November 20, 2009

The Green Movement is the Root of a Future World Government

Green World Government

The United Nations uses environmentalism to seize control

Editorial, The Washington Times
October 27, 2009

Environmental alarmism is being exploited to chip away at national sovereignty. The latest threat to American liberties may be found in the innocuous sounding Copenhagen Climate Treaty, which will be discussed at the United Nations climate-change conference in mid-December.

The alert was sounded on the treaty in a talk given by British commentator Lord Christopher Monckton at Bethel College in St. Paul, Minn., on Oct. 14. Video of the talk has become an Internet sensation.

The treaty's text is not yet finalized but its principles are aimed at regulating all economic activity in the name of climate security, with a side effect that billions of dollars would be transferred from productive countries to the unproductive.

The control lever is the regulation of carbon emissions, which some purport are causing global warming. The treaty would establish a Carbon Market Regulatory Agency and "global carbon budget" for each country.

In effect, this would allow the treaty's governing bodies to limit manufacturing, transportation, travel, agriculture, mining, energy production and anything else that emits carbon -- like breathing.

Treaty supporters market the agreement through fear. Even though mean global temperatures have been on a downward spiral for several years after peaking in 1998, we are told that catastrophe is imminent.

"The world has already crossed the threshold beyond which it is no longer possible to avoid negative impacts of anthropogenic climate change," says proposed treaty language being circulated by Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund and other groups.
It is critical that they cultivate a sense of impending doom to justify the sweeping restrictions and new powers enshrined in the treaty. The sky is falling and they want us to act now, act swiftly, act before it is too late -- but don't read the fine print.

The governing authority envisioned by the document reads like a bad George Orwell knockoff. The treaty establishes a body called the Conference of the Parties (COP), which is given ultimate authority over administering and enforcing the treaty. Its executive arm is something called the Adaptation Fund Board, under which is the Copenhagen Climate Facility, also known as "the Facility." The Facility is necessary because, in order to save the planet, "the way society is structured will need to change fundamentally." This change would be impossible under the "fragmented set of existing institutions," so the Facility will step in with "such legal capacity as is necessary for the exercise of its functions and the protection of its interests." That's the Facility's interests, not yours.

The Facility will be run by an executive committee, the membership of which "may include representation from relevant intergovernmental and non-governmental stakeholders." So left-wing pressure groups, animal rights fanatics, tree-huggers, Al Gore, or any other part of the environmentalist fringe would be eligible for executive committee membership. Naturally, global-warming skeptics like Lord Monckton need not apply.

A "massive scaling up of financial resources" will be required to fund the COP's activities. The United States and others will be required to transfer $800 billion over five years, with additional funding requirements assessed on an as-needed basis. The COP will have taxing authority "including, but not limited to, a levy on aviation and maritime transport." The ability to tax aircraft and shipping is bad enough, but as careful readers of the elastic clauses of the U.S. Constitution know, the phrase "including but not limited to" authorizes any tax they can imagine.

Signatories of the treaty will be required to file reports to the Committee for Reporting and Review ("the Committee"), and if found not in compliance with the treaty's terms, they may have to face "the Facilitative Branch." If this branch finds that a country is violating the terms of the agreement, it will "undertake the measures necessary" to bring the country back into compliance.

The treaty language would be farcical but for the fanaticism of its proponents. The environmental movement is driven by a millenarian determination to save humanity from itself, regardless of its impact on real people.

President Obama reportedly will skip the Copenhagen meeting unless the treaty language is finalized. We urge him to resist the urge to pander to the international community at the expense of the United States.

We look forward to headlines about record cold temperatures during the December climate summit, and to hearing desperate speeches about stopping irresistible global warming during the signing ceremony, held during a blizzard.

Barack Obama's Suicide Mission to Copenhagen

By Tom DeWeese, The DeWeese Report
November 19, 2009

For more than fifteen years I have been studying and reporting on international United Nation conferences, treaties, and policies, warning that they are a road map to global governance and eventual UN global government.

In addition, I have warned that the international environmental movement is not really concerned about protecting the environment at all -- rather it is using mother earth as an excuse for an age-old drive for power and wealth.

For those same fifteen years my warnings have fallen on deaf ears in Congress, in state houses, and in city councils across the nation. Instead, I and others like me, have been labeled radical fringe and conspiracy nuts. As a consequence, I have been ignored by much of the media, dropped from major nation radio and television news shows that once invited me as a guest on a regular basis. Letters, petitions and meeting requests on Capitol Hill are ignored.

Vindication comes in surprising ways sometimes. Case in point: on October 27, 2009, The Washington Times, DC’s “conservative” newspaper ran an editorial entitled: “Green World Government, the UN uses environmentalism to seize control.” Readers of The DeWeese Report, would not have found the Times revelation to be news.

What is important is, that after my warnings have been one of the lone voices in the wilderness, some in the media are beginning to see the threat -- just as it is about to be jammed down their throats. The fact is, the warnings I’ve been sounding are now transformed into urgent alarm bells.

The Times editorial was about the coming UN Copenhagen Climate Treaty and it contains just about every threat to our nation’s economy and sovereignty to vindicate my fifteen years of forced isolation. All the players and issues are here to enforce global control over our nation and our personal lives. The UN; World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace; global warming; Sustainable Development; and attempts by the UN to enforce global taxes. I have issued articles on every one of those.

And there is the new player in the game -- Barack Obama. He of course, is the reason why this new Treaty is causing such a stir and why even some main-stream media is beginning to pick up on the danger. Obama is just nuts enough to actually sign a document that would make our nation subservient to UN schemes of global control. In fact, that is exactly what he intends to do.

