October 8, 2009

A Muslim Extremist Attack Against Israel

What If Hamas and Fatah Are Not Really Enemies?

By Francisco Gil-White, Historical and Investigative Research
Originally Published on June 30, 2007

Article 27 of the Hamas Charter states:

“The Palestinian Liberation Organization [PLO = Al Fatah] is the closest to the heart of the Islamic Resistance Movement [Hamas]. It contains the father and the brother, the next of kin and the friend. The Moslem does not estrange himself from his father, brother, next of kin or friend. Our homeland is one, our situation is one, our fate is one, and the enemy is a joint enemy to all of us.”[1]

“To think that Palestinians will attack Palestinians is a rotten idea”

...said by Jibril Rajoub, head of the PLO’s security service, when asked, right after the Oslo Accord was signed, whether his forces would suppress the terrorists in the Hamas organization, where his brother Nayef Rajoub is an important religious leader.[2]


Short Preface

How to interpret the supposed fight between Hamas and Al Fatah (also known as ‘the PLO’)?

The media has always represented Hamas and Fatah as great enemies, but this has always flown in the face of the facts (consider the love letter to the PLO contained in the Hamas Charter, at top).

In the pages of the New York Times and other such publications Hamas and Fatah would snarl at each other, but in the real world there was a dramatic contrast: leaders of Hamas would become leaders of Fatah and vice-versa, and they cooperated closely when it came to repressing the Arab civilian population of the West Bank and Gaza, and when it came to attacking Israel.

We are told that Hamas is supported by Iran because they are ‘Islamist extremists,’ but not Fatah because they are ‘secular moderates.’ In fact, however, Fatah has a long tradition of advocating Islamism to its Arab audiences (though not to the Western press), and it also has a very long relationship with the Iranian mullahs who took over that country in 1979, because Al Fatah in fact helped put them in power.

The truth is that, as this history would lead us to expect, Iran is supporting both Fatah and Hamas.

Is anything at all consistent with the supposed fight between Hamas and Fatah?

Let me take you back a few months, so that we may take a look at how the ‘fight’ between Hamas and Fatah came to be, and then played out. Then I will examine its consequences.


Before the ‘fight’

Go back a number of months, and what you have is Al Fatah and Hamas as the two main groups disputing the leadership of the West Bank and Gaza Arabs in the ‘Palestinian Authority’ government.
Hamas wins big in the parliamentary elections and then refuses to say anything even remotely moderate: “Death to Israel” is all that Hamas can pronounce.

Fatah also wants to destroy Israel, but it occasionally tells the Western press that it has abandoned this goal.
Seems like a small difference: why can’t Hamas, like Al Fatah, just make believe? They could then jointly get the Israeli concessions that will make the destruction of Israel easier and ride together into the genocidal sunset. But Hamas will not. Why not? It is an interesting question, because Islamic law explicitly allows lying to infidels in order to be in a better position to kill them.[3] But Hamas, in an apparently counterproductive move, chooses (prematurely, it seems) to fire one gleeful rocket after another at Israeli civilians.

Now, since, according to election results, Hamas now represents a majority of the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza, even the façade of a ‘peace’ process is already dead. Ethically, therefore, what should the Israeli government and the Western sponsors of the Oslo process do? They should declare it dead and give this problem a military solution, to protect Jewish -- and, incidentally, Arab life -- from the Hamas and Fatah gangsters (the Arab residents of Gaza have been calling the Palestinian Authority police the ‘death squad’ for years).[4]

But the Western powers won’t do the ethical thing. What they do is freeze the monies they have been sending to the terrorists of the Palestinian Authority -- because it is just too embarrassing to be sending money to a body that openly says “Death to Israel” while firing rockets at Israeli civilians. And the Western powers rush to try and get Hamas to stop firing rockets and say that it will recognize Israel so that the funding can resume and a final ‘peace’ agreement can be signed.

