November 8, 2016

John David Gosch (pictured on the left in the image above) was two months shy of his 13th birthday when he disappeared while delivery newspapers in West Des Moines, Iowa, on September 5, 1982.

Eugene Wade Martin (pictured in the center in the image above) disappeared while delivery newspapers in Des Moines, Iowa, on August 12, 1984. He had just celebrated his 13th birthday.

Marc James Warren Allen (pictured on the right in the image above) told his mother he planned to walk to a friend’s house down the street in Des Moines, Iowa, but then just vanished. He was 13 when he disappeared on March 29, 1986.

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A Parent's Worst Nightmare

On a pleasant September morning in 1982, a 12-year-old boy disappeared in West Des Moines, Iowa. His name was Johnny Gosch. What transpired that day was the beginning of a worldwide eye-opener to A picture of Johnny before he disappeared in September of 1982. Photo from The Johnny Gosch Foundation the atrocities of pedophilia and child trafficking in America. One woman, Noreen Gosch (Johnny's mother), out of grief and desperation, began a personal mission to reveal the truth behind her son's kidnapping and expose an unbelievable politically linked cover-up. For this reason, I dedicate this article to Noreen Gosch, who stands alone as a pioneer, pillar of strength, and symbol of courage for her relentless pursuit of justice in the name of moral humanity.

Johnny was kidnapped while he began his morning paper route for the Des Moines Register in West Des Moines, Iowa on September 5, 1982. Witnesses to the kidnapping state that a man stopped and asked Johnny for directions. Johnny told another paper boy that the man frightened him. He was followed until he was out of sight of the others, then snatched by two men who held him down in the back seat of an old Fairmont. Witnesses saw the car screeching tires as it made a hasty getaway.

No one present reported the strange incident immediately. It wasn't until Johnny's parents received a phone call wanting to know why the newspaper wasn't delivered that they realized something was wrong. When Johnny's father discovered his wagon full of undelivered newspapers, he immediately informed Noreen and the police were called.

This is where the story gets strange and humiliating. The police were slow to respond and considered Johnny to be a runaway, even after questioning reports of the screeching vehicle and the strange behavior of the man asking for directions. But Noreen Gosch was a force to be reckoned with. She immediately begin phoning friends and acquaintances to organize a search party because the police department was doing nothing. What started as a peaceful morning for a blended family, turned into a nightmare that extends to this very day.

Noreen Gosch Conducts Her Own Investigation

As the days and weeks went by, Noreen realized she wasn't going to get the help she needed Noreen Goschfrom the local authorities or the FBI. She contacted local and national media to cover the story, which was shown nation-wide on many television stations across the country. She contacted a private investigator, who followed up on leads that were never pursued by law enforcement. What she learned horrified her: Johnny was kidnapped for the sole purpose of use in a global pedophile and pornography ring. He was not killed. He was being kept alive and subjected to trauma and torture of a satanic/sexual nature to beat down his self-consciousness to make him vulnerable to brainwashing. Why? So he would become a "slave" to the very cult that abducted him.

About six months after Johnny's kidnapping, a woman was approached by a young boy in the parking lot of a convenience store in Oklahoma screaming, "I'm Johnny Gosch, I've been kidnapped!" He was immediately accosted by two men who grabbed him and were never seen again. Over the next few years, other evidence surfaced. A dollar bill was turned over to the Goschs with the following message "I am alive. Johnny Gosch."

Noreen confirmed this was Johnny's handwriting. Another clue surfaced in Denver, Colorado. "Johnny Gosch was here" was found written on the wall, in red nail polish, in the restroom of a public eatery. Noreen knew in her heart her son was alive. She would never give up her fight to reveal the hushed truth about his abduction.

Other Victims Come Forward

Noreen learned that the child sex trafficking organization that took Johnny had direct connections to extreme "higher ups", including the CIA, the military, and politicians in Washington DC. This information was later confirmed by other victims of the same ring. Over the years, with the help of media, friends, and private investigators, Noreen was able to personally meet with these victims who had actually been with Johnny and knew him personally. They were able to give her updated information on his condition, but didn't know where he was. Noreen learned that Johnny and another boy had eventually escaped their captors and were living in hiding, fearing for their lives.

Johnny's Visit In 1997

Noreen never gave up her search for Johnny. She continued to give regular press releases, made public appearances, and engaged in activism on behalf of missing children. Through her efforts, Johnny and other kidnapped victims became the first abducted children to have their pictures placed on milk cartons in hopes of someone coming forward with information on their whereabouts. Many leads came in over the years, but none that led her directly to Johnny.

