to Form Christian Communities in the 'Wilderness,' Where the Lord Will Guide Us Like a Flock

The Elite Island of Federal Workers: They Are Above the People They Serve

Tax-exempt Foundations in the U.S. Operate to Promote Collectivism (Communism)

Cap and Trade Scam to be Enforced at Local and State Level

Nationwide Mobile Phone Payments By 2013 Will Lead to a Cashless Society

They Want to Steal the Home of Every American

Welcome to the New World Order, Phase Two

Uncovering the Sinister Monument: The Georgia Guidestones Guidebook

What 'Fiscal Responsibility' and 'Austerity' Really Mean: Code Words for Delivering Public Monies into Private Hands and Raising Taxes on the Already-squeezed Middle Class

U.S. Census Data Shows Vast Accumulation of Wealth By a Relative Handful

Radical Environmentalism, NGOs and One World Government

Global Carbon Trading and Associated ‘Fees’ Were Passed in the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill

U.S. Education System is Teaching Groupthink or Collectivism over Individual Initiative

Biometric Tyranny and DNA Databases

He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules

Our 'New Way of Life' Will Depend a Whole Lot Less on Home and Automobile Ownership as People Move from Suburbs to Denser Urban Communities

Obama, Bought and Paid for By Big Labor and Big Business, Brings Chicago, the Most Corrupt City in America, to Washington in the Form of Big Government

Tracking the Bailout and Stimulus Programs

The Federal Reserve's $16 Trillion Back-door Bailout

The Corporate Takeover of Education for a Collectivist Mindset to Support a One World Government

Will Obama Declare an FDR-Style 'Bank Holiday' to Prevent a Bank Run?

Big Science: The Academic-Government-Industry Complex

EPA's 'Climate Change' Regulations Will Be Equivalent to an Energy Tax, Resulting in the Loss of More American Jobs and National Income

A Cashless Society: The Electronic Payment Revolution Gathers Momentum

One Day Soon, We'll All Be 'Homegrown Terrorists'

They're Laying the Groundwork for Tracking and Controlling Us with Microchip Implants

America's Perpetual, Multi-generational Global War on Terror is Profitable for the Ruling Elite

Regimented and Dense Urban Communities — That's What Life Will Be Like in the New World Order

Eliminating Cash and the "Unbanked" in the New World Order

Jobless Millions in the Heartland Signal Death of the American Dream

Where Did the Federal Stimulus Money Go? To Funding Agenda 21

Will the U.S. Government Seize Your Private Retirement Accounts?

Reforming the Trillion Dollar Gap in State Retirement Systems

The World's Richest Give Billions to Remake the World in Their Image

A Prescient Warning in 2004 About the Engineered Financial and Economic Collapse of the World

Another Pay Increase for the Fat Cat Bureaucrats and Another Social Security Benefits Freeze for the Senior Citizens

Intelligent Transportation Systems: Big Brother Tracking Our Every Move By Vehicle and Public Transit

Vehicle Disabling Systems

The Master Class is Here, It is Real, and It is Laying Waste to America

The United States is on the Brink of Financial Disaster

A Global Economic Collapse Will Bring About a Global Currency and One-world Government

The Gates Foundation, Vaccines and Population Reduction

Unemployed? Meet the Makers of Your Misery

My Big Fat Government Paycheck

Invasion of the Stink Bug

The CLEAR Act is a Back Door to Passing Job-killing Cap-and-Trade

Social Engineering is Forcing People into Cities Because It is Easier to Track and Control an Urban Population

TSA Enhanced Pat Downs from the Screeners' Point of View

The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street

The End of the Dollar and the Beginning of One-World Government

Facts on the National ID Card

Go Off Grid Before the Grid Goes Off

Greek-style Austerity Measures (New Taxes, Spending Cuts, Public Sector Pay Cuts and Pension Reforms) Coming Soon to a Nation Near You, Including Each of the 50 States

Where Did the Federal Stimulus Money Go?