On the face of it, this is truly desperate stuff. Even if Hamas complies, there can be no reason to believe that their ‘recognition’ of Israel will be sincere, and yet US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and European Union Foreign Secretary Javier Solana appear quite concerned to produce this statement. Why? Do they actually want a phony ‘peace’ agreement so that Jews can be cleansed out of Judea and Samaria like they were cleansed out of the Gaza Strip (which brought nothing but increased violence for both Arabs and Jews)? Do they actually want to give Hamas or Fatah or both total control over strategic high ground overlooking a tiny 11-mile wide strip of concentrated Jews with their backs against the sea?

Their behavior would appear consistent with that hypothesis.

It does not appear consistent with the hypothesis that the US is an ally of Israel

But surely Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will react against this blatant attempt to destroy the Jews? Surely not! Olmert would like to go forward with the cleansing of the Jews from Judea and Samaria, and he seems worried that until Hamas cooperates with the charade of ‘peace’ he cannot. But doesn’t this mean he is in full agreement with Rice and Solana’s radically anti-Israeli approach?

His behavior does appear consistent with that hypothesis.[6]

Olmert gets a lucky break in late November 2006. There is a ‘truce’ between Hamas and Israel, and he renews the charge:

“On Sunday, a truce ending five months of violence took effect on the Gaza-Israel border, and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert urged the Palestinians to discuss a final peace deal, complete with significant Israeli territorial concessions in the West Bank.”[7]

So we have that the ‘Israeli government’ withdrew unilaterally from the Gaza Strip and gave it to the Fatah and Hamas terrorists without asking anything in return, meanwhile cleansing the territory of all Jews. The terrorists then used this territory to shower Jewish civilians for many months with unprovoked violence, at the end of which Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert became eager to make peace on their terms. And this, mind you, before Hamas has even bothered to say that it will recognize Israel. What is the message and lesson? It is obvious: terrorism works.

If only Hamas will now say that it recognizes Israel, Olmert can clinch his deal. But no deal.

“[On] Thursday…Abbas announced the failure of months of negotiations with Hamas over setting up a moderate government that could win international recognition and help end a foreign aid boycott. Talks deadlocked over the distribution of key portfolios and the government’s platform, with Hamas rejecting international demands that it renounce violence and recognize Israel.”[8]

Again, this is very interesting. Islamic law allows for the lies that Hamas simply will not say. So why doesn’t Hamas just say it and conclude the ‘peace’ deal that will give the terrorists so much in exchange for nothing, really? Why so much ‘honesty’? What is going on?

Rice and Solana seem crestfallen: Hamas’s refusal, they say, means they cannot resume funding of the Palestinian Authority. They really would like to subsidize these terrorists, it seems, but a minimum of cooperation with the theater of ‘peace’ is necessary and they cannot even get that. “Very sadly, I have to say the chance has been lost,” Solana tells reporters.[9]

Later we will be told, of course, of the great “economic hardship” that the Western ‘embargo’ is imposing on the suffering Arabs.[10] But is the Hamas-dominated PA government really strapped for cash? It seems not. One week later we read that “Hamas, however, appears increasingly confident it can keep its government afloat without Western aid, mainly with help from the Arab world.”[11]

The ‘fight’

The disagreements between Hamas and Fatah turn violent as armed battles break out in late December 2006.

The reports of the initial battles were quite interesting because “despite the intensity of the fighting, no one was wounded.” Read that again. There is intense fighting and yet nobody is even wounded. What were they doing? Shooting into the air? But when two of Hamas’s notoriously inaccurate rockets are at the same time fired at the Jews (because the fighting among the Arabs somehow produces an end to the ‘truce’ with the Jews) they manage to injure “a 2-year-old boy.”[12]

Doesn’t this all laugh in the face of the laws of probability? And just as the Arabs see an opportunity in their internecine ‘fighting’ to attack the Jews, so does Olmert see an opportunity, and in mid January he announces that he will “free $100 million in frozen tax funds to boost moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.”[13] (So Mahmoud Abbas is not strapped for cash either.)

The emerging story? That Mahmoud Abbas, the Fatah chief, is the “moderate Palestinian President,” and good people everywhere -- certainly the ‘well-meaning’ Israeli Prime Minister! -- ought to boost him and Fatah against Hamas (to save ‘peace’).