Early one morning in 1997, not long after Noreen made a television appearance with a special message for Johnny, she was awakened by a knock on her door. She looked through the peephole and saw two young men. She stated, "Who is it?" A voice answered, "Mom, it's me...Johnny. Can I come in?" She immediately opened the door and instantly knew this was the son she hadn't seen for 15 years. Their meeting was short-lived. Johnny hadn't come home to stay; he came to ask his mother for help. He gave her a brief account of the last few years. The pieces of the puzzle began to come into place as Noreen finally confirmed what she'd known all along. He was very nervous during their reunion and declared he was still in great danger and needed his mother to help bring his abductors to justice so he wouldn't have to live in fear the rest of his life. Johnny stayed with Noreen for only a few hours, then left before daylight, disappearing into the night to leave his mother with nothing but the secret memory of his visitation.

Noreen Continues Her Fight For Justice

Noreen Gosch has persistently continued to bring national attention to the plight of her son and the countless other innocent victims who have been tortured by networks of pedophiles connected to the same ring who abused Johnny. Noreen published a book in 2000 titled "Why Johnny Can't Come Home" to give a detailed account of everything she learned connected to the case. The book is packed with information she's accumulated over the years, including shocking truths about the lies and cover-ups of the very authority figures we depend on to protect us.

Noreen founded The Johnny Gosch Foundation in 1982, shortly after his disappearance. The purpose of the organization, according to the website, is..." to educate others as to the reality and seriousness of kidnapping, pornography and how it could happen to your family! The dangers of Pedophiles and how cunningly they operate in our country."

Johnny's story has been told on many national radio and television talk shows including America's Most Wanted, Vanished, With Beth Holloway, and Geraldo at Large. It's important to keep the story alive so that there can be justice for those victims who have suffered at the hands of this evil organization.

The quest of one woman, born out of grief and desperation, became a personal mission to reveal the truth behind a national tragedy. The story of Johnny Gosch remains the most shocking account of child abduction in recent history. If it weren't for the efforts of Noreen Gosch, a pioneer and pillar of strength who stands for courage and truth, the sad narrative of Johnny's fate would never have been revealed. As for Johnny, he's somewhere out there waiting for the justice that's long overdue.

Who Took Johnny: The Film

Exposing Satanism, Child Abuse, and Murder in America's Heartland

By Ted L. Gunderson <>
February 15, 2004

Noreen Gosch, mother of a twelve year old newspaper delivery boy who was kidnapped by a satanic coven abduction operation in West Des Moines, Iowa on September 5, 1982 ( detailed in Why Johnny Can't Come Home (2000) by Noreen Gosch), was interviewed on a radio talk show hosted by Marty Stacey over KCRO radio in Omaha, Nebraska on January 16, 2004. In the course of that radio interview, Noreen stated that she had recently ran into the former mayor of West Des Moines, George Mills, while shopping in a grocery store. She had asked Mills of the current status of Orval Cooney, Chief of Police in West Des Moines at the time of her son's kidnapping, and of the former Chief of Police in Omaha, whose role in covering up the pedophilic abuse of children by Omaha's rich and famous, was exposed in John De Camp's 1992 book, The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska (both Cooney and the chief of police had refused to investigate the Johnny Gosch kidnapping case at the time of his kidnapping).

In their grocery store conversation, the former West Des Moines mayor told Noreen Gosch that Chief of Police Cooney had attended some of the secret pedophilic sex parties (involving satanic coven members and children) that were taking place in the Omaha area at the time of her son's kidnapping. A second guest on the radio talk show, Jim Rothstein, a former New York City detective, also told the radio host that "certain people from Omaha" were responsible for Johnny Gosch's kidnapping.

In less than 24 hours of the show's airing, the host, Marty Stacey, was fired from his job. Stacey was told that a third party had called the station and spoke with KRCO executives. Following the call, Stacey was told that he no longer worked for KCRO radio.

On the morning following the broadcast, Noreen Gosch discovered a full size, nude plastic sex doll - with a hole in its head - left at the front door of her home.

On the second day following the broadcast, George Mills, the former mayor of West Des Moines, Iowa with whom Noreen Gosch had spoken with at the grocery store and whose conversation was recounted by Noreen during her radio interview of January 16, had suddenly died under mysterious circumstances.

Further details to follow as they become available.

Ted L. Gunderson

'The Franklin Cover-Up' author talks about how he linked Sandusky and Penn State abuse scandal years ago

By The Ellis County Observer
July 15, 2012

(This is Part 1 of The Ellis County Observer's interview with Franklin Cover-Up author and investigator John DeCamp.The Ellis County Observer is a newspaper based in north Texas)

Lawyer John DeCamp is in his 70s, but two recent events put the author of The Franklin Cover-Up right back in the media spotlight.

DeCamp, a former state senator and a highly decorated Vietnam veteran, unraveled the Penn State child-sex scandal while investigating the Omaha child-pornography, child-prostitution ring that made him an icon.