Greeks (and Americans) Being Forced to Give Up Their Wages, Retirement

Pay Unto Caesar: The Amish & Social Security

Farming, Family and Faith: Living Like the Amish

The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex: A Deadly Fairy Tale

The U.S. Government's Hidden Workforce

They're Setting the Stage for Passage of the Food Modernization Act

The Coming Crisis: How Government Dependency Threatens America's Freedom

The Left and Right Easily Will Be Merged into the Coming One-world Religion Under the Coming One-world Spiritual Leader

Austerity Is Already Here for the Vast Majority of U.S. Citizens

Pension Tsunami is About to Hit

Taking from the Poor to Give to the Rich: The Top 20% Percent of Americans Own 85% of All Wealth and the Top 400 Wealthiest Earn $345 Million Per Year

The Financial Oligarchy's Plan for the World

The Financial Elite Are Intentionally Tanking the Economy to Usher in a One-world Government

The Impact of the Housing Crash on Wealth and Retirement

Insulate Yourselves from the Coming Economic Collapse

The Final Red Herring: The Threatened Bankruptcy of Social Security

Get Ready for a Stock Market Crash Because the Feds Want Our Private Retirement Assets Converted into Government Annuities to Fund the National Debt

Blame the Fed for the Pension Crisis Because They Engineered It

Greece: Microcosm of What's Coming to America?

Obama is Expanding the Federal Workforce While the Rest of the Economy is Contracting

They're Coming After Your Retirement

How Public Servants Became Our Masters

Foreclosure vs. the Short Sale

Predictions for 2010 - 2012

I Want My Social Security Money Back

The Public Pension Time Bomb

Climate Bills in Congress

Federal Employees Are Being Overpaid at Taxpayers' Expense

The States Formed the Federal Government, Not the Other Way Around

Will the United States Government Seize Your Retirement Accounts?

Less Than 1/3 of Americans Support the Ruling Class

The Smart Grid and Smart Electric Meters

The Country's in the Crapper

Obama’s War on the Internet

Ten Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced and Databased

Non-Human-Use Zones in America

How Congress Spends Your Money

HAARP: Mind Control and Weather Manipulation

Government Gone Insane

Oil Gusher in the Gulf

Who Controls the Media?

Disaster in the Gulf: 'Underground Volcano of Oil' is Gushing 200,000 Gallons Per Day into the Sea

Carbon Credits – Creating a Market Out of Thin Air

Waking Up the Herd

50 Statistics About the U.S. Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy to Believe

America's Protected Class: Federal Civilian Employess

The U.S. Has Been in a State of Declared National Emergency Since 1933

The Age of Privacy Is Over

The Yogification of America

Zionism v. Peace in the Middle East

Moving Toward Communism: Take a Look at China Today to See the Future of America, Once a Free Nation Under God

Obama Promises That the Coal Industry Will Be Destroyed

War, Terror and the Supplanting of the U.S. Constitution

A Powerful Federal Government is Contrary to Freedom and Individual Rights

The Best Economic Stimulus is for the Government to Get Out of the Way

Government Takeover of Health Care is About Absolute Control Over the Population

Will Your Smart Phone Rat You Out?

International Baccalaureate (IB): New Global Citizens After School Program

Are We At the End of the Age?

Futurists Ask: Should All Humans Be Tagged with Microchip Implants?

Triple Crown of Global Cooling Could Trigger Widespread Food Shortages and Famine

Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste

U.S. Food Modernization Act and Food Inflation

Agenda 21: 'Walkable Urbanism' Rather Than 'Drivable Suburbanism'

Buffalo Ranked 10th-Most Dangerous City in America

Max Keiser Explains the Stock Market Crash

The Banking Cartel Is the New World Order

The Beast Rises Up from the Sea and the Earth

We Have Become a Nation of Takers, Dependent on the Government to Care for Us, and Perfectly Primed By the Elite to Willingly Accept Their One World Order

Public Sector v. Private Sector Employees: Higher Pay, Secure Jobs, Lifetime Benefits, Generous Pensions, No Competition, No Accountability at Taxpayers' Expense

Those Accustomed to Sucking Off the Government Teat Will Embrace the New World Order

The Government Authorizes the CIA to Kill U.S. Citizens

The Paramilitary Police State of North America

Politicians March to the Tune of the Controlling Elite

The Consumer Spending Surge is a Giant Mirage

America, a Beacon of Hope (No Longer)

