June 11, 2021

The Global Elite's Agenda for 2030

What is the Great Reset? | Davos Agenda 2021 | Uploaded by World Economic Forum on January 25, 2021

“We need to prepare for a future where we are doing vaccine rollout again, and we need to figure out how to do that better.” In the meantime, even highly vaccinated nations should continue investing in other measures that can control COVID-19 but have been inadequately used—improved ventilation, widespread rapid tests, smarter contact tracing, better masks, places in which sick people can isolate, and policies like paid sick leave. Such measures will also reduce the spread of the virus among unvaccinated communities, creating fewer opportunities for an immune-escape variant to arise. “I find myself the broken record who always emphasizes all the other tools we have,” van Kerkhove said. “It’s not vaccines only. We’re not using what we have at hand.” The WHO’s decision to name variants after the Greek alphabet means that at some point, we’ll probably be dealing with an Omega variant. Our decisions now will determine whether that sinister name is accompanied by equally sinister properties, or whether Omega will be just an unremarkable scene during the pandemic’s closing act. [Source

Here's how life could change in my city by the year 2030

"Now I can hardly believe that we accepted congestion and traffic jams."

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Fourth Industrial Revolution 

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By Ida Auken, Member of Parliament, Parliament of Denmark (Folketinget)

November 11, 2016

Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city - or should I say, "our city". I don't own anything. I don't own a car. I don't own a house. I don't own any appliances or any clothes.

It might seem odd to you, but it makes perfect sense for us in this city. Everything you considered a product, has now become a service. We have access to transportation, accommodation, food and all the things we need in our daily lives. One by one all these things became free, so it ended up not making sense for us to own much.

First, communication became digitized and free to everyone. Then, when clean energy became free, things started to move quickly. Transportation dropped dramatically in price. It made no sense for us to own cars anymore, because we could call a driverless vehicle or a flying car for longer journeys within minutes. We started transporting ourselves in a much more organized and coordinated way when public transport became easier, quicker and more convenient than the car. Now I can hardly believe that we accepted congestion and traffic jams, not to mention the air pollution from combustion engines. What were we thinking?

Sometimes I use my bike when I go to see some of my friends. I enjoy the exercise and the ride. It kind of gets the soul to come along on the journey. Funny how some things seem never seem to lose their excitement: walking, biking, cooking, drawing and growing plants. It makes perfect sense and reminds us of how our culture emerged out of a close relationship with nature.

"Environmental problems seem far away"

In our city we don't pay any rent, because someone else is using our free space whenever we do not need it. My living room is used for business meetings when I am not there.

Once in awhile, I will choose to cook for myself. It is easy - the necessary kitchen equipment is delivered at my door within minutes. Since transport became free, we stopped having all those things stuffed into our home. Why keep a pasta-maker and a crepe cooker crammed into our cupboards? We can just order them when we need them.

This also made the breakthrough of the circular economy easier. When products are turned into services, no one has an interest in things with a short life span. Everything is designed for durability, repairability and recyclability. The materials are flowing more quickly in our economy and can be transformed to new products pretty easily. 

Environmental problems seem far away, since we only use clean energy and clean production methods. The air is clean, the water is clean and nobody would dare to touch the protected areas of nature because they constitute such value to our well being. In the cities we have plenty of green space and plants and trees all over. I still do not understand why in the past we filled all free spots in the city with concrete.

The death of shopping

Shopping? I can't really remember what that is. For most of us, it has been turned into choosing things to use. Sometimes I find this fun, and sometimes I just want the algorithm to do it for me. It knows my taste better than I do by now.

When AI and robots took over so much of our work, we suddenly had time to eat well, sleep well and spend time with other people. The concept of rush hour makes no sense anymore, since the work that we do can be done at any time. I don't really know if I would call it work anymore. It is more like thinking-time, creation-time and development-time.

For a while, everything was turned into entertainment and people did not want to bother themselves with difficult issues. It was only at the last minute that we found out how to use all these new technologies for better purposes than just killing time.

"They live different kinds of lives outside of the city"

My biggest concern is all the people who do not live in our city. Those we lost on the way. Those who decided that it became too much, all this technology. Those who felt obsolete and useless when robots and AI took over big parts of our jobs. Those who got upset with the political system and turned against it. They live different kind of lives outside of the city. Some have formed little self-supplying communities. Others just stayed in the empty and abandoned houses in small 19th century villages.

Once in awhile I get annoyed about the fact that I have no real privacy. No where I can go and not be registered. I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it against me.

All in all, it is a good life. Much better than the path we were on, where it became so clear that we could not continue with the same model of growth. We had all these terrible things happening: lifestyle diseases, climate change, the refugee crisis, environmental degradation, completely congested cities, water pollution, air pollution, social unrest and unemployment. 

We lost way too many people before we realised that we could do things differently.

Ida Auken's note: Some people have read this blog as my utopia or dream of the future. It is not. It is a scenario showing where we could be heading - for better and for worse. I wrote this piece to start a discussion about some of the pros and cons of the current technological development. When we are dealing with the future, it is not enough to work with reports. We should start discussions in many new ways. This is the intention with this piece.

