September 10, 2011

Establishment Using 10-year Anniversary of 911 to Instill Greater Fear

Will government commandeer private pension plans, 401Ks and IRA’s in return for a government guaranteed annuity; will these retirement plans be traded for US Treasuries; or like one bill says, limit the amounts that can be removed and how many times you can remove funds?...Tax loopholes will be closed, Social Security and Medicare will be capped in the midst of roaring inflation, and tax brackets will be adjusted to increase the tax bite. This exercise is called Cut, Cap and Balance. HR 2560 only perpetuates the status quo. The sad fact is there is no balance in this idea. There is no real attempt to cut anything, except Social Security and Medicare, so the military industrial complex can continue to reap profits and kill off our young in undeclared no-win wars, only designed to plunder countries. Of course, the excuse for this is the global war on terror, which has never and does not exist. Wars are to be endless and perpetual in the search of peace. - Economic Recovery Remains Elusive, International Forecaster Weekly, July 23, 2011

9/11 Hype: False Flag Programming in Full Bloom

By Zen Gardner
September 10, 2011

They're at it again big time, folks, and really cranking it up. Beware. Not of the terrorists....of THEM!.

The "warnings" generated by the Big Brother State are coming at us fast and furious. And following patterns and narratives engrained in our brains for decades now. We've seen this before from Waco to Oklahoma City, from overseas "attacks" on military targets by "extremists" to 9/11, we've been TOLD who the enemy is. Period. And it's bogus.

Here's how the sheeple will be "primed" for the next "attact":

Sources: Authorities Concerned About Possible Dirty Bomb, Times Square Strike

Say Al Qaeda Eager To Hit Where They Failed, Just Like 9/11 Following 1993

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Just two days before the 10th anniversary, New York City is on high alert.

Federal and local authorities have beefed up security after receiving intelligence about a credible threat. The alleged plot by al Qaeda involves detonating car bombs on bridges and in tunnels in New York and Washington D.C. to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11.

"Freak Out, Everyone"

One thing about warning people is you have to be credible. Problem is, when it comes to warnings about your supposed safety, we all tend to err on the safe side. So it's pretty easy for them to corral the populace through fear. After all, they're the "authorities" and have been herding the sheep for ages.

Such manipulation it's infuriating.

The Shifty Face of Fear

But look at the would-be fear generating "pot shots" being taken at us from all sides:

  • Obama says recently look for the lone gunman...(last year he said mini-nukes)

  • Napolitano now says watch for bomb-laden vehicles..including dirty if some of them are clean.. (last week it was small planes...)

US Alert Over 'Credible 9/11 Terror Threat'

Officials say manhunt is under way for suspects as New York and Washington raise security ahead of attacks' anniversary.

US officials have said they are investigating a credible but unconfirmed threat of a terror attack, reportedly involving bomb-laden vehicles ahead of this weekend's 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

"There is specific, credible but unconfirmed threat information," the Department of Homeland Security said in a statement on Thursday.

"We have taken, and will continue to take all steps necessary to mitigate any threats that arise," the department added in a statement.

Law enforcement sources said a manhunt was under way for two or three suspects, the Reuters news agency reported. Source

Credible Threat? What does that mean?

Anyone can say that about anything! Earthquakes? Credible. Nuclear war? Credible. That our government is run by idiotic despots?....VERY credible....

Can anyone can say anything about anything and it gets reported as credible?

No. The catch is that's really only the case, when it's about terrorism.

Getting the picture?

And Now the latest: Whoever it is, THEY'RE AMERICANS!

2 Terror Suspects May Be U.S. Citizens

WASHINGTON (AP) — Al Qaeda may have sent American terrorists or men carrying U.S. travel documents to launch an attack on Washington or New York to coincide with memorials marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11, government officials say.

One U.S. official says al Qaeda dispatched three men, at least two of whom could be U.S. citizens, to detonate a car bomb in one of the cities. Should that mission prove impossible, the attackers have been told to simply cause as much destruction as they can. source

That, My Friends, Will Be The New Mantra - Guaranteed

Whoever "they" are going to be broad-brushed as, they're "one of us". Just as the deliberately middle class white skinned "Christian" massacred so many innocents in Oslo, whatever transpires next will likely be pinned on, involve or implicate someone representing middle class America, the protest and alternative community, or the internet "threat".

Freedom doesn't seem to go well with Orwellian authoritarianism, does it.

And why all this? Because the citizens of the United States are the real enemy and we must be controlled. Period. It'll happen sooner or later if all goes according to their plan.

The Empowering Epilogue

But sharing information and truth and love DOES make a difference, even one hungry soul at a time. Don't let all this big brother idiocy get you down, but do be aware of what they're up to.

And please, make an effort to connect with and talk to others. You'll be surprised and encouraged how many have caught on and are trapped in their personal predicament and will welcome a kindred spirit into their lives.

Stay vigilant. Keep communicating.

