May 12, 2009

Google's YouTube is Waging a War on Free Speech

YouTube Free Speech Purge Accelerates, Infowarrior Channel Banned

By Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet
May 12, 2009

YouTube accelerated its aggressive purge against free speech today after the video networking website suspended the Infowarrior Channel, which was the replacement for the previously censored Alex Jones Channel.

When attempting to visit the Infowarrior Channel this morning, one is met with the message, “This account is suspended.”

Just as before, no credible reason has been provided for the suspension of channel. The original Alex Jones Channel was suspended because YouTube claimed that showing a computer print out of a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette news article on camera constituted “copyright violation,” despite the fact that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette denied ever making a copyright complaint.

The real reason for the censorship is of course YouTube’s move towards becoming nothing more than a corporate shell for big studio production companies. The company is hemmoraging money because its current format is not a sustainable business model. However, despite doing what any normal company would do in such a situation and accepting advertising, YouTube has decided to just hand over the direction of its whole content to corporate interests.

However, YouTube’s decision to ban both the Infowarrior and the Alex Jones Channel has seemingly backfired, with more Alex Jones videos appearing on YouTube than ever before.

A general video search by date of the term “Alex Jones” on the YouTube website shows that YouTube users have met our challenge to fight back against Internet censorship, not by admitting defeat and abandoning YouTube, but by bombarding the website with more Alex Jones video uploads than ever before.

Not only are there multiple times more Alex Jones videos being added to YouTube on an hourly basis, but they are being uploaded from numerous different user accounts, making it difficult for YouTube to target individual accounts for suspension.

At time of writing, the first two pages of Alex Jones related videos, when one searches by “recently added,” have been uploaded by no less than 14 different user accounts.

The London Daily News has now picked up on the story, reporting on its website:
“Radio and internet journalist Alex Jones has been censored by the internet giant YouTube with the removal of the 'Alex Jones Channel' from the site, causing revulsion across the United States and Europe, in what is increasingly being seen as another example of a 'Big Brother' intervention in the democratic process.”

“Increasingly YouTube has been scorned for its move away from its foundation of 'free speech video' to being seen as part of the establishment it tried to redefine when it was first established,” states the report.
In a related development, Google Video has now suspended all new content from being uploaded and is re-directing users to YouTube, where full videos longer than 10 minutes cannot be uploaded without a special “director” account.
“If current videos will remain online, and for how long, is anyone’s guess. The move to suspend all new content from being uploaded adds another attempt to the growing list of methods used to remove viral content from the Internet that is damaging to the Establishment and the New World Order,” writes Mark Dice of the Resistance Manifesto.
We would normally encourage people to subscribe to the new official Alex Jones channel on YouTube, The Infowarrior, but since that has now also been banned we can only reiterate our challenge for YouTube users to continue to upload Alex Jones videos in large quantities in order to break down the electronic Berlin Wall that YouTube and other large video sharing websites are apparently trying to erect at the behest of their corporate masters.

YouTube’s disdain for free speech is rivaled only by their unsurpassed stupidity. Don’t they realize that the more Alex Jones channels they ban, the more resentment they will create amongst YouTube users? This will only lead to more Alex Jones related videos being posted on YouTube. In engaging in this wanton censorship, YouTube is only making a rod for its own back.

While allowing all kinds of x-rated trash to appear on a website that is frequented by millions of children, YouTube is waging a war on free speech and the alternative media by consistently banning our video channels under phony pretexts invented as a way to hide the real reason behind the purge—YouTube’s transformation from a much-loved and popular user-driven video website to a hollow shell that puts the interests of its corporate sponsors above those of the people who helped make it one of the biggest websites in the world today.

Perhaps YouTube should be renamed “Corporate Tube,” because the “You” is certainly being taken out of the equation altogether.

Infowars Under Sophisticated Denial of Service Attack - Alex Jones and his websites have covered the so-called swine flu “pandemic” and have built a solid case that the outbreak is part of a larger campaign by the government to frighten the populace and institute martial law as specifically detailed in the Department of Defense’s “Implementation Plan for Pandemic Influenza” and other government documents. Alex Jones is the primary media source calling the government’s bluff on the bogus “pandemic” elevated earlier to a level 5 under World Health Organization guidelines.
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