August 4, 2009

Sustainable Development: The Communist Agenda for the 21st Century

Transforming America: Sustainable Development

• The Destruction of Your Rights
• Creating Crisis, Shortage and a Police State

By Freedom Advocates
Originally Published in 2003, Revised in 2005

Abundance Ecology

Achieving Abundance Ecology requires a direct relationship between man and the land, Abundance Ecologist Michael Shaw said in a presentation to the Davis Mountains Trans-Pecos Heritage Association annual meeting and conference in Alpine Texas in May 2003. Shaw speaks from experience. Shaw has received acclaim for creating an ecological oasis from a weedy 75 acre parcel on the central coast of California – what he calls “Liberty Garden.”

“To release the potential productivity and diversity of a landscape, an owner must be free to engage in rigorous disturbance, and free to pursue a reasoned and creative process of trial and error. This process would be suited to the choice of each individual and the uniqueness of each property,” Shaw said. The attached article includes key excerpts from Shaw’s presentation to the Davis Mountains Trans-Pecos Heritage Association.

Shortage Ecology

“Sustainable Development” is the current buzz term that represents the efforts to eliminate private property in America and to control and limit human action.

Sustainable Development is a synonym for “shortage ecology.” The philosophy behind the creation of a shortage ecology underlies the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The Endangered Species Act is the foundation of the land-use element of Sustainable Development.

The ESA is based on international treaties and is rooted in the Precautionary Principle, which abandons the legal standard that presumes innocence. Since the ESA puts the government in control of plants, the ideals of private property are destroyed, natural resource shortages arise, and natural calamities—such as devastating forest fires—increase.

Political Theory

George Washington was right when he said: “Private property and freedom are inseparable.”

Private property, after all, begins with our physical person, extends to our thoughts, proceeds as our expression, becomes our action, and results in something we create or obtain. If an agent of force denies an individual the use of property, including land, that individual is also denied the liberty necessary to advance his or her own life. When the use of one’s property and one’s liberty has been squelched by big government, human life has been trampled.

Political theory probes the question, “Who decides…?” To answer this question, it is helpful to examine the philosophy underlying the treatment of property. Immediately, a contrast is seen between the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America and the Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations (U.N.).

Unalienable Rights

Under the American system, individuals decide and direct the terms of their lives. The application of political theory that respects each individual is premised on the idea that man’s rights are unalienable, that each person is independent, and that justice must be dispensed equally.

The political theory of Liberty presupposes that an individual’s rights are inherent to, or imbued within, an individual’s nature; from this, it follows that the individual has a natural right to his or her life, liberty, and property.

Granted Rights

The political theory behind contemporary political globalism answers the question quite differently. Under the Declaration of Human Rights, the permission to have and use property is obtained by way of government grant. This is because people grant “human rights” and, as such, people can take them away.

This idea can be illustrated using the so-called “fish land” ordinance that has been adopted by central California coastal counties. Under this ordinance, much of the coastal mountain ranges are dedicated as fish land. This land, by decree of ecology planners, is to be set aside to meet the interests of fish. It extends the fish land zone from the streamline halfway to the ridge-top. The ordinance states, “Inappropriate development [within the zone] shall be decommissioned.”

The U.N. Declaration of Human Rights states: “Property shall not be arbitrarily taken.” However, since a central authority has already decided that human relocation is not “arbitrary” under the fish land set of circumstances, then no violation can be claimed. By contrast, the standards of the American Constitution strictly limit government taking of property, requiring both a public use and just compensation. In 2005 the United States Supreme Court in several key decisions dramatically undermined the American ideal of an unalienable right to the use and enjoyment of one’s property.

Social Justice

A system of human rights operates in concert with the pursuit of “social justice,” which can be defined as law formulated to obtain government’s social objectives at the expense of individual liberty. The California fish land ordinance exemplifies the application of social justice.

Equal Justice

The Judicial system that protects individual rights is based on the principle of freedom called “equal justice.” Equal justice supports true diversity - a respect for the independence and unalienable rights of the individual and genuine tolerance for individuality. Equal justice puts a checkmate on mob rule.

The Nature of Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development has three components: global land use, global education, and global population control and reduction. The international focus for Sustainable Development is the United States. This is because America is the only country in the world based on the ideals of private property. Private property is incompatible with the collectivist premise of Sustainable Development.

United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 21

The United Nations website verifies that the
U.N. Agenda 21 action plan is Sustainable Development. Sustainable Development works to abolish private property in order to manufacture natural resource shortages and other alarms in order to facilitate governmental control over all resources and, ultimately, over all human action. So-called public/private partnerships are the major tool used to accomplish this objective.

