February 8, 2009

One World Religion: Worshiping the Creation Not the Creator

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation: Setting Up the World for the Harlot Woman on the Beast

By Don Koenig, The Prophetic Years
June 2, 2009

I was not going to write about Tony Blair’s kick off speech to his new Faith Foundation because I did not want to rain on this social effort [but to] just look at the end-time implications.

As you can see, I changed my mind. While I was out cutting grass half the day, I got an email asking for me to do a radio interview on the one-world church implications of this (from a very well known conservative Christian organization). When I came back in and answered the email, it probably was too late for the show anyway. I am not a great one for doing interviews because I like to think about what I am saying before I say it. When I talk, my mouth does not usually allow my brain to do that. My brain still runs on a single processor. When I combine talking and thinking it never comes out the way I would have wished. I also highly suspected that they were really trying to get a radio interview with Bill Koenig, since he does the speaking circuits. This mix up has happened before since there are two Koenigs in the Bible-prophecy field.

The other reason I decided to write this article is that after thinking about it, this foundation could be the most significant political creation in history, [and one] that will move the world toward a pluralist-tolerant-all-faiths mentality. In other words, this may be the actual start of putting together the harlot woman who rides the end-time Beast Antichrist world system into power (Revelation 17:17).

With that in mind, let’s looks at Tony Blair’s speech. Also be mindful that Tony Blair has just converted to Roman Catholicism, and although his faith in the Roman Church may be real, he is going to use this Catholic platform to bring in globalism through religion.

The foundation will concern itself with six leading faiths: Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jewish, which are the major religious influences in the world today. Tony thinks as globalism goes forward and national boundaries are broken down, the glue that will hold mankind together to solve the global problems will be religion. He equates religion with faith, but it is not.

He says religion provides a common basis of values and beliefs for people to get along together. Obviously he is not talking about religions as they are today. He is talking about some idealist unified religion that only exists in his thoughts of what religion could become if everyone would just agree that everyone is right.

He says his foundation wants to show faith in action. That sounds wonderful, but faith in action is different things to different people. Is faith in action doing social good works or is it proclaiming the gospel with those social good works? In Blair’s faith-in-action scheme, preaching Christianity would not be allowed.

Tony also wants everyone to know what other religions believe, and he thinks this will make them comfortable with other religions. Obviously he thinks we all really just have a different way to the same God, and we just have to learn that so we can get along.

I fully know about the beliefs of some of these other religions, and it just makes me more uncomfortable because their way to God is not the way that Jesus said was the only way to God. I would have to give up my Christian beliefs to think that these others religions are on a path to God. My faith says that without Jesus Christ they are doomed.

No greater understanding of their man-made religions with their man-made gods is going to make me accept religions where man is justified by his own good works. How does fully understanding Islam change the lies in Islam? Or how does fully understanding the Hindu worship of millions of gods change my view of that damnable pagan practice, etc.

The course Tony Blair wants designed in universities is called “Faith and Globalisation.” Well, we know that globalisation is what Tony Blair wants, but most people in the world do not want globalisation. Elitists like Blair want it so that they can totally manage our lives, and it’s prophetic that he intends to do it through a unification of the religions.

Another avenue they plan to take is education through the mass media. You might call this mass brainwashing because that is what it will really be. Pretty soon “Faith and Globalisation” will be played side by side with Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” to continue the brainwashing of everyone in the world.

Tony Blair, in his speech, equates religious differences with race and gender differences as if education about skin color or sex is no different than education about religion. I have news - race problems are not usually about skin color at all - it is mostly about cultural differences. Do you see the world's ethnic groups becoming closer because they are now educated in race relations? That is ridiculous.

There is more ethnic hatred now than there was before the education programs. It will be worse with religion. Learning about someone else’s religion is not going to bridge the gap between the huge differences - it will just make more people aware of the reasons why they hate those in other religions.

I think the social works they are planning to do are commendable, but social works are not going to save the world. If they can use religion to help people socially, fine, but this is what humans should be doing regardless.

Blair wants to expand the Abraham house in London to include those of other beliefs. I am not sure what the point of this is. Mixing God’s word with doctrines of demons is not going to produce a hybrid unless it looks like the devil.

The most troubling part of Blair’s speech is his stand against all extremism. Well Mr. Blair, true Christianity is an extreme religion. It claims that the only way to God is through His Son Jesus Christ. So this form of Christianity is sure to go on the interfaith chopping block.