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For more information watch the What If: Privacy Becomes a Luxury Good? session from the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting 2017.


My brothers and Sisters in Christ have a responsibility to reap as many souls as we can because we know time is short. We cannot know the hour or day. But we can know the season. It's all getting very ripe for the picking.

Yes Amen! Armour up and fight the good fight. Intercessory prayer, worship, holding meetings and gatherings in person, not wearing a mask, encouraging friends and family to decline the jab, flowing as Holy Spirit leads, loving everyone even when they say ridiculous stuff like “this is the worst pandemic in history” We are called to manifest the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. Don’t forget that the Bible has been tampered with. Don’t forget that the Bible is the LIVING word so we must read it in the spirit. Don’t forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience right now and the battle is not flesh and blood, it’s against spiritual rulers and powers and principalities in high places. But don’t forget that we are positioned HIGHER! Do the work.

I’ve always been consistent on my views, my beliefs and my standpoint. From the start. The problem is you misunderstand me. You misinterprete my message oftentimes. On the one hand we agree. That IT’S A WAR going on. Where our differences arise, is, on THE TYPE of war it is, and on HOW TO fight this war. Personally, as a Christ-follower, this is a SPIRITUAL WAR, that can only be fought using SPIRITUAL MEANS. By putting on the SPIRITUAL ARMOR . That means rising up in arms, literally; physically, is a no-no for Christ-followers. Not even (a) peaceful demonstration(s) is acceptable or right before our Lord. For, no human king (president), no worldly kingdom can bring EVERLASTING peace and UNBIASED justice, only a perfect being can rule all mankind to everyone’s (everyone irrespective of social status, nationality, race/color, and tongue/language etc.) satisfaction . 

As it’s written, “Mankind rules fellow mankind to his own injury.”(Ecclesiastes 8:9)

All forms of worldly government, from monarchical to democratic to authoritarian etc forms of government have been tried and implemented since Nimrod, but the result has ALWAYS been the same: DISSATISFACTION of the subjects being ruled, injustice to the ones not in power or the ones not related to those in power. The result has always been the same: BLOODSHED and LOSS OF LIVES. Because the human beings in power are not really the ones in power, but are simply the representatives or the face/image of the real unseen ruler of this crooked system, they serve a selfish, bloodthirsty god, ruthless/merciless evil ruler, they are the children of evil, as just as their father/rulet is, so are they. They only think of their personal, selfish interests, although they may paint a totally opposite picture/image of who they really are. Behind closed doors. Looks can be deceiving. Satan was the most beautiful, most perfect of angels, and can still put on that deceitful good look as enticement, only to reveal his true nature after capturing his intended victim.

Back to my point, it’s a spiritual war we’re involved in, so, only spiritual means are acceptable before our Lord Jesus Christ, and this means we fight THROUGH FAITH, THROUGH PRAYER. Even picketing is wrong before Christ, even PEACEFUL demonstrations are wrong before our Lord. For, we do not present or air our grievances before our fellow flawed, imperfect men, rather we present them to the Righteous, Holy One, the Heavenly Father, through His Only Son Jesus Christ. Yes I concur with you, that we are not to just sit back and watch as the evil reigns, yes we are supposed to do something to fight the evil powers that be, but our part(me and my like-minded believers in Christ, is to TAKE PART IN BRINGING/LETTING GOD’S KINGDOM COME (MANIFEST/ACTUALIZE) ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, as it says in the Lord’s prayer. We are supposed to pray incessantly, for God’s kingdom of TOTAL peace, total justice and total happiness/joy, for that type of kingdom or government, to appear/come/manifest on earth, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, and it’s to come through CHRIST’S MILLENNIAL RULE ON EARTH. But before it’s manifested, the scriptures MUST be fulfilled IN FULL, the God-given time(s) must pass before that worldly government, without injustice and suffering, comes into place. For God is not a normal mortal man, HE IS GOD. True to His Word, unto the end, even if it pains him or goes against His true being. He is the ULTIMATE PROMISE-KEEPER, He cannot break his promise/oath no matter what, He could not spare even His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, He threw Him down to this cursed earth of ours just to prove His point, to prove His righteousness and unbiasness (“God is not a respector of persons”, He’s rather, a respector of ACTIONS, faithful, righteous actions, He doesn’t respect title or nationality or colour or status etc). So His (God’s) stipulated time MUST be fulfilled. TIME was only brought about as A TESTING PERIOD. After the testing period is over and Satan the Enemy has been proven wrong/guilty before God and before man, after Christ’s millennial reign, TIME WILL BE DONE AWAY WITH. FOREVER. This current life of trials and tribulations is just but A TEST OF LOYALTY, AND FAITH, to God or to Satan, each individual is to choose who they’ll be loyal and faithful to. Every must choose who they love. God wants to know those creatures of His who TRULY love Him, and those who love Him for selfish purposes and only for convenience, LIKE THEIR LEADER AND MASTER, SATAN. Because it was A CHALLENGE that was presented to/against God, by Satan. And since God is no mere mortal that would sacrifice His Nature or Value of Holiness and Righteousness, of Truth and Justice, since He CAN NEVER sacrifice that EVEN FOR HIS ONLY SON, He accepted the challenge. And that’s what it really is. A HOLY WAR/CONTEST. God cannot stoop to the Devil’s level, HE MUST MAINTAIN HIS POWER, RIGHTEOUSNESS AND HOLINESS.