And here are some of the details of what Obama would be signing -- essentially committing the United States to comply.

First, The Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty will enforce dire restrictions on all humankind. One provision called the “Facility” will be used to “reorder society” to change the structure of civilization, making the environment the ruling principle. The Facility is designed to bring together a massive number of “fragmented” environmental organizations and existing regulating structures, so they can all work together. In other words, any action taken by mankind will be regulated -- because anything we do has some impact on the environment.

Energy, of course, will be the prime target. The policy won’t be to find more -- it will be to cut back on its use. Homes will not be warmed or cooled. Cars will not be driven. And manufacturing will be sharply curtailed -- at least in the “developed” countries. The price of everything manufactured by using energy (EVERYTHING) from toothpaste to food will skyrocket. Shortages will abound.

Most of all, however, the Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty is a vicious global indictment of developed industrial nations. Its pretense is that Third World nations are suffering economically because of their carbon emissions, which have changed the environment, thereby causing them economic and social loss.

To compensate these poor victims of unbridled capitalism, the Treaty calls for compensation from the big, bad developed nations (the United States), in the form of at least 0.7% of annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from each nation. That adds up to about $800 billion over five years, with additional funding requirements assessed on an “as needed” basis. However, the Treaty language is not yet complete and there is talk of making that figure as much as 2% of the GDP, which is roughly half of our nation’s total defense budget.

To collect these taxes, the treaty will establish a new governing body called the Conference of the Parties (COP), which will be given ultimate authority over the administration and enforcement of the treaty provisions. For additional resources, COP will have the ability to tax aviation and shipping. But, in the small print, things get worse. It says COP’s taxing authority “is not limited to” the above. That means they can tax anything that moves.

Again, what’s this money supposed to be used for? Oh yes, compensating those poor Third World nations. The UN calls it a “carbon debt” that the developed nations owe to the rest of the world. This is to be a punishment on the developed nations because they refused to abide by previous UN efforts, such as the Kyoto Climate Change Accord which called for reducing energy use by as much as 30%, and thus would destroy the economies of entire nations. Shame on us for not playing along.

The actual language of the treaty says:
“The adverse effects of climate change and response measures, due to the historical cumulative GHG emissions of developed countries, constitute an additional burden on all developing country Parties (particularly low-lying coastal, arid and semi-arid areas or areas liable to floods, drought and desertification, and developing countries with fragile mountainous ecosystems) in reducing poverty, developing strategies to address social vulnerabilities and attaining sustainable development and a threat to achieving the United Nations Millennium Goals.”
There it is. We are to be punished for refusing to destroy ourselves. And why were we supposed to do that? Because of global warming. It doesn’t matter that scientists from around the world, including leading UN climate scientists now report that there is absolutely no evidence of man-made global warming. In fact, more and more scientists are reporting an actual cooling taking place. There is no nation drowning under rising oceans. There are no floods or hurricanes consuming nations.

Droughts and desertification in most cases is natural. The only man-made desertification taking place in the world is being caused by bad government policy. The worse example of desertification is taking place in the middle of California in one of the previously most productive agriculture areas in the world. Today, because of environmental protection policy, farmers have had their water cut off to save a one inch long fish. Will treaty money be sent to those farmers to pay them back for such policies? Of course not.

It doesn’t matter that science shows that CO2 is not a pollutant but a valuable natural substance necessary for the existence of life on earth.

Above all it doesn’t matter that the largest emitters of CO2 are China, India, and Brazil, and they are all exempt from the treaty’s massive restrictions on emissions and energy use. How, then, does such a treaty pretend to have anything to do with helping the environment? In truth it doesn’t, and every party involved, from the environmental groups to Barack Obama, knows that this treaty is designed to do one thing- redistribute wealth away from the developed nations to nations that want to suck the life blood out of the United States.

Nations like those in Africa are poor, not because of pollution, or lack of resources or even lack of education. They are poor for one reason -- bad government. Those that refuse to allow their people to own property and build their own wealth and dreams. Oppressive governments that confiscate the results of the labor of their people. Governments like Robert Mugabe’s in Zimbabwe, who took the breadbasket of Africa and turned it into a desert. And those same governments intend to be first in line to gather their share of the booty from the treaty. Will their people be better off? No. Will the environment be better off? No. Will the United States be better off after Obama signs this monster? No.

So who benefits? The United Nations finally gets its global government. The environmental groups finally get their power inside the elite. The totalitarian dictators of the poor, undeveloped nations get their Swiss bank accounts enlarged and all the trappings of wealth that go with it.

Will Barack Obama sign the Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty? Insider reports indicate that there are two things that could keep him from making the trip.
  • First, if the language isn’t finished by the December meeting deadline he says he won’t go.
  • Second, if the U.S. Congress has not yet passed the Cap and Trade fiasco (the domestic version of the treaty) he says he won’t go.
One thing is very clear. If Barack Obama signs the Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty he will be committing national suicide.

Americans must not ignore this threat. They must not sleep while Obama and his radicals drive us to destruction. Elected officials and the news media can no longer dismiss these threats as silly conspiracy theories. The time is now to let every elected representative in the Congress know that we will not tolerate Cap and Trade or the Climate Change Treaty. Allow either to become law of the land and stand back and watch the lights go out on the shining city on the hill.

© 2009 Tom DeWeese - All Rights Reserved

Tom DeWeese is president of the American Policy Center and Editor of The DeWeese Report, 70 Main Street, Suite 23, Warrenton Virginia. (540) 341-8911

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