What makes the United States of America unique is that this is the only country in the history of the world where management of the natural resources is under citizen control. Everything that city residents obtain originates from the natural resources that come from rural lands. If public/private partnerships achieve control over natural resources, urban citizens are doomed.

Canadian oil billionaire Maurice Strong, Secretary General at the Rio de Janeiro United Nations 1992 Conference on Environment and Development, expressed the goal of Sustainable Development by declaring a partial list of what is not sustainable:
“...current life-styles and consumption patterns of the affluent middleclass [e.g. Americans]—involving high meat intake [e.g. cattle production], use of fossil fuels [e.g. air and auto travel, industrial and consumer products], appliances [e.g. refrigeration] home and work air-conditioning and suburban housing are not sustainable.”
Sustainable Development is Non-Partisan

The implementation of Sustainable Development is not a dynamic of Republican vs. Democrat, liberal vs. conservative, or left vs. right. Rather, it is completely nonpartisan. The looming battle of ideas should be recognized as the classic—and perhaps ultimate—battle between Liberty and Tyranny.

When George H.W. Bush signed the Rio Accords at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, he opened the path for the United States to implement U.N. Sustainable Development Agenda 21. When Bill Clinton created the President’s Council for Sustainable Development by Executive Order in 1993, he laid the foundation for a proliferation of intermediate and local councils that would set out to alter radically the structure of government in the United States. These councils operate under many different names. Today, under George W. Bush, Sustainable Development policy has swarmed every county in the country.

Funding Agenda 21

The list of money sources paying for the implementation of U.N. Sustainable Development Agenda 21 is impressive. American taxes fund the federal agencies’ present focus: implementing Sustainable Development.

Over 2,000 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are accredited by the United Nations, most exist for the purpose of implementing Sustainable Development in America. They receive massive tax advantages under the IRS code. Some of these NGOs are the Nature Conservancy, the Sierra Club, the National Audubon Society, the American Planning Association, and the National Teachers Association.

The third leg of the Sustainable Development money power elite are certain aristocratic tax-advantaged foundations. These include the Rockefeller Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, the Turner Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, the McArthur Foundation, and numerous local Community Foundations and Land Trusts.

Sustainable Development Action Plans

Sustainable Development addresses land use through two action plans.
  1. The Wildlands Project
    The Wildlands Project is the plan to eliminate human presence on over 50 percent of the American landscape and to heavily control human activity on most of the rest of American land.

    Examples of the piece-by-piece implementation of the Wildlands Project include road closings, dam-busting and water grabbing policies, and the adoption of United Nations Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites. Areas that have become Biosphere Reserves and Heritage sites are systematically being closed even to recreational use.

    The most significant tools of the Wildlands Project are the rapidly expanding impositions of habitat “protection” provisions in the Endangered Species Act, various “conservation easements,” and direct land acquisitions from battered “willing sellers.”
  2. Smart Growth
    Smart Growth will increasingly herd Americans into regimented and dense urban communities. Smart Growth is Sustainable Development’s ultimate solution, as it will create dense human settlements, subject to increased controls on how residents live and increased restriction on mobility. In the words of one smart growth activist: “It will be the humans in cages with the animals looking in.”

Stakeholder Consensus Councils

Agenda 21 is being implemented through the use of facilitated stakeholder consensus councils, not by vote. These councils fit almost perfectly the definition of a State Soviet: a system of councils that report to an apex council and that implement a predetermined outcome affecting a region or a neighborhood. Members of a Soviet Council are chosen by virtue of their willingness to comply with that outcome and their onemindedness with the group. State Soviets are the operating mechanism of a government-controlled economy, whether it be socialism or government-business (public-private) partnerships.

Initially Soviets seem innocuous. The police state that associates with State Soviets arise when the Soviet web is sufficiently in place.

The Three E’s of Tyranny

The symbol of Sustainable Development most frequently found in the literature of its proponents is a diagram of three connecting circles, representing three E’s.

The three E’s are:

  1. “equity,” (transformation of the system of equal justice to one of social justice)
  2. “economy” (transforming a system of free enterprise into a system of global and local public-private partnerships) and
  3. “environment,” which is intended to sugarcoat the transformation under a guise of crisis management.

Sustainable Development seeks the restructure of human nature. Like communism, it relies on a system of social justice that works to abolish private property in order to pursue the “common good.” The pursuit of a centrally determined “common good” ultimately requires the force of a police state to suppress individual freedoms.


Sustainable Development relies on Fabian economics which, like Italian fascism, relies on businesses that want the protection afforded by government’s legalized force and government that wants the power of business. Today this is called “public-private partnerships.”

Sustainable development redefines free trade to mean centralized global trade “freely” crossing national borders in order to effect an international redistribution of American financial and natural resources. NGO’s and non-profits are used as bridges to transform the system of the American economy by destroying free enterprise and abolishing private property step by step.