Back to TIME. It’s just a testing period, that serves the purpose of distinguishing the real from the fake, the qualified from the unqualified, the ride-or-die’s from the joyriders, the grains from the chaff. It’s just like a EXAM, at school. Each test is has a stipulated time that MUST BE OBSERVED, ADHERED TO AND OBEYED by all the participants, if it’s 2 hours, ALL the participants/students MUST prove their qualification WITHIN that given time, whether they are through or not, whether right or wrong, so as to not make the mistake of promoting the unqualified. Because PROMOTION WITHOUT TESTING/TRIAL results in GRAVE MISTAKES in the future. A cheating student might get promotion or graduation, only to bring about losses and retrogression, in future, for everyone else concerned, both for ‘the ones who promoted the student’ (ie the ‘teachers’) / the boss(es) and ‘the ones under the authority of the cheating or deceitful student that got promoted.’ That’s what happened with Satan, by then his name was a blessed name, LUCIFER THE LIGHT BEARER, the light bringer. He was promoted without trial, without testing. By then SIN DID NOT EXIST, but the power, honor and promotion bestowed upon Lucifer by God, IT GOT TO HIS HEAD, and when Lucifer refused to repent of his pride, greed, arrogance and blasphemy when he was given a chance by God, it GAVE BIRTH TO SIN AS WE NOW KNOW IT. It was brought about by one being, and because sin is contagious like virus; it was spread and infected to everyone with a weak immunity to blasphemy and greed for God’s power, starting with the angels before the creation of man; then spreading to mankind after his fall through disobedience. SATAN WAS POWERLESS BEFORE MAN but Man gave Satan power when he disobeyed God’s command and instead listened to Satan’s opposing/rebellious command. But Jesus, the perfect, sinless man, bought mankind’s redemption through His Holy/Godly blood, HE BOUGHT MANKIND THEIR POWER BACK FROM THE DEVIL, through His sacrificial death and resurrection He gave back the power to those of faith; those who would believe in His work of the cross and go back to obeying God by living righteous, faithful undefiled lives. So it’s really a choice, and each choice has it’s corresponding consequences, either a reward or punishment . Every soul shall reap what it soweth; can’t sow corn and reap beans.

 I’m not trying to scare anyone. Just telling it as it really is.

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For WE DO NOT WRESTLE AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD, BUT AGAINST PRINCIPALITIES, AGAINST POWERS, AGAINST THE RULERS OF THE DARKNESS OF THIS AGE, AAGAINST SPIRITUAL HOSTS OF WICKEDNESS IN THE HEAVENLY PLACES. Therefore TAKE UP the WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having 1)GIRDED YOUR WAIST WITH TRUTH, having put on 2)THE BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, and having shod your feet with 3)THE PREPARATION OF THE GOSPEL OF PEACE; above all, taking 4)THE SHIELD OF FAITH with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. And take the 5)HELMET OF SALVATION, and 6)THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, WHICH IS THE WORD OF GOD; praying always with all prayer and supplication IN THE SPIRIT, BEING WATCHFUL TO THIS END WITH ALL PERSEVERANCE AND SUPPLICATION FOR ALL THE SAINTS — “Ephesians 6:10‭-‬18).

Yes it’s a spiritual war, and no, we are just to sit back and watch the scriptures get fulfilled, rather we’re to put on our spiritual armour and FIGHT SPIRITUALLY. Those numbered 1 to 6 make up the WHOLE/FULL armor of God, the one we are to use in this spiritual warfare.

Even though I agree that Islam has the Abrahamic roots and beliefs in it, I disagree on it being the religion of Abraham and Moses and Jesus. The reason why there’s quite a huge number of similar beliefs in both Christianity and Islam is because the Patriarchs of both belief systems had the same father: both ISHMAEL and ISAAC were sons of Abraham, and when Ishmael mistreated and harassed Isaac thereby resulting in the sending away of Hagar and Ismael, that’s where the Islamic belief system started. Even when you read what Abraham said about Ishmael and his descendants (ie. the blessings and curse), it sums up the current religion of Islam. Abraham said Ishmael would birth princes also, and their land would be rich of natural resources (read oil and minerals etc), but that ISHMAEL’S DESCENDANTS WOULD LIKE TO METE OUT WAR AND WAR WOULD BE METED OUT TO THEM IN EQUAL MEASURE. It’s all in the scriptures if you checks it out, it’s all there.

The point of putting armour on is to fight. I believe we are told to put on the armour of God to fight the enemy, not curl up in a ball or run away or throw up our hands and say ‘what can we do?’ that type of thinking is weak and the opposite of soldierly. a real spiritual warrior does not sit passively back and ‘watch it unfold.’ IMO.