I am sure Blair would love everyone to keep their rituals so they can pretend that they are doing something spiritual and holy, like many Catholics. He also says that extremists in Islam are a perversion of that faith. In fact, the extremists are the only ones that are keeping the true teachings of Islam.

So in other words, Blair wants to modify all religions to appease all other religions - he does not call that watering it down. Call it what you want, Mr. Blair, but it is really taking out from your religion what offends me, and [if you take out from your religion what offends me] then I will take out [from my religion] what offends you. I can see it now, a long on-going summit of religions to bargain away their passages.

Jesus did not say that Christiantiy would unify faiths; he said:
“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword... For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household” (Matthew 10:24, 35-36).
Christianity is a radical religion, which is why millions have given up their lives to get out the message of salvation to the world. Now they want modern Christians to just forget about that divine commission and instead promote a gospel of "can’t we all get along?"

Faith in Christ is supposed to pull people apart: believers are leaving the world and becoming new creations. Blair says that this is destructive and dangerous. Well maybe from the world’s point of view it is, but we are not of this world, and this is why people who want to build their own utopia right here and now, without the Lordship of Jesus on earth, really hate our message.

Well, guess who is on the advisory counsel of Blair’s foundation? None other than Rick and Kay Warren, who show up in all the CFR worldly places. I guess that should not surprise anyone these days.

Sayyid Syeed, a veteran of interfaith outreach, said it is possible to find common ground without watering down religious teachings if the work is based on sound scholarship about each faith. I guess Sayyid really means scholarship from liberals who do not take the text literally anyway.

So that is the Blair Witch Project. So where is this all heading?

I think this will continue to grow among the liberals and the postmodern emerging Christians who want a pluralistc soft dominionism, but I do not think it will catch fire until after the world religious wars. This is just setting the foundation for the real interfaith program that will become a mandatory worldwide program after those wars. At that point, everyone will be brainwashed into believing that a interfaith solution is the only answer for world peace.

After the religious wars, governments will be so afraid of new religious wars that they will outlaw all speech that is offensive to any other religion. As a Christian, this will mean that you cannot say that Jesus is the only way to God. You will also not be able to talk about a coming judgment or a physical second coming of Jesus. Saying these things will be breaking the law; and if you do [say these things], they will either send you to a brainwashing camp or you will be put in prison as a danger to world peace.

The Roman Church will speak for the interfaith religion. By the way, she already has a seat at the UN and has embassies in many countries. This interfaith harlot will be the woman that rides the Beast of Revelation. She will help bring the Beast world system into power; but when the Antichrist figure arrives on the scene, he will turn on this harlot and burn her with fire. And that is the fate of Rick Warren’s Global Peace Plan. The Antichrist that arises will claim to be above anything called God, and he will demand that everyone in the world worship him.

Seeing the foundation for globalism and interfaith religion is being set up now, you can be fairly certain that the rest will follow shortly.

Tony Blair and Yale's 'Faith and Globalization Initiative'

Globalisation is a force that pulls people together; and if religion is a force that pulls people apart, then it’s a threat to the 21st century.” - Tony Blair, September 20, 2008

By Chris Perver, Prophecy in the News
September 20, 2008

On September 20, 2008, Tony Blair addressed Yale students on the issues of faith and globalization today, as part of a new initiative organized by Yale's School of Divinity and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation project

The first class was chaired by the former British Prime Minister and the Yale President Richard Levin, and marks the launch of the three year 'Faith and Globalization Initiative', which aims to promote understanding between world religions and aid the process of globalization. Blair, who recently converted from Protestantism to his wife's religion of Catholicism, remarked that religion was a double-edged sword which could be used to cause either harm or healing. He said that proper spiritual faith could enhance the process of globalization, but religious division could equally tear it apart.

Blair, 55, who recently became a Catholic, told the students that those without faith are not lesser people in his eyes:
"Many great leaders have led without faith," he said. But it is important to realize that religion matters to people in this world... And understanding people's faith can make globalization work — and help bring about peace and end such long-standing clashes as those between the Israelis and the Palestinians."
Blair is currently working in the Middle East as a representative of the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, and Russia, helping the Palestinians prepare for statehood as part of the world's efforts to secure peace in that region:
I am convinced that the majority of Israelis and the majority of Palestinians want a two-state solution. It's just that they've given up hope of getting it. But they want it and that's important, so it means that there is a desire there for peace."
As I have commented before, there are three things that stand in the way of the process of globalization: politics, economics and religion.