I suppose that Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas are the moderates because Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a component of Fatah, is considered “the deadliest Palestinian militia.”[14] And when Yasser Arafat died, the Brigades were chanting in the street for continuing the violence against Israeli civilians and also for Mahmoud Abbas to succeed Arafat as Fatah chief.[15] (Because Abbas is a moderate, you see, and so is Fatah.) Never mind that “Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas] is...one of the founders of Fatah, one of the original Arafat band of brothers.”[16] And never mind that this “original Arafat band of brothers,” brought together in Egypt to become Al Fatah, was trained by Hajj Amin al Husseini, who before this had been one of the top leaders -- if not the top leader (at least according to Adolf Eichmann’s lieutenants, and they should know) -- of the German Nazi Final Solution.[17] Never mind: Mahmoud Abbas is a ‘moderate’ so Ehud Olmert rushes to defend him against the ‘true extremists’ in Hamas.

This is an old story: the Western and Israeli ruling elites have been selling us this story ever since the diplomacy of the Oslo ‘peace’ process got started: it is central to the representation of a supposed ‘rivalry’ between Hamas and Fatah, because, according to the cover story, it is the refusal of Hamas to be moderate, like Al Fatah, that creates conflict between them (and hence the fight). But the representation of Al Fatah as the ‘moderate’ organization is a complete phony: Al Fatah means to repeat Hajj Amin al Husseini’s achievement and exterminate the Israeli Jews.

So is the fighting between Hamas and Fatah also a phony?

Consider for a moment the Israeli-government withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. This move was celebrated around the world as a positive step for the Gaza Arabs, and yet it has been a disaster for these Arabs: “Since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, the area has experienced a wave of infighting, armed robberies, deadly family feuds and kidnappings.” [21] This was perfectly predictable, because Hamas and Fatah are both gangster organizations.

So what was the point of the withdrawal that abandoned the Gaza Arabs to these gangsters? In my view, to answer this question is also to answer what the Hamas vs. Fatah ‘fight’ is all about.

The Associated Press reports a number of very interesting things about the withdrawal from Gaza:

“Israeli troops withdrew from Gaza in September 2005, enabling Hamas to build and expand its militia...

...Since winning parliamentary elections a year ago, Hamas has invested heavily in its Gaza paramilitary unit, the so-called Executive Force, with millions of dollars in support, mainly from Iran.

The militia currently has 5,500 members, but thousands more sympathizers can easily be mobilized...

Hamas has also established its own arms industry in Gaza, building anti-tank rockets, mortar shells, land mines and hand grenades. Smuggling tunnels running under the Gaza-Egypt border help refresh supplies. Some of Hamas’ weapons engineers were trained abroad.

The Executive Force has also bought SUVs and German-made minivans and set up training camps throughout Gaza.

On the West Bank, by contrast, Hamas militants remain underground or only appear in public without weapons, for fear of being targeted by Israel.”[18]

Of course, the Egyptians initially pretended to oppose the Hamas takeover but, according to DEBKA, have been clandestinely assisting Hamas.[19]

Now, who is responsible for arming the Egyptians to the teeth? The US government!
[20] So the evidence is at the very least consistent with the idea that the point of the Israeli withdrawal -- a policy endorsed by the US government -- was a US-sponsored theater to help the Iranians and Egyptians prepare an attack against Israel.

It matters, to this hypothesis, that the US has done this sort of thing before: immediately after Egypt failed in its genocidal war against Israel, in 1948, the US government sent German Nazi specialists -- whom it had recruited for the CIA -- to train the Egyptian military and security services; they also trained Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, and helped them create Al Fatah.

So is the Hamas vs. Fatah fight another US-sponsored theater to help prepare a Muslim attack against Israel?

The least you can say about the US government is that it is consistent. Its reaction to the violence between Hamas and Fatah is this: “President Bush asked Congress to provide $83 million to train and equip Abbas’ force.”[22a] So the 'fight' becomes an excuse to send more US training and weaponry to Abbas, who, though heir to Hajj Amin al Husseini’s German Nazi Final Solution, is once again represented as the supposed ‘moderate.’