Even if they’re plans succeed, God is still in control and will still win. When they do succeed at bringing about the AntiChrist kingdom, it’s only going to be for a season. Christ already conquered them. It’s all in the bible.

I watched it in segments, all 5+ hours. I found it worthwhile, well evidenced, and well put together (tho I definitely agree with you on the modern “keep watching” tricks that we see in so many videos these days!)… and I’ve been reading VC a long, long time now. One reason I feel this is important is, he seems to be reaching a segment of the population that perhaps is not even close to VC’s primary audience. Lots of music lovers (X-Factor/Idol fans) and others who have been perhaps a bit blinded to what is going on. This is not a bad thing! One other thing, I did not think he was saying the secret religion was freemasonry. I felt he was saying that Luciferianism/satanism is hidden at the core of freemasonry and all secret societies, and it is everywhere. My 2 cents. You know what they say about inflation. Especially these days!

I feel like I’m a fairly well versed researcher especially in the field of secret societies and Freemasonry, and this video actually had some new material for me. What I really like about it is that he cites actual masonic and occult books by page and paragraph. It’s quite impressive. I own copies of Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogmas and Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine but those books are dry and boring. He literally shows you where to go to find the juicy stuff. Even if you don’t like the way the information is presented, this video is authentic and genuine.

Do you follow Jay Dyer or Tim Kelly at all. Both of them have podcasts and various forms of media and websites. Well they have both discovered connections between a very prominent serial killers and potentially satanic or luciferian Cults and this has been even more fleshed-out with additional connections if you want to check out the Clown in the Candy Man podcast by the ID channel. Also I would take a look at a YouTube channel called LOLFIELDANDLOVE, and this guy has done tons of additional research and has put up a literally ridiculous like 200 part series on his channel on YouTube that is springboard at off the work of Dave McGowan book on serial killers, Programmed to Kill. Some of these guys have done stuff with researcher and attorney William Ramsey, the fellow over at CAVDEF and sometimes interesting private investigator Ed Opperman at the Opperman report.

David Berkowitz was connected to The Process Satanic Cult, as was Manson. Very interesting! Read a book by Maury Terry called The Ultimate Evil.

There is more to this than meets the eye I think. Although a large part of it “seems” to be about exposing evil, there’s something not right with this guy. There seems to be an ulterior motive for doing this video, like it was planned for a reason. The only thing that I can think of is to further introduce, adapt, accustom and integrate people into satanism by showing snippets of actual spells from evil, foul books that people should probably never, ever have their eyes or ears set upon or have attached in any way to their minds. It almost “feels” like the whole thing is one giant advertisement for satanism, not Christianity. Just compare how many times he says “Lucifer/satanism” versus “Jesus/Christianity” in all of those 5 hours. 

There are clues all throughout the video that should never be present *at all* in my opinion if he was truly a born-again Christian. 

It is by placing key 33rd degree masons at the apex of political, economical and religious institutions that their satanic goals can succeed. Billy Graham has been selected and used to help bring about a One World Global Church based at the Vatican. Are you not familiar with the three city/states?    There is plenty of damning evidence against him … plenty.   Billy Graham is a puppet of Rome, and he’s a Luciferian. He has been very instrumental in creating the ecumenical Emergent church, and many of the ecumenical Christian colleges and organizations of today. Read Billy Graham and His Friends by Dr. Cathy Burns. She has a degree in Bible Philosophy and has spent the past 30 years doing extensive research on the New Age movement and related subjects. Her name is listed in: Who’s Who in Religion, Who’s Who in the East, Who’s Who in America, Five Hundred Notable Women, World’s Who’s Who of Women, Dictionary of International Biography, 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the Twentieth Century, Two Thousand Notable American Women, and more. Other books by Dr. Burns: Hidden Secrets of Freemasonry Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star Secure in Christ A One World Order… Read more »

On the paper coverlet of The History of Freemasonry by 33rd degree Albert Mackey, Billy Graham’s name is shown as being a Mason. This book was written by Freemasons, and for Freemasons.  Since they are spiritually blind, they apparently saw nothing wrong with placing his name on the cover. But for the Christian, it should send up warning flags.

Spurgeon - “The life of a Christian is an entirely different thing from the life of other men, entirely different from his own life before his conversion. And when people try to counterfeit it, they cannot accomplish the task. A person writes you a letter and wants to make you think he is a believer, but within about half-a-dozen sentences there occurs a line which betrays the lie. The hypocrite has very nearly copied our expressions, but not quite! There is a Freemason among us, and the outside world watches us a bit, and by-and-by they pick up certain of our signs. But there is a private sign which they can never imitate, and therefore at a certain point, they break down. A godless man may pray as much as a Christian, read as much of the Bible as a Christian, and even go beyond us in externals—but there is a secret which he knows not and cannot counterfeit!”