As we have seen this past week, the world is largely unified when it comes to the issue of economics. With our global stock markets, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and other such organizations, it is easy to see how we are quickly becoming interdependent. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently called for a complete shake-up of the world economic order, which would help prevent a repeat of the financial crises that we have witnessed this past number of weeks. Many regional blocs, such as the ASEAN and GCC, are also considering adopting a single currency similar to that of the European Union.

When it comes to politics, it is also easy to see how the world is becoming more unified in this regard. This past year we have witnessed the birth of the Union for the Mediterranean. Other regional blocs, such as the European Union, the North American Union, the African Union, the Asia Pacific Union, the ASEAN Economic Community, the Gulf Cooperation Council, are still in the process of increasing their powers.

The world is becoming more and more politically unified, so that leaves just one main obstacle to the globalization process - religion. And the world could not be more religiously divided. There is only one force that can unify people of different languages, cultures and traditions, and that is religion.

Throughout the history of the world, politicians have tried to unify people through religion. Whether it was the Roman Emperors, who demanded that their citizens worship them as God, the Catholic Church (which murdered believers throughout the centuries), the Church of England (which once imprisoned those who preached the gospel), or the Communists (who set themselves above every god), religion is unifying force. And Tony Blair's Faith Foundation is the realization of this.

The Bible states that the three obstacles to the process of globalization will be removed sooner or later:
  1. In Revelation 13:16-18, we have a one world monetary system called the "Mark of the Beast," and those who refuse to take the "mark" in their right hand or forehead will be unable to buy or sell.
  2. In Revelation 13:2-4, we have a one world government, headed by a man to whom Satan will give great power and authority.
  3. And in Revelation 13:11-15, we have a one-world false religious system, headed by a man that Satan will enable to perform all manner of lying wonders to deceive the people of earth into worshipping a false Christ.

As you can see, there is time of great deception ahead. Christians are called to be subject to governments, for their power is ordained of God (Romans 13). And it's not that we are against the process of globalization either. As in the days of the Roman Empire, globalization can be used for the proclamation of the gospel. But we are against the one who is behind this whole world system, which is Satan himself (2nd Corinthians 4:4).

Will you end up becoming part of this one world religious system? Though it appears to have a morality about it, it has been condemned by God. For the Bible states that all our righteousness is as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6), and that the only way to God is through faith in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

Will you end up becoming part of this one world economic system? Jesus Christ said, "Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also" (Matthew 6:20-21).

Will you end up becoming part of this one world political system? The Bible states, "Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end", Isaiah 9:7.

True peace can only come through the Prince of Peace, which is Jesus Christ. He died on the cross for your sins so that you might know peace with God (Colossians 1:20). Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation today.

Tony Blair: Whose ‘Poodle’ Is He Now?

By Cecil Andrews, Take Heed Industries

While no serving British Prime Minister has ever been a Catholic, the nearest thing was Blair's attendance with his Catholic wife and children.

On 8th December 2007 the Irish Times carried an article titled "The Converter" and it began with these words: "If Tony Blair becomes a Catholic this month, he will be the latest high-profile convert to have Father Michael Seed as his spiritual adviser."

"We call him the Scarlet Pimpernel" chuckles one of the nuns who helps to run the beating heart of British Catholicism, Westminster Cathedral... Father Seed's "string of celebrity scalps"… is impressive. The Conservative MPs John Gummer and Ann Widdecombe are among those he prepared to become Catholics, and he is reported to have converted the former MP, Alan Clark [he of the infamous "Diaries"] on his deathbed… the list of famous names who have contributed to his books… includes Hillary Clinton, the Duchess of Kent [a Royal convert to Roman Catholicism] Jilly Cooper, Sean Connery, John le Carre and the Dalai Lama…

Unsurprisingly Father Seed remains tight-lipped on the subject of Blair… Clearly this Roman Catholic priest has been spectacularly successful in sowing "the seeds" of Roman Catholicism in the corridors of political power at Westminster.

The predicted conversion of Tony Blair to Roman Catholicism officially occurred on Friday evening, December 21, 2007.

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