Sustainable Development is not about “saving” nature. It is about a revolutionary coup in America. It is about establishing global governance and abandoning the principles of Natural Law.

Sustainable Developers are committed to abolishing private property and to destroying individual liberty, equal justice, and limited government. Link by link, Sustainable Development seeks to destroy the governing authority of the United States Constitution, subvert the principles of the Declaration of Independence and turn this sovereign nation—indeed, any sovereign nation—into a globally governed “homeland” where human beings are treated as biological resources subject to “human rights.”

The politically based environmental movement provides Sustainable Developers camouflage as they work to transform the American systems of government, justice and economics.

Conditions for Global State Collectivism

A 21st century global state collective requires the satisfaction of four conditions:
  1. Imperialistic military power capable of squashing all others. If America abandons its commitment to an individual’s unalienable right to life, liberty, and property, imperialism and global governance will be in the waiting.

  2. Government control of the monetary system. This was achieved in America in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was established. The Federal Reserve is the granddaddy of public-private partnerships.

  3. Government control of the educational system. If understanding the attack on private property makes you ill, wait until you learn how the federal government is partnering with states to indoctrinate children with global government values, attitudes and beliefs. Facts and knowledge are no longer the basis for education.

  4. A state collective with control of rural lands and natural resources. This condition is why the independent ranchers in Alpine Texas and the independent farmers in the Pajaro Valley on the central coast of California are so important to the preservation of freedom in America.
Protecting Liberty Before it is Too Late

Each of us must choose between two paths:
  1. The road to liberty requires a conscious decision to defend our neighbor’s rights if we are to be secure in having a life of our own.
  2. The infrastructure for a collective tyranny is established on the back of public evasion.
What can you do to protect individual liberty and equal justice? How can individuals defend against the march of a global tyranny cloaked in the warm and fuzzy term Sustainable Development? How can we restore Liberty before it is too late?
Here is a place to start:
  1. Respect people. Understand your neighbors’ unalienable right to life, liberty, and the use and enjoyment of their property. Don’t approve the communitarian “stakeholder” premise that destroys everyone’s natural rights.

  2. Know the Declaration of Independence. Become reacquainted with the principles of our democratic Republic. Commit to securing the blessings of liberty to our posterity and to ourselves.
  3. Understand and work to eliminate harmful indoctrination programs in the current government education system. Take charge of your child’s nurturing.
  4. Advance freedom locally by:

    • Holding elected representatives directly accountable to the American Constitutional system of government that is currently being undermined with federally coordinated grants and a consensus process with predetermined outcomes.
    • Participate by investigating, researching, writing, and speaking out.
    • Monitor the corruption inherent to Sustainable Development.
    • Support freedom advocacy groups that spread the spirit of liberty and that provide information explaining Sustainable Development.
    • Communicate with others and broaden the circle of the willing so the word spreads and awareness grows; build distribution lists.
    • Work to help awaken genuine free enterprise business people and customers everywhere to the threat posed by a Sustainable transformation.
    • Reject local receipt of federal, NGO or foundation grants.
    • Do not enter into government-funded or NGO-sponsored conservation agreements and other contracts.
    • Reject your counties “comprehensive,” “community,” Smart Growth or Wildland planning.
    • Defend your land, home and business against eminent domain abuse.
    • Understand and fight political regionalism at the local level.
    • Apply yourself to liberty as you are best suited. Draw upon your goodwill to humanity. Protect for yourself and posterity a life that is one’s own.

  5. Support the repeal of the Endangered Species Act. The ESA is the primary tool used to eliminate citizen ownership and management of America’s rural lands and natural resources.
  6. Expose Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that are working to undermine the American vision or that are promoting a global political agenda contrary to the ideas of liberty.
  7. Spread the word to your friends, family and associates about the existence and nature of Sustainable Development policies and programs that threaten parenthood, private property and individual freedom.
When we prevail, people in America and in the rest of the world will be free to pursue the potential that exists within each of us. Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of liberty.

Long live freedom!

© 2003 First Edition. Sustainable Development, the Constitution, and What You Can Do.
© 2005 2nd Edition. Freedom 21 Santa Cruz. All rights reserved.

Sustainable Development, Otherwise Known as Agenda 21

By Bernie DeCastro, U.S. Senator for Florida

Ever since 1992 when the United Nations held its Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janerio, commonly referred to as the Rio Earth Summit, Sustainable Development has become a household buzzword in local, state, national and international communities. 178 nations attended this conference and President Herbert Walker Bush was the signatory for the United States.