St. Paul says the day of the Lord is being withheld until the appearance of the man of lawlessness (the antichrist), and that appearance is being withheld until ‘he is out the midst’ (2 Thes 2:7). Some of us think that ‘he’ refers to Satan, because in Revelation 12, when the dragon is definitely cast out of heaven, he has a short time of 42 months for his wrath, the same timeframe the beast (the antichrist) has to destroy. So, Jesus is not delayed: Satan and his angels have to be out of the midst of heaven where he accuse us; one of those fallen angels opens the abyss where the beast is being held; 42 months later, Jesus comes back to gather his chosen ones to himself in heaven, the wrath is poured upon the unbelievers, and finally Jesus arrives to destroy his enemies and rule the world with his faithful servants. Amen.

The “he” in those verses refers to the Holy Spirit, Who has always been a restraining force on evil. During the world-wide persecution of Christians in the 5th Seal, (the first half of Daniel’s 70th Week, aka “the tribulation,”) the Holy Spirit is abundantly present. However, when the Anti-Christ takes the throne in the 6th Seal of Revelation (Matthew 24:15 – abomination of desolation) the Holy Spirit departs, with the raptured remnant – the “scroll” of ‘living epistles’ Revelation 6:14. At that point. the Wrath of God, (the 2nd half of Daniel’s 70th Week, the GREAT tribulation, the Day of Jacob’s Trouble) begins, and Satan is totally unrestrained in his destruction of the planet and the demon-possessed people on it. Only the return of Jesus cuts it short before destruction is complete. We’re in the Fourth Seal now, and Satan, the rider of the Fourth Horse, (Death, and hell followed with him) is being given his end-time authority. There’s not a lot of time left to make certain we belong to Lord Jesus.

This isn't a dictatorship of the proletariat; it’s a dictatorship of the bourgeois. They'll own it all & we'll be forced to “rent” everything from them in exchange for our labor. A re-birth of feudalism. Don't get it twisted—nobody wants this except for the wealthy global elite.

what are “left wing goals”?
Universal health care?
Fair wages?
The billionaire class pays its fair share of taxes?
We don’t let corporations poison out water, our air, or our land?
Honestly that all sounds super awesome to me!

Cancel culture.
Negation of biological sexes.
Fetishization of LGBTQ+.
Normalization of pedophilia.
Cultural Marxism.
Censorship of divergent opinions.
Demonization of straight white males.
Destruction of Christianity.
China-style social credit.

The most serious problem we face is that words have been scrambled by “post-modern” deconstructionists to have – not NO meaning but SEVERAL meanings.

The original socialists were allied with anarchists. They didn’t want government, or the elite, owning everything and doling it out when, if and to whom they wanted (mostly keeping it all to themselves). At first, socialism meant that our workplaces were owned by the little guys, We the People, not by some corporate entity or by the government. The co-op model. That’s all it meant.

Then along came Marx (tool of the elite, and scumbag) to conflate socialism with communism, even though they had nothing in common. The same process was used in conflating gender with sex (a concept vs. a biological reality) so that people could ‘identify’ with any ‘gender’ they wanted, and believe that their chromosomes meant nothing. The same thing with ‘left’ and ‘right’: both utterly meaningless in that they can mean whatever a person wants them to. Remember when the ‘left’ was anti-war? My, how that changed.

All these labels are useless to us, but being used to great effect – to divide and conquer – by the elite. We need to get beyond labelling, and accept that if we want a better world, we have to pull together. That’s happening in places; for instance, the small businesses in Europe that decided to re-open and refuse to be fined or even harassed by police.

Solidarity is another word that has been corrupted. It doesn’t mean supporting Communism: it means standing together. It’s what we need. Don’t let the language-manglers get us down.

They mean identity politics e.g. radical LGBTQ+, abortion on demand up to and even after birth, no traditional families, the sexualisation of children at school, the parent’s no longer being the primary educators in law, no private property for us plebs, and no opportunity to work ones way out of poverty,that sort of thing.Plus, the denial of the right to freedom of worship!

As I said above, I grew up in 60s and 70s England, under mainly Labour governments. My Irish immigrant parents, who’d grown up literally half-starved, were able to get on the property ladder, my dad set up on his own, we had great healthcare that was free at the point of delivery, we were far from rich and my mum had to count every penny she spent, but their lives were considerably improved upon their childhoods, thanks to Harold Wilson and his policies. I thought life would continue to improve for those of us in and from working-class families but it ain’t worked out like that, has it? I think that old benign, moderate socialism has gone because it gave us plebs notions of ourselves and we began to think we too deserved to have decent standards of living! Can’t have that now, can we? No , the left abandoned the working class a long time ago and it’s not really socialism. Driving us onto state benefits such as this Universal Basic Income, because they’ve stolen all opportunities to work one’s way out of poverty and to buy a house are not the same thing as instituting a Welfare State as a safety net for when people fall on hard times. The latter is a kindness and as a Christian, I welcome it as a form of charity to the poor and I’ve had to avail of it myself. The former is the well-known tactic of abusers known as “fostering dependency” in the victim!