“Apparently I had done something back then linking the football coach with Franklin,” DeCamp said in a recent phone interview with this publisher. “They [media] called me from Pennsylvania, at least 20 calls...had to tell them the truth that yeah, I wrote the book but I don’t remember everything I read or uncovered. I’d have to go back and look at my files. Somehow or another, [convicted pedophile and ex-defensive coordinator Jerry] Sandusky was brought up some way by me way back [then, during Franklin]...I got call after call after call from Pennsylvania."

Sandusky, who was convicted on 45 counts of child-sex abuse last month, was not the lone gunman in a far-reaching scandal that protected a storied football program over the safety and well-being of little children.

Earlier media reports -- barely mentioned in the mainstream media now -- established Sandusky as the figurehead for a more sinister role of providing children to wealthy and prominent alumni, according to respected publications like Andrew W. Griffin’s Red Dirt Report in Oklahoma.

Ironically, several days after the Penn State scandal broke last fall, Penn State’s football team played Nebraska.

“One of Sandusky’s contacts was [here in Omaha],” DeCamp said. “Somehow those Pennysylvania people knew about it from my book; they said ‘you brought it up in your book.’”

DeCamp’s next media attention could come in the form of an ABC News 20/20 special.

The Lincoln-based lawyer was interviewed about three weeks ago along with Noreen Gosch, the mother of still-missing Johnny Gosch, a Des Moines newspaper delivery boy who was kidnapped in the mid-1980’s.

Paul Bonacci, one of the victims of the Omaha Satanic ritual abuse scandal who was present at many parties involving high-level business and political leaders, is an eyewitness and direct participant in the kidnapping of Gosch. It should be noted, however, that Bonacci was forced to take part in some of the most horrific duties, many of which he said were led by “The Colonel,” Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, a psychological warfare specialist who branched off a congregation of the Church of Satan called the Temple of Set.

Aquino was later implicated in the Presidio daycare child-sex scandal in San Francisco in the late 80’s.

The Gosch family, in many published news reports, vindicate what Bonacci has said.

The Omaha ringleader in the Franklin scandal, once a rising star in the GOP, Larry King (not to be confused with the former CNN host), was sentenced to prison for his role in more than $39 million in missing funds from the Franklin Federal Credit Union in Omaha.

The missing money was only the beginning, however.

DeCamp said he was one of the original skeptics of the Satanic ritual child abuse scandal when he first heard allegations of it, but years worth of investigation, exhaustive research and countless interviews and depositions with victims made him a believer.

DeCamp was Bonacci’s lawyer when they won a $1 million civil judgment against King, who was released from prison several years ago.

According to an active Website still following the Franklin story, King worked at a BMW dealership in Sterling, Virginia as late as 2011. This paper provided the address of that dealership (21826 Pacific Blvd. Sterling, Virginia 20166) to DeCamp, who noted that to date, not one dollar has been collected from King in the $1 million civil suit awarded to Bonacci.

With older children, including a daughter who is an Omaha-based lawyer, DeCamp is still as busy as ever in his Lincoln law firm, a bustling shop whose status will forever remain as the lighthouse in exposing an intricate and high-level Satanic pedophile ring whose octopus-like arms reached the very highest levels of the Nebraska and U.S. government.

Located at 414 S. 11th St. in downtown Lincoln, DeCamp said he still receives calls from people all over the country about Satanic ritual child abuse.

According to his Web site,, “DeCamp graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Law in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1967, and has helped hundreds of injured people recover millions of dollars in compensation. Decorated by a president for his service in Vietnam, Mr. DeCamp is listed as one of eight outstanding Vietnam veterans, and organized the famous Operation Baby Lift in 1975.

“John DeCamp served as Nebraska State Senator for 16 years and was repeatedly selected to be the Senate Chairman and Head of the “Banking Finance & Insurance Committee” of the Nebraska Senate. Mr. DeCamp knows insurance companies from the inside out and the legal system all sides must work with. As a principled and effective Senator, Mr. DeCamp took on multiple entrenched interests and learned well the art of battle, reasonable comprise and settlement when the war is won.

“Examples: Mr. DeCamp represented the children in the Columbine school shooting case; the “Grand Juror” who dared to expose secret facts in the Oklahoma City Bombing and a host of similar nationally known cases. Mr. DeCamp will do the same for you including whatever it takes to protect you and get compensation for your injuries.”

THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL - A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal

MK-Ultra Franklin Scandal: Deposition of Paul Bonacci

Beth Holloway Johnny Gosch Part 1

Beth Holloway Johnny Gosch Part 2

John Podesta, Obama & Soros have links to the "Comet Ping Pong" too!

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