The Truth About Global Warming

Food and Energy Price Inflation

No New Refineries Means Higher Gas Prices at the Pump and Bigger Profits for American Oil Companies

Frankenfoods for the 'Useless Eaters'

The Value of Climate Change Sceptics and Why Copenhagen Was Doomed

Give Everyone an Individual Carbon Allowance, and Let the Dealing Begin

The Biggest Transformation of America in Decades

We Are the Last Generation, Living in the End of Time

The Federal Government's Attack on Economic Inequality Has Destroyed the American Dream

The U.S. Tax System and the Federal Income Tax

Culinary Voodoo: Nanoingredients in Our Food

A Lot of Bad is Accelerating Under Obama

Obama and the Biometric National ID

Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It

The Terrifying Future Facing America

The Collapse of Industrialized Civilizations

Who Owns The Federal Reserve?

A Committee of 300 Rules the World

The Welfare States of America

Targeting 'Enemy Combatants' and 'Domestic Terrorists'

A New World Order By 2012?

Transportation System of the New World Order Excludes Private Auto Mobility; Your Stimulus Money is Funding Mass Transit and High-Speed Rail

The Economic Elite v. the People of the United States of America

How Do Tax and Spending Policies Redistribute Income?

It Is Mathematically Impossible to Pay Off the U.S. National Debt: The Federal Government is the Nation's Largest Employer, Paying 40% More than the Private Sector; Feds Expanding Workforce by 600,000 While the Rest of the Country is Contracting; 60 Percent of the Population Now Gets More in Government Benefits Than It Pays in Taxes

Barack Obama, New World Order Puppet

The Man-Made Global Warming Hoax, the 'Green Religion' and One-World Government

Nuclear War and Global Famine

It's a Cooling World, Which Will Have a Devastating Effect on Food Production and Supply

A Cashless Society is Right Around the Corner; the Endgame is the Microchip Implant

Government-Funded Green Jobs Are All the Rage

The Origins of World War III

Top Censored Press Stories

Singularity: The Point at Which Man Will Become One with Machine and Then Live Forever

Security v. Privacy and Civil Liberties

Verichip is Now Called PositiveID

Banks and Mobile Operators Go Head-to-Head for Control of Mobile Payments

Elite-Controlled Education System is Brainwashing Our Youth

'Junk Science' and the One-World 'Green Religion'

Who Do We Owe and How Much?

Obama Establishes Council of Governors to Take Over When Martial Law is Declared

The Death of America's Middle Class

Chaotic Scramble for Food in Haiti: You're in Charge of Your Own Disaster Plans

The Ingredients for a Stock Market Crash Seem to be in Place

Barren National Israel Has Been Replaced By Fruitful Spiritual Israel

Financial Speculation on Food and Energy Contributing to Rise in Prices

Tough Times in Cleveland

Grim Predictions for 2010

Mobile Phones Will Open the Door to a Cashless Society

Government Control of Health Care: The Health Insurance Mandate and Electronic Health Records

Preparing for Possible Chaos

The New World Order Is Upon Us

Making Martin Luther King Day a 'Day of Service'

Waging War on the World

The Safety of Electronic Health Records?

An Open Letter to Evangelicals and Other Interested Parties

Sowing the Seeds for World War III

Rioting in the Streets and Devolution to a Bartering System

Don’t Let the Devil Plant the Seed of Doubt

The National ID Card and Biometric ID

We Christians Are Unwitting Contributors to the Demise of Freedom and Rise of Oppression

The Takeover of the 50 States and Their Sovereignty

Welcome to Pottersville: You Americans Are So Gullible!

World Government Brought to You By Copenhagen '09

Obama Is Owned By 'A Bunch of Fat Cat Bankers'

Copenhagen Is the Next Step to World Government

Slaying the Creature from Jekyll Island

Transferring Wealth to the Ruling Elite in Name of the Environment

America's Last War

The Green Religion and Population Control

The Scriptures Must Be Fulfilled, Which Means a One-World Religion and Government Will Be Established

United Nations' Climate Change Shakedown

You Want to Talk About a Carbon Footprint?