Oh yes, and open borders to make it easier for them to carry on the slave trade! That’s what the borders are open for, especially now seeing as the rest of us have been shoved back in our boxes and told we can’t go more than 5KM from home (in Ireland anyway!) yet 1000S COME INTO OUR AIRPORTS AND FERRY PORTS EVERY DAY! The big-wigs can go wherever they want as well! Sure there’s even more money being made from human trafficking than from drugs these days and we all know the big-wigs are up to their eyeballs in that particular malarkey! Slaves are the new heroin and cocaine!

1928 was the date Propaganda by Edward Bernays (nephew of Freud and uncle to Netflix CEO) was published.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, and our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.” Page ONE of that book.

Law of Attraction 101: what you focus on you attract ’cause you end up creating ( materializing) what you believe in (feel).

As absurdly simple and redundant as it sounds, it’s an universal truth much more powerful than anyone could possibly believe: the harnessing of °mental° and *emotional* forces to get what you want.

They already *feel* like they’ve won, like it’s a fact this circus is happening and that there’s no turning back. They already have the logistics on lock as well, aggressively °focusing° on advancing their plans.

The missing link? “Feeling powerless is exactly how they want you to feel, like they have already won”. Indeed, the moment everyone and their mothers buys into their charade the work is finally done and the game is over.

They need you to feel and believe the things they want to do in order for them to finally materialize and come to life. It takes two to tango.

No matter how much MKUltra, brainwash and mind control they apply, they know they can’t actually control your heart (feelings) and mind (beliefs); they can only confuse you and try to sway your will towards them.

So y’all -DO- have the last word when it comes to this: feel fearful and defeated and rely on a supposed savior or second coming (that you KNOW damn well ain’t hppening) or just do nothing at all – and lose the game (YOUR LIFE!)…

OR… take back control of your emotions, be positive, mindful and hopeful (even if it feels impossible, do make an effort!) and direct your focus towards what’s important and drain the power of the system: don’t consume media like movies, music and such or at least pirate it (so they don’t earn money from it), buy only that which you need and try to buy or support as little as possible any big chain and multinational brands/corps, support small business, and OF COURSE, comply as LITTLE as you possibly can and get ready for an eventual showdown (they won’t give in without a fight and you know it).

Make or Break the choice is YOURS and ONLY YOURS.
But what you choose to do individually will ultimately save or condemn EVERYONE.
We TRULY are all in this together!

So are you gonna stay there overdosing on blue pills ’till you finally choke or what?

Don’t fret over a future that does not exist. Don’t focus on bad things that could happen because that’s exactly what the matrix will throw your way.

Absolutely. What sort of Extinction Level Event do you think is being covered up? I’d like to know more.

It’s going to be a FALSE FLAG Alien Invasion. Just like with 9/11 where the fear, terror, is so great that we freely give up our personal rights and constitutional rights for their “Protection” and “Safety”. We gave Bush and the CIA the rights to spy on us and surveil our phone calls and all our personal data in the Freedom of Information Act in the name of Stopping Terrorists from invading our country and our neighborhoods. Remember Edward Snowden? Right before the election this last year it came on that Trump was definitely Declassifying all the UFO files past and present His secretary announced it on one of her daily briefings and then with all the election fraud and chaos that ensued we never heard about it again. They create the chaos but their protocol (Hegelian Dialectic), is we have to ask for their fix or protection. They say we are so stupid that we’ll fall for it and beg them to usher in communism and slavery for protection from the horrible Aliens that we have absolutely no experience in how to handle.

whole video was about *Ordo ab Chao Luciferian-NWO*

“the right people in the right place at the right time”.
It reminds me of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World:
” The fetuses undergo different treatments depending on their castes. Oxygen deprivation and alcohol treatment ensure the lower intelligence and smaller size of members of the three lower castes. Fetuses destined for work in the tropical climate are heat conditioned as embryos; during childhood, they undergo further conditioning to produce adults that are emotionally and physically suited to hot climates. The artificial process, says the Director, aims to make individuals accept and even like “their inescapable social destiny.””

Capitalism always tends towards monopoly. This consolidation of wealth in the hands of a few isn’t just an economic danger it’s a direct threat to democracy and freedom. The wholesale degregulation of the markets was a massive mistake, checks and balances are needed are needed to prevent the abuse of power.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. Like… death to capitalism as it is wouldn’t even be that bad lol. It’s just the fact that the elite’s replacement plan would probably be some super dystopian s--t that would lack freedom of speech, owning property, etc. 

Off-topic here, but VC have you ever made an article about the Illuminati card game by Steve Jackson? If you haven’t, it’d be interesting if you would touch on the topic considering the game seems to be suspiciously predicting the future based on the visuals/images on their cards. From 9/11, oil spillage, the Boston bombing, moon landing, Hollywood, Lady Di, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, to the current pandemic and quarantine etc, seems like A LOT of major global events are mentioned by the game long before they even take place IRL. Even though the game has existed since the 80s, strangely there are very few articles/videos about it online. Even if there are, they are usually very short and they only cover a few selective cards and not the whole card set. I hardly come across any sites/videos that try to analyze the game deeply in lengthy details. Perhaps by understanding the game and paying close attention to the cards, we can also tell what happens next.