Now, we have already seen that even intense fighting between Hamas and Fatah can result in zero wounded. Notice how the fighting is reported towards the end of January:

“Neither side is using all of its firepower because they are giving coalition talks another chance and because they fear risking defeat in an all-out confrontation, said Mouin Rabbani, a Jordan-based analyst for the International Crisis Group, an independent think tank.”[23]

So the fighting is restrained. This is the pattern throughout. And there are repeated truces, and even announcements of an impending unity government. Then they go back to pinprick fighting. Almost civilized. This means that neither side is seriously depleted. Since the 'hostilities' are used as an excuse for outside powers to arm both sides to the teeth, it follows that, if the fight is eventually decided without a very big clash, the amount of weaponry in both Gaza and the West Bank will have increased tremendously.

Should the ‘fight’ be decided without an actual battle, therefore, we may conclude that it is indeed a phony, there merely to consolidate forces under unified commands in both Gaza and the West Bank, preserving the theater of a supposed rivalry, and also the theater of a ‘moderate’ Fatah. From this point of view, the sprinkling of killings that do take place may be nothing more than the Hamas and Fatah leaderships using each other’s forces to conduct high-level purges in order to streamline the leadership in advance of a major attack against Israel.

Lo and behold, the fighting in Gaza is decided without an actual battle, and Hamas takes over.

The battle that never was

The New York Post expresses in amazement:

“Fatah had some 60,000 armed men in Gaza, a strip of land covering some 65 square miles. It also had heavy cannons and rocket-propelled grenades, which Hamas lacked. Yet even Fatah’s four chief bases of al-Hawa, al-Muntadam, Sarayah and al-Safineh, claimed to be impregnable, fell in just a few hours, as their defenders fled.”[24]

Not only that. In January the press was explaining that “the security forces loyal to Fatah in Gaza still outnumber the Hamas militia by several thousand.”[25] They were not exaggerating but understating: if “Fatah had some 60,000 armed men in Gaza” and “Hamas last year set up its own 5,600-man militia,”[26] then the word “several” is a huge distortion. When speaking of “several thousand” the numbers that come to mind are 5, 6, or 7 thousand. Here the difference is more than 54 thousand in favor of Fatah.

There were almost eleven Fatah soldiers for every Hamas soldier, and Fatah was much better armed. How could Hamas take over so easily?

In an article titled Fatah Never Fought, Charles Levinson, Middle East Correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph, has shared on his blog some of his interviews with the Fatah soldiers, conducted before he fled Gaza in a Red Cross aid convoy. What these soldiers say is that they were ordered to give up. For example, 23-year-old Abu Qusay shared his confusion as follows:

We handed Gaza over to Hamas. We don’t understand why our leaders betrayed us like this. We fought back against orders because if we had followed orders, we would have given ourselves up… [Our leaders] received orders from Abbas to give up bases but some military commanders couldn’t accept this.”

Abu al Majd, another 23-year-old fighter, corroborated those statements as follows:

“It was a story of surrender. The bases were given up. I feel psychologically destroyed. It really hurt. I understood that there was an order to evacuate the bases. We were betrayed.”

Levinson explains further:

“The presidential guard were the most highly trained and professional soldiers in the security services’ ranks and they were dismayed when rudimentary and repeatedly drilled steps to respond to the Hamas onslaught were never taken.

No state of emergency was ever declared, curfews were never imposed, no contingency counter attack plans were ever drawn up, heavy weapons were never mounted on the roofs of the security bases, and extra ammo stocks were never dragged out of storage.”[27]


The consequence

This is the key point:
Because the Fatah soldiers were ordered to give up, all their arms and ammunition and all those heavy weapons that Hamas didn’t have, Hamas now has.

As World Net Daily explains, “the U.S. in recent years reportedly transferred large quantities of weaponry to build up Fatah forces against rival Hamas.”