The Banksters' Plan to Rule the World

The Invisible Government of the Ruling Elite Exercises Its Total Control from Behind the Scenes

Neither the Left Nor the Right Has a Monopoly on Common Sense

The Global Rich Are Going Green As Never Before

Greenwashing Young Minds By Turning Environmentalism into a New Religion

A Massive Human Inventory Is Easier to Control If It Is Microchipped

Environmentalism is Becoming the New World Religion

Climate Change Is Not Caused By Carbon Dioxide or Mankind

Private Equity Firms Have Infiltrated Almost Every Industry

Society Is Becoming Dependent on the Government to Care for Them

Global Governance is Unnatural, Unbiblical and Un-American

The Green Movement is the Root of a Future World Government

The British Are Coming!

Nation Shall Rise Against Nation, But the End Is Not Yet

Goldman Sachs and the Carbon Credit Scam

Global Oil Scam: There Is No Shortage!

The Hidden Agenda for World Government

The Ruling Elite Believe in Reincarnation and the Convergence of Man and Machine

Globalists to Make a 'Political Deal' on Climate Change

Obama Anticipates an H1N1 “Hurricane” to Hit

Injectable Nano-Microchips Inside Vaccines for Control of the Global Populace

Goldman Sachs' Low Road to High Profits

Financial Giants Using Taxpayer Money to Buy Up Other U.S. Lenders

The Threat of a Nuclear World War III

Urban Wasteland in Middle America

War on Carbon Emissions is a War on Individual Liberty

This is the 'End Game' At a Greatly Accelerated Pace

The Ruling Elite Keep the War on Islam Churning

UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen December 7-18, 2009

A Dark Cloud Is Hanging Over Health and Food Safety

Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner

Dancing in the Titanic on the Eve Before the Crash

The Disappearing Middle Class Dream

A Muslim Extremist Attack Against Israel

The Battle Over the Temple Mount

The Plundering of the Public Treasury

Zionism and the Judeo-Christian Impact on World Peace

Israel and Iran Are on the Verge of War

War with Iran and the Internment of Arab-Americans

Cashing In On Our Worst Fears: Swine Flu Fear-Mongering Is All About Big Pharma Profits

Will the Swine Flu Mutate Into a More Deadly Form and Lead to Forced Vaccinations?

The Decline of Morality and Spirituality in Western Civilization

The Elite Ruling Class Owns the Government and Funnels Taxpayer Money to Themselves

Class-Based, Rationed Health Care

Freedom Is Under Assault in America

The Man Who Predicted 9/11 Is Worried That Its Sequel Is Imminent

The Dirty Secrets of Goldman Sachs

'Going Green' Propaganda Machine Says "Reduce Your Carbon Footprint By Moving to the City"

The Financial World As We Knew It Is Over

Can the State Take Over Your Life?

NSA Has Massive Database of Americans' Phone Calls

Sleepwalking Into a Surveillance Society

Feds Are Generating Unemployment and a Potential Food Crisis Through Radical Environmentalism

The Fed and Its Owners Have Looted the People

The Elite Need a Crisis to Declare Martial Law

The Swine Flu Vaccine

Private Equity Firms of the Financial Elite Are Snatching Up Struggling Banks at Bargain Prices

Revolution in America

Martial Law in America

Obama's Population Control Czar

The Engineered Housing Bubble and Mortgage Scam

Herding Americans into 'Human Settlements'

The Government Land Grab Using Eminent Domain

Troops on American Soil

Global Cooling Is Threatening Food Supply

The Communist Agenda for the 21st Century

Radical Environmentalism Is Being Used to Obtain Total Control

Land Banks: A Ruse for Abolishing Private Property

Ghost Malls, Ghost Towns in America

Life, or Something Like It, in the New World Order

Detroit: The Post-Apocalyptic Future of American Cities?