I don’t want to fear monger, but there is a card in the pack called “flesh eating bacteria” and I am wondering if Covid was a cover to get everything in place for the real virus. Getting all the camps set up, quarantine facilities in place, various legislation and policies created regarding those deemed “public health threats”, the push for vaccines etc. Killing people by bombs or even “natural” disasters doesn’t really make sense as they also destroy the land, whereas a virus, a real virus, could take care of it while leaving the land intact. It would also enable them to vaccinate everyone with the DNA altering poison as the survivors would be begging for it, and thankful to live as slaves dependent on the state. Obviously this is all just speculation, but it is interesting that Bill Gates is spending tens of millions of dollars on underground bunkers. When one of the richest people in the world, obsessed with pandemics, is spending his own money to build underground bunkers with “decontamination rooms” it’s a little concerning.

They need to do this obvious gaslighting this late in the game because that way they’re disarming it and low conscious people will say to themselves: see, look, it’s obviously not a conspiracy. In one scene in South Park they literally tell you how 911 was pulled off (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXvZ3jSxqm8) and thus it’s disarmed. Same as the QAnon movement was used to paint a bullseye on the targets of people actually researching and caring about what the hell is happening in their land and the world. They know what they’re doing and through the combination of all the data from Google search engines, Gmaps, you mail, your orders and amazon, your school grades, your p--n, your comments and likes/dislikes etc., they use super computers to crunch the data using SIM versions of every man, woman and child. There is a digital you than can be built from all the info about everything you’ve ever done online and extrapolating the data from it. That SIM version actually is pretty much you from the standpoint of the system and in some ways they can know more about the individual than even he about himself. That, coupled with all the other data and actual power levers of which the general population knows nothing about, gives them the arrogance that they can do whatever they want and now it’s just breaching out into the open. The polls for example are there just to influence you, they don’t need the polls this late in the game, are you kidding me? Especially on a population of hundreds of millions or billions asking 63 people in some neighborhood what they think is completely irrelevant, except as a tool for the article. The real poll machine is constantly in your pocket and it’s even sending the barometer data of pressure around you, where are you, who is with you, etc., in preparation for insertion soon.

It’s interesting how you mention about the movie They Live here. There’s this particular scene in the movie where a politician (who is in reality an alien who poses as human that is part of the “Elite”) gives a speech during a party where he mentions something along the line: “Our projections show that by the year 2025, not only America but the entire planet will be under the protection and the dominion of this power alliance.” Back then this speech would fly under everyone’s radar. But now, one cannot simply overlook these foretelling words. Can you imagine what will actually happen in 2025??? Is this movie actually a prophecy of the future??? Will the Elite finally get hold of the whole world under their palms by 2025??? I’m scared just to think about it.

What we are witnessing now is Bible prophecy unfolding before our eyes. This is stage setting for what God said would happen over 2,000 years ago. A new world order. Basically they’re unknowingly preparing the stage for the antichrist and the new world order he will rule. So as I mentioned earlier. Ask God to forgive you for your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

but we, the mass have the power 🙂 buy only bio (eco, whatever it is called) products, cut the expenses (no toxic shower gels, shampoos (use hand-crafted soap) toothpaste (yes, you can even do it for yourself), use non-toxic cleaning products (vinegar or cooking soda is enough). don’t buy things in big stores, buy directly from producers. cook for yourself, from basic ingredients, drink real spring-water. and these tips are only the beginning on the road what we all can do 🙂

Did you see Bill Gates’s new video: https://twitter.com/BillGates/status/1356374923078369281

Go to 1:24 in the video when he talks about the Infectious Disease Responders he wants to set up world wide. He compares them to fire fighters who would respond to any outbreak of the disease world wide. The figurines he is using in the video look similar to the soldiers in the Denver Airport murals.

It’s already here and it’s already happening right now. They are implementing their plan & i live in a big city. The bank i have an account with has systematically closed the 4 closest branches to where i live , within the past 4 months…1 at a time. Now i’m going to the 5th closest branch because i always take my paychecks and get them cashed. You would think having the 4 closest branch locations shut down, that the 5th location would be packed but it wasn’t. 3 people were in line. What this suggests to me is that the elite are slowly going to make this a cashless society….their already experimenting in several countries where alot of medium and small towns have “0” banks. Every week, a employee of one of the banks drives her popup van to all the towns that have no banks and it looks like a food truck except it’s a bank on wheels. It has an ATM and people can write checks or get cash & a few small businesses in the towns will take checks and give their customers cash but they let u know, they are not a bank & you have to buy something if you are needing cash. When we become a cashless society, that’s when we can expect to have all our rights and privacy taken away…..we don’t have any control over the data we generate right now & so our data is sold and we don’t get a dime or see any compensation whatsoever and we never will because almost everyone right now uses cell phones, computers, internet & we are being tracked whether we agree to it or not. At most fast food restaurants where i live,….about 3 months ago, a sign is posted that says please use correct change if paying in cash because of the national change shortage which i have yet to hear about in the news. The elite are rolling out their plan whether we like it or not and their is nothing anyone can do about it. Most of the few people who are awoke are outtraged & they talk about one of the elites giving up their mansions and land first before they ever give up what they own but it won’t be for us to decide anymore. The great reset is here & they are going to implement all kinds of point systems and scores which will penalyze us if we break their rules. No telling what fines we will have to pay for breaking their rules & you have to comply , I’ve seen “0” comments about any kind of plan of action against the great reset…all i see are comments that offer “0′ solutions on how we will stop this. The overwhelming majority of people STILL are not awoke & try telling them about the great reset & what the elites plan is and it’s like talking to a brick wall. Most people don’t get it, Most people are wearing masks, if u aren’t….you’ll be asked to leave a business. Most people have heard the vaccine is available and they are doing exactly what the President is telling them to do without any questions…. Here where i live, over 500,000 people have signed up to get the vaccine when it becomes available….that is approximately 10% of this city’s population. It would be higher but they didn’t expect such an overwhelming response and their call center couldn’t handle the overload so most people didn’t get thru or get signed up. It’s like a bunch of blind sheep , being herded into one gated field and all of them are doing it no questions asked.