According to what Hamas members told WND, they have seized “hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. weaponry and equipment” from Fatah -- in fact, over $400 million, Hamas said.
[28] So the United States ruling elite has armed Hamas, indirectly, via the cover story that Fatah are the supposed ‘moderates’ who must be armed against the ‘real extremists’ in Hamas, plus the theater of a supposed rivalry between Hamas and Fatah that was decided without an actual fight. Those are US weapons that Hamas will now use against ordinary Israelis.

Under the cover story that Hamas are the ‘real extremists,’ it made perfect sense for the Israeli government, as soon as the compound fell into Hamas’s hands, to bomb “Fatah’s major Ansar complex, where American-provided weapons were delivered and stored.”[29] And under the hypothesis that the US is an ally of Israel, the US government should have supported this. But this is not what happened. What happened instead is that the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced that he would “stay out of Gaza,” and the US president supported him.[30]

What happened, therefore, is not consistent with the hypothesis of a US ruling elite allied with the Israeli Jews, or with the hypothesis of an Israeli ruling elite loyal to the Israeli Jews. It is consistent with a different hypothesis.

This alternative hypothesis says that:

1) The US ruling elite is an enemy of ordinary Jews in the Middle East; and

2) The Israeli ruling elite collaborates with the US-led attack on ordinary Jews in the Middle East.

If the first point surprises you, please consult HIR’s documentation of US foreign policy toward Israel and the Jews since the 1930s.

If the second point surprises you, then allow me to point out that the Jewish ruling elite allied with the enemies of the Jews during the Greco-Macedonian and Roman terrorist -- in fact, genocidal -- onslaughts against the ancient Jews.
[32] Many upper-class Jewish converts to Christianity allied with the attacks against the Jews during the Middle Ages.[33]

The same happened in the 19th century, when the assimilated, upper-class maskilim, leaders of their self-proclaimed ‘Jewish Enlightenment,’ allied with the efforts of European governments to destroy Jewish religious practice.

In the 20th century, the Jewish ruling elites:

1) Banded together to sabotage a boycott of Nazi Germany that almost destroyed Hitler right after he took power

2) Sabotaged the defense of the Jews
during the Holocaust[36]; and

3) Chaim Weizmann, David Ben-Gurion, and Moshe Sharett (Shertok), hailed as great founding fathers of the Israeli state, were in fact responsible for the murder of 800,000 Hungarian Jews, as demonstrated at a trial in Jerusalem, in the 1950s, that the government of these three characters -- despite using the resources of the state to fight the accusations of a penniless old man -- lost.

The architect of the Oslo mess in Israel is the current Israeli president, Shimon Peres, a protégé of David Ben-Gurion; Ehud Olmert, the current prime minister, has been an enthusiastic promoter of Shimon Peres’s policies.

Hamas in Gaza now has a unified and much better equipped force with which to attack the Israeli Jews. There is the mutual buildup during all the months of ‘fighting,’ and now all of that build up, on both sides, is essentially intact in Hamas’s hands. Meanwhile, this is again an excuse for the Western powers to rapidly strengthen further the military capabilities of Al Fatah in the West Bank! (Don’t you just love this?)

The United States will continue financing the Palestinian Authority’s presidential guard, which is loyal to PA President Mahmoud Abbas…officials in Washington said.”[39]

Ehud Olmert of course announces that this in no way endangers his planned evacuation of the Jews from the West Bank. Why should it? The first evacuation worked out so well (just look at Gaza).

“Olmert said that the new reality in the PA might present a new opportunity for political progress as Israel would consider a Palestinian government without Hamas as a legitimate partner for future talks.”[40]

Why? Because Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah are the good guys, remember? So Mahmoud Abbas outlaws Hamas in the West Bank, and right away the embargo is lifted and Al Fatah starts receiving the Western millions again (which in fact never ceased because the fighting was Bush’s reason to send his millions during the ‘embargo’).[41]

We also hear that “US President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert both gave strong backing to the cabinet appointed by moderate president Mahmud Abbas after Hamas’s takeover of Gaza.”[42] (I remind you that the “moderate president Mahmoud Abbas” is heir to Hajj Amin al Husseini, great architect of the German Nazi Final Solution, the greatest genocide of the Jewish people in absolute terms -- it really is important not to lose sight of that).