The Georgia Guidestones and the Disinformation Spread by Brad Meltzer's 'Decoded' Program

Consolidating the Banking System into the Hands of a Few 'Financial Terrorists'

Lessons of the 1976 Swine Flu Threat

Protection From Swine Flu Mandatory Vaccinations

Salvation Is of the Lord

Fervent Masonic Desire to Rebuild Solomon's Temple Will Result in Antichrist Setting Up His Throne on the Temple Mount

The New World Order Checklist

America Must Fall in Order for the New World Order to Rise Up, Which is Why We Have the Cap-and-Trade Bill

Job Killing Cap-and-Trade Bill Is Not About Saving the Environment, It's About Destroying America

No Fly, No Buy Act of 2009

Cybersecurity Act of 2009

A Cashless Society in Five-to-Seven Years

The Wildlands Project (the 'Rewilding' of America)

America Is Not What It Used To Be

Legalized Lawlessness: Immigration v. Migration

Climate Change Happens But Not Because of Humans

ID Cards with RFID Chips, Then Microchip Implants

The Unemployed Will Riot as the Economy Continues to Crumble

The Signs of the Times

The New World Order Fulfills All Biblical Prophecy About the End Times

The Rockefellers, Obama and the Carbon Trading Scam

Global Warming Propaganda Targets Our Youth

Conditioning Our Youth to Accept Microchip Implants

Is It Time to Prepare for Hardships?

Boy Scouts to Become Tomorrow’s Gestapo

Bilderberg Group Plans Next Steps Toward World Government

One Step Closer to the Microchip Implant

Google's YouTube is Waging a War on Free Speech

Second Faze of Swine Flu in Fall 2009 to be Deadlier

Nations are Trapped on a Debt Treadmill from Which There is No Escape

Cap and Trade: Regulating to Infinity and Beyond

Global Education, Land Use, and Population Control

Disarming America

Britain is Paving the Way Toward a Surveillance Society

China and the End Times

Swine Flu Psychological Operation

The Obama Youth Brigade

Merciless Robots to Fight Future Wars By 2015

Cradle to Grave Surveillance

All Roads Always Lead Back to Goldman Sachs

Hijacking the Truth Movement

21st Century Internment Camps (Detention Centers)

Preparing for the End of the World As We Know It

The 2008 Global Food Crisis Is Not Over

Continued Chaos of the Food Crisis

The Man-Made Global Warming Hoax

The Dollar Is Doomed and America Is Dying

Funneling Money, Arms and Equipment to Mexico Under the Pretext of Combating the War on Drugs

Pitting 'We the People' Against Each Other

The New Dollar: the 'Amero'

Indoctrinating Our Youth in Earth Worship

'Trading the News' Before the 'News' Breaks

They Call Us 'Useless Eaters'

Washington Arrogance Has Fomented a Muslim Revolution

One 'Generated Crisis' Away from Martial Law

Out of Chaos, a New World Order

Economic Rage Leading to Civil Unrest in America?

'Commoners' Bailing Out the 'Aristocrats' in a Crisis of Their Own Making

Global Financial Disaster Is An Engineered Power Grab

Preparing the U.S. Military for Civil Unrest

Sidestepping Our Civil Rights

Final Warning: A History of the New World Order

The Top 25 Censored Press Stories of 2008

Predictions for 2009

Endless Propaganda: The War on Terror is a Hoax

One World Religion: Worshiping the Creation Not the Creator

Germany and Vatican Behind Greek Riots?

Electronic Run on Banks: $550 Billion Disappeared

Why the Gaza Conflict Continues

Iceland: Microcosm of What's Coming?

Has America Jumped the Shark?

The Global Agenda 2009

Jesuits: the Real Spiritual Controllers of the New World Order

Economic Crash: Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy

U.S. Losing Superpower Status: Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran Rising

Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land

The Secret Bailout of J.P. Morgan Chase

Why Paulson Let Lehman Brothers Fail

U.S. Population by Major City and State

Global Warming is the New Religion of the Ruling Elite

The U.S. is No Longer Independent - Thank the Central Bankers

The Rothschilds: the First Barons of Banking

Global Food Riots in 2009?

A 'Generated' Global Food Crisis

Agenda 21: Social Engineering for a New World Order

The Purpose of the Economic Meltdown

Tom Clancy’s EndWar: WWIII Coming Soon?

Protests, Riots and Martial Law Coming to America?

Youth Demonstrations Spread Across Europe

Financial Times Editorial on World Government

Creating Crises, Shortages and a Police State

Obama's Empty Promises of Hope and Change

Human Trafficking in America's Private Prisons

The Global Trends 2025 Report
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