January 1, 2010

Sowing the Seeds for World War III

Gerald Celente on 2010: ‘High Probability of Wild Card Terror Strikes’

By Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan
December 30, 2009

For a couple of months now, we have been alerting our readers to forecasts from Gerald Celente regarding 2010 and terrorism.

In the year 2000, Celente predicted that, in the following year, Americans would not be safe at home or abroad. This year, he is forecasting something very similar, and has even suggested that terrorism in the Middle East, especially in Pakistan and around oil pipelines, may sew the seeds for World War III.

This past week proved that Mr. Celente has a keen understanding of what is going on around the world. As Mr. Celente says, current events form future future trends.

Gerald Celente discusses “Terror 2010″ in more detail in a December 30, 2009, Trend Alert:

“Terrorism has evolved. Big-time terror is becoming more self-radicalizing. They don’t need an organized movement such as Al Qaeda or a leader like bin Laden to wreak havoc.

A whole generation of Muslims — enraged by US occupations, Predator drone strikes on their sovereign nations, ongoing civilian deaths, and belligerent US foreign policy initiatives — is preparing to do unto others as others have been doing unto them.

Celente said the Nigerian-born terrorist, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to bring down Northwest Flight 253, demonstrates the scope, capabilities and global reach of the terror spectrum: the lone-wolf, the professionally trained but unaffiliated, and the organized terror groups and cells. Thus, even if the explosives and training came from Yemen-based al Quaeda, the inspiration to suicide-bomb the airplane could have been self-initiated rather than an instance of an obedient soldier following orders.

The outrage is not confined to any specific demographic, stereotype or profile. It ranges from the well-educated and well-off, Abdulmutallab, son of a banker who lived in a three-million dollar London apartment, to the poor and oppressed.

As Celente forecast in the Top Trends of 2010 issue of the Trends Journal®, “There’s a high probability of wild-card terror strikes with the potential to cripple the global economy.”

Oil spikes, market crashes and financial panic will ensue should an attack of 9/11 scale hit the US or any major oil producer. “The cross-border fighting between Saudi Arabia and the Yemeni Houthi rebels is precisely the type of conflict that could destabilize world oil markets. Should the fighting intensify, the Saudi’s risk an attack upon their oil facilities, which could curtail supplies, drive prices higher and seriously damage the already imperiled world economy,” said Celente.

In a previous Alert, Celente advised subscribers to be vigilant and prepared for anything in the coming months and years:
War, terror and calamity are not set to time clocks. Anything can happen, anywhere, at anytime. Prepare for the unexpected. It is the close-combat state of mind.
It is because of this uncertainty that we urge our readers to prepare for a disaster or emergency. Whether you are prepping for the long term, or simply have a short-term reserve of essential goods like water, food and reserve cash, you’ll be much better off than those who simply shunned the idea as looney and took no steps whatsoever.

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