On the surface, Sustainable Development sounds innocuous enough and seems to be inherently positive. It was defined in 1987 at the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

The U.S. Senate almost ratified Agenda 21 but at the very last moment they were made aware of the true meaning of Agenda 21, and they refused to ratify. Unfortunately, in 1993, President Bill Clinton circumvented the U.S. Senate and signed Executive Order 12852 and formed the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) and “…charged it with implementing the provisions of the un-ratified Convention and Agenda 21.” (The Wizardry of Fishery Management).

Let me quote you a couple of statements from the booklet “Understanding Sustainable Development – Agenda 21:”
At times, the political agenda embodied in Sustainable Development is implemented under other names for purposes of political expediency. J. Gary Lawrence, a planner for the city of Seattle, and advisor to the President’s Council on Sustainable Developmnent, said in 1998, that, “Participating in a U.N. advocated planning process would very likely bring out many … who would actively work to defeat any elected official … undertaking Local Agenda 21. So we will call our process something else, such as, “Comprehensive planning,” “growth management,” or “smart growth.”
The American system of government is directly tied to the institution of private property.
“Private property and freedom are inseperable.” George Washington

“Property must be secured, or liberty cannot exist.” John Adams
The Two Opposing Philosophies
The U.S. Declaration of Independence

Purpose of Government: To protect the natural or unalienable rights of each individual. “That all men are created equal, thaqt they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…”

In Short: You’re born with rights, government exist to protect them. You and the product of your labor belong to you.

The U.N. Declaration of Human Rights

Purpose of Government: Control the individual for the greater good of a global community. “Rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.”

In Short: Government grants, restricts or withdraws your rights according to its needs. You and the product of your labor belong to the community.
In closing, let me say that this entire subject of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 has as its end goals the systematic reduction of the global population growth. It is in accord with “The New World Order” that President George H.W. Bush declared, and it is ultimately a move toward global governance and the destruction of the sovereignty of America as well as all other nations.

Dr. Michael Coffman, one of the most respected and qualified environmental scientist on earth and author of “Saviors of the Earth?” concluded, after reading the 1,000-plus page U.N. Global Biodiversity Assessment and Agenda 21, that it was the most anti-human document he had ever seen.

One of the features imbedded in the document are plans to implement “The Wildlands Project.” The goal of The Wildlands Project is the removal of the rural populations and returning “at least 50 percent” of the land mass of the continental United States to “wilderness” with “little or no human use.”

Source: Range Magazine, Fall 2005

Florida is one of the states that is currently very much under the control of the Agenda 21 planners and “over time 90 percent of state lands will be under ownership of the government and managed according to U.N. Agenda 21 and Wildlands Project dictates.”

In Dr. Coffman’s analysis of The Wildlands Project, he states that:

To carry out the objectives of this plan “means…forcing people to move to permitted human occupation zones and possibly shutting down half of the agriculture, forest products and mining industries.”

“Indeed, the United Nations Program of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development produced a manual, The Forced Relocation of Rural Populations,” which included the statement ‘when rural resident inhabitants are denied access to the natural resources essential to their livelihoods, they will be forced by economics to relocate’.”
In conclusion, let me just say that Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 are the most diabolical plans in the works for America. As I said, it goes to the very destruction of our sovereignty and our individual freedoms.

What I cannot understand is why am I the only candidate in the race for the United States Senate that is even talking about it much less taking a stand on it. I challenge every U.S. Senate candidate to issue a position paper on this very critical issue.

Please read the above mentioned document The Wizardry of Fishery Management.

For the booklet “Understanding Sustainable Development – Agenda 21,” you can go to Freedom Advocates and order the booklets on line.

Thank you and please stay informed and engaged. America is depending on you!

Bernie DeCastro

Comment by Steve on July 24, 2010:

God Bless You, Mr. DeCastro.

Finally, someone in the political sphere has the courage to expose Agenda 21.

I have been studying it a very long time. The problem is that both major parties support it. It is backed by very influential characters.

The diabolical aspect is that it is just a cover for the real basis: The earth cannot sustain the current human population which is killing earth, thus, depopulation is necessary... Generally, 90% of us must go…and the current progressive president is accelerating that end. [Check out net comments on the original draft of the Biodiversity Assessment Report by Heywood and Hansen (officially suppressed).]

The official U.N. Global Biodiversity Assessment Report states at page 773: “Whittaker and Likens (1975) have estimated that an ‘agricultural world’ in which most human beings are peasants, should be able to support 5 to 7 billion people, probably more if the large agricultural population were supported by an industry-promoting agricultural activity. In contrast, a reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be one billion…”

Sounds insane but it is all at the United Nations website and related official sites.
Holdren Urged a ‘World of Zero Net Physical Growth’ in 1995 World Bank Publication
The essay—“The Meaning of Sustainability: Biogeophysical Aspects”—was published in the first chapter of “Defining and Measuring Sustainability: The Biogeophysical Foundations,” a book published in 1995 by the World Bank.
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