March 17, 2010

Targeting 'Enemy Combatants' and 'Domestic Terrorists'

Domestic Assassination of “Extremists” Likely By 2012

The stage is being set for the public acceptance of extremist assassinations in the U.S., and it could be by the year 2012.

By Conspiring Times
February 24, 2010

Since the attacks of September 11th, 2001, people have grown aware of radical Islam and have rallied behind elaborate political propaganda, but there is another extremism that is growing in America which threatens the fabric of justice and a free society. “Lone Wolf” attacks are now entering the public spectacle as attention is shifted to Kamikaze Pilot Joe Stack.

Joe Stack’s daughter, Samantha Dawn Bell, told The Associated Press from her home in Norway that she understands her father’s animosity, but says he should have found “a completely different way” to address it.

This recent disgruntled American is not the first to take frustrations out on the government, but it seems that it is intentional for politicians to want to squeeze the taxpayers until they act out like Stack did.

There could be more to the bureaucracy and banker heist agenda than just harassing the little guy. Let’s think outside the box.

The government is notorious for telling us the truth right? Unlimited funds and unprecedented police state measures raise alot of questions.

There has to be a logical reason that COG Exercises (Continuity of Government) and preparations [including underground bases, the doomsday Seed Vault in the Arctic Circle, and the Denver International Airport with a multi billion dollar Kevlar ballistic roof in between the highest mountains] are in the U.S.

It is entirely possible that they are making monumental economic and un-American political stunts for another reason, and The National Academy of Science may be on to a part of it.

According to The National Academy of Science, the power will go out in 2012 for weeks, possibly months or longer — the Magnetosphere around the Earth wil be extremely low as Earth approaches the Solar Maximum, when solar radiation could knock out electrical devices world wide. Everytime the magnetic field shows twists, there are catastrophic weather anomalies, like on January 20th in Haiti, which resulted in a devastating Earthquake killing hundreds of thousands, or like the Indonesian Tsunami.

NASA/ Sunspot Cycle 1995-2015/ 2012-2013 peak of cycle

Everyone depends upon technology today, whether it be the GPS navigation in your vehicle to your cool new phone. But what if a technology-dependent society is thrown into a state of emergency or, even worse, survival?

Black Friday 2008 is an example of what happens when people mildly compete for resources: a Valley Stream, New York, clerk at Walmart was trampled, resulting in death, after an “out-of-control” mob of frenzied shoppers smashed through the Long Island store’s front doors.

A report funded by NASA and NOAA (U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) issued a public prediction that Earth could get hit by a devastating solar storm at any time, with potential damages from the most severe level of storm exceeding $1 trillion.

An erupting solar prominence photographed by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
Gauging public reaction with private security firms, beta tests have been successful in the the United States with military and militarized law enforcement being deployed to the hurricane Katrina disaster and, more recently, the Haiti earthquake relief — and with “less lethal” weapons [including but not limited to sonic weapons, tasers, teargas and rubber bullets] being used to herd bystanders and protesters in mass arrests at the Pittsburgh G-20 Summit.

Power outages, disaster, mass hysteria and public reaction to technological inconvenience suggest that, as the economic situation worsens, more Joe Stack-like fanatics will act out in desperation with violence; and this poses a challenge to government officials who are acting in the public interest, as they have some of their very own working against them.

Within the multi-level board game of representative government versus shadow government — and banking-crime-syndicate influence — is a delicate balancing act of keeping what’s left of American rights legally, without stepping too far over the line, and setting the population into “usurpation shock rage,” resulting in a new civil war. This is where the public acceptance of terrorist assassinations could either be in the interest of national security or against, and that is a question that only time will tell.

Given the history of dangerous tightrope acts like the one that Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair just walked, most likely it will not be in the public interest, from a historical perspective, to allow it.

Blair told the House Intelligence Committee:

“We take direct actions against terrorists in the intelligence community; if we think that direct action will involve killing an American, we get specific permission to do that. The targeting of Americans — it’s a very sensitive issue —but, again, there’s been more information in the public domain than what has been shared with this committee.”
In a White House meeting last Friday, John Brennan, Homeland Security adviser, told governors that countering violent extremism was something that needs to be addressed as a nation.
“There needs to be community engagement,” he said.
Bruce Riedel, a former CIA official, says that a recruit with a US, British or Canadian passport is “a gold mine” for al Qaeda and its allies.

When the distractions and comforts are gone in a society dependent upon technology and morally-debased things, things get ugly. Whether or not the government is intentionally seeking confrontation, it is only a small matter of time before they are forced to confront these matters in a public arena, whether they like it or not.

The campaign for public acceptance of extremist assassinations domestically by government is well under way, and a watchful eye should be on this issue. Your life may depend upon it.

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