Life Cycle of a Democracy

About the time our original thirteen states adopted their new constitution in 1787, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years earlier: A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.

A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the people will always vote for those who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, those nations always progressed through the following sequence:

1. From bondage to spiritual faith;
2. From spiritual faith to great courage;
3. From courage to liberty;
4. From liberty to abundance;
5. From abundance to complacency;
6. From complacency to apathy;
7. From apathy to dependence;
8. From dependence back into bondage.

With the country moving in the direction of every career politician wanting to give away everything for nothing, please realize what is at stake. I ask you not to tire, but fight on and believe that we can stop and reverse the cycle. Most of all, please remember that apathy is the greatest threat to our democracy. Freedom and Liberty are virtues that are to be protected at all cost. Once you surrender Liberty or Freedom for Dependence you have enslaved yourself and your children to a life of hardship and fear that leads to tyranny. Choose this day what is most important to you and your children. Your vote for City Council, State Representative, US Congress, Judge, and President matters more than ever.

Scary as heck that they put it right out in the open now. Mocking the “conspiracy” while carrying it out!

Very well said. Its like they were thinking: hey can you imagine what Stalin would have done if he had the technology we have today? And voila here we are today. Unbelievable. Why isnt mass media talking about this? I know a guy who is been talking about this for months, hes already been banned on youtube, you can only find him on Bitchute or other platforms. Its only been 30 years since communism fell in Eastern Europe. Did we forget all the atrocities that were commited by the totalitarian regimes that we want to go back to that?! I tought we were suppose to learn from history not repeat it. The technocrats are educated? So what? Education means nothing without all the other traits that defines you as a human being like empathy, morals and conscience, which these people seem to lack since they built their fortune on other peoples pain and suffering. I really hope they pay for what they are doing if not in this life maybe in the next one. I keep on waiting for people to wake up but dont see that happening anytime soon. Just read a book about a pandemic from 2019 and how would Trump and Hilary handle it, it doesnt say their names but you could totally tell. I was like wow, this is how books are going to be from now on. Just blatant propaganda.

Read this letter from Ida Auken on WEF’s website has been removed but can be found on the wayback machines. It explains the global elite's agenda for 2030. 



“Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city – or should I say, “our city”. I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes…It might seem odd to you, but it makes perfect sense for us…In our city we don’t pay any rent, because someone else is using our free space whenever we do not need it. My living room is used for business meetings when I am not there…Shopping? I can’t really remember what that is. For most of us, it has been turned into choosing things to use…My biggest concern is all the people who do not live in our city. Those we lost on the way. Those who decided that it became too much, all this technology. Those who felt obsolete and useless when robots and AI took over big parts of our jobs. Those who got upset with the political system and turned against it…Once in awhile I get annoyed about the fact that I have no real privacy. No where I can go and not be registered. I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it against me.”

Now they think the populace is “tenderised” enough, they’re going to put us under the grill and cook us! This is about populations reduction and enslavement of the poor souls who are left. These people are Luciferians, and worship Satan and their father’s work they certainly are doing. May God rebuke them and He will intervene before too long I suspect, because what they’re doing is so offensive to Him.

Neuro Linguistic Programming : NLP tries to detect and modify unconscious biases or limitations of an individual’s map of the world. NLP is not hypnotherapy. Instead, it operates through the conscious use of language to bring about changes in someone’s thoughts and behavior.
It is a form of hypnosis. That is what the video is for. They. Constantly use NLP against us.

“And that’s all about getting the right people in the right place at the right time”.
That means that the communist one world government will give everybody, individually, the opportunity to contractually agree to give all of their possessions, bank accounts, and identity to the one world government in exchange for supposed support from the one world government: all for one (one world government), one (individual) for all. If you see celebrities holding up one finger then it symbolized one for all, all for one. You can either sell your soul that includes everything about you to the one world government or you will not be able to trade, buy or sell, with the one world government. It will be spiritual, mental and physical prostitution; the selling of oneself to the government. Think Kardashians on a global scale.

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