As if US support for Fatah were not enough, the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS explains that Moscow views with approval “the Israeli intention to...transfer some of the tax and customs revenues to the Palestinian National Authority, release 250 Palestinians from custody [read: Arab terrorists who had been jailed for participating in the murder of innocent Jews], and remove a number of checkpoints [whose purpose is to prevent Arab terrorists from murdering innocent Jews].”[43]

And Olmert is even considering releasing a multitude of Hamas prisoners in exchange for one captured Israeli soldier, which will of course teach the terrorists that they should kidnap more Israeli soldiers.[43a]

The official point of the Oslo ‘peace’ process is that Israel makes territorial (and other) concessions in exchange for the Arabs abandoning their effort to ‘destroy Israel’ (= exterminate the Jews). This is how Israeli leaders sold the Oslo process to the Israeli Jews. It is important always to keep this in mind when passing judgment over the behavior of Israeli leaders, because the antisemitic terrorist organizations have clearly not abandoned their genocidal goals, and yet Israeli leaders have continued to make one concession after another, literally as if they were in the pay of the enemy.[44]

The new Defense Minister of the Jewish State is Ehud Barak, who, while he was Israeli prime minister some years ago, offered to give everything to the antisemitic terrorists essentially for nothing (but the terrorists needed more).[45] The ‘opposition’ is personified by Benjamin Netanyahu, who, when he was prime minister, offered to give everything to the antisemitic terrorists in exchange essentially for nothing (but the terrorists needed more).[46]

This is no opposition. Consider: It appears that Olmert will allow PLO terrorists now stationed in Jordan to come into the West Bank, using the cover story that these troops are needed to prevent a Hamas takeover in the West Bank as well.
[46a] Who provided the political cover for this? ‘Opposition’ leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been calling for Ehud Olmert “to bring thousands of Jordanian soldiers into Israel to strengthen Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas.”[47]

Check mate. It matters not which ‘leader’ ordinary Jews support, they will be burned. Manhigut Yehudit, a large faction within Likud, has at least denounced Netanyahu. Better than nothing. But even Manhigut Yehudit does not tell the Israelis the truth about Al Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas: that this organization is the continuation of Hajj Amin al Husseini’s German Nazi Final Solution.

The Jews are leaderless. And, once again, their ‘leaders’ are leading them to slaughter.

Gaza is now ready for Egypt’s genocidal assault. It remains to prepare the West Bank so that Jordan and Saudi Arabia -- also armed to the teeth by the US[49] -- can attack from there, and Netanyahu is already pushing for this outcome. Once that is achieved, all that will remain is for the US government to pull its troops from Iraq, and everything will be ready.

If you want a countdown, that's it: the US withdrawal. Because, you see, the invasion of Iraq has given Iraq to Iran (the US ruling elite really is very consistent). Iran already controls Hezbollah, Lebanon, and Syria, so once the US troops leave, Iran will have a land corridor going all the way to the northern border of Israel. They will hardly need to wait for nuclear capability.

Don’t wait for the US to attack Iran.

As HIR predicted a long time ago, this is not going to happen

We have, then, that the forces that wish to destroy Israel staged a fight between Hamas and Fatah so that they could consolidate an enormous amount of weaponry in Gaza under a unified leadership, ready to launch Egypt’s final genocidal assault against Israel.

This theater has represented the PLO, once again, as the ‘moderates,’ and this has become a renewed excuse to arm the PLO to the teeth in the West Bank, where it has consolidated its forces under a unified leadership and renewed, massive Western and Israeli funding.

The chessboard is now almost ready for another great mass killing of Jews, a very stable process of Western and Muslim civilization, for such events have been happening repeatedly with great regularity for over two millennia.

We are due for another one.

Footnotes and Further Reading

The ruling elite, spiritual wickedness in high places...Satan pulls their strings.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”—Ephesians 6:12.

“All men in power ought to be mistrusted.”—James Madison

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