Two Terror Suspects May Be U.S. Citizens

The Associated Press
September 10, 2011

Al-Qaida may have sent American terrorists or men carrying U.S. travel documents to launch an attack on Washington or New York to coincide with memorials marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11, government officials say.

One U.S. official says al-Qaida dispatched three men, at least two of whom could be U.S. citizens, to detonate a car bomb in one of the cities. Should that mission prove impossible, the attackers have been told to simply cause as much destruction as they can.

Word that al-Qaida had ordered the mission reached U.S. officials midweek. A CIA informant who has proved reliable in the past approached intelligence officials overseas to say that the men had been ordered by newly minted al-Qaida leader Ayman al Zawahri to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks Sunday by doing harm on U.S. soil.

The tipster says the would-be attackers are of Arab descent and may speak Arabic as well as English. Counterterrorism officials were looking for certain names associated with the threat, but it was unclear whether the names were real or fake.

Counterterrorism officials have been working around the clock to determine whether the threat is accurate, but so far, have been unable to corroborate it, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the investigation.

In the meantime, extra security was put in place to protect the people in the two cities that took the brunt of the jetliner attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon a decade ago. It was the worst terror assault in the nation's history, and al-Qaida has long dreamed of striking again to mark the anniversary. But it could be weeks before the intelligence community can say whether this particular threat is real.

Undaunted by talk of a new terror threat, New Yorkers and Washingtonians wove among police armed with assault rifles and waited with varying degrees of patience at security checkpoints Friday.

Security worker Eric Martinez wore a pin depicting the twin towers on his lapel as he headed to work in lower Manhattan where he also worked 10 years ago when the towers came down.

"If you're going to be afraid, you're just going to stay home," he said.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, too, made a point of taking the subway to City Hall.

Briefed on the threat Friday morning, President Barack Obama instructed his security team to take "all necessary precautions," the White House said. Obama still planned to travel to New York on Sunday to mark the 10th anniversary with stops that day at the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pa.

Washington commuters were well aware of the terror talk.

Cheryl Francis, of Chantilly, Va., said she travels over the Roosevelt bridge into Washington every day and doesn't plan to change her habits. Francis, who was in Washington on Sept. 11, 2001, said a decade later the country is more aware and alert.

"It's almost like sleeping with one eye open," she said, but she added that people need to continue living their lives.

The intelligence community regularly receives tips and information of this nature. But the timing of this particular threat had officials especially concerned, because it was the first "active plot" that came to light as the country marked the significant anniversary, a moment that was also significant to al-Qaida, according to information gleaned in May from Osama bin Laden's compound.

The U.S. government has long known that terrorists see the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and other uniquely American dates as opportunities to strike. Officials have also been concerned that some may see this anniversary as an opportunity to avenge bin Laden's death.

Britain, meanwhile, warned its citizens who are traveling to the U.S. that there was a potential for new terror attacks that could include "places frequented by expatriates and foreign travelers."

Acutely aware of these factors, law enforcement around the country had already increased security measures at airports, nuclear plants, train stations and more in the weeks leading up to Sept. 11. The latest threat, potentially targeting New York or Washington, prompted an even greater security surge in those cities. U.S. embassies and consulates abroad had also boosted their vigilance in preparation for the anniversary.

At Penn Station in New York, transit authority police carried assault rifles and wore helmets and bullet proof vests as they watched crowds of commuters. Police searched passengers' bags as they entered the subway, and National Guard troops in camouflage fatigues moved among riders, eyeing packages.

In Washington, Police Chief Cathy Lanier warned that unattended cars parked in suspicious locations or near critical buildings and structures would be towed.

Speaking in New York, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said there was "a specific, credible but unconfirmed report that al-Qaida, again, is seeking to harm Americans and in particular, to target New York and Washington."

NY, DC Police on Alert Following 9/11 Threat

KABC-TV Los Angeles, CA
September 9, 2011

Police in New York and Washington, D.C., are on alert following word of a credible terror threat meant to coincide with the Sept. 11 anniversary.

It's another ominous sounding threat, but one many on the East Coast have gotten used to in the decade since the attacks.

Officials describe the latest threat as credible but unconfirmed.

The information comes from a source in Pakistan indicating al Qaeda's new leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, wants to strike the U.S. around the anniversary of Sept. 11. The information indicates that three suspects flew from Pakistan to the U.S. in August, and one of them could be a U.S. citizen.

Officials told ABC News the plot involved three individuals, including at least one American citizen who arrived in the U.S. by plane in August. Their apparent targets were the same two cities attacked 10 years ago.

"The new leader, Zawahiri, has said he wants an attack around now to avenge bin Laden and to prove that al Qaeda central, the one in Pakistan and Afghanistan, is still alive," said Richard Clark, ABC security expert.

Officials said the plot could involve a car or truck bomb similar to the failed attack on Times Square last year. Police are now giving vehicles even more attention, and security has been heightened in and around both cities.

Still, local leaders don't want citizens to live in fear.

"I just think that if I take the subway, it sort of puts it in perspective that there's always a threat, but there's not any reason why we should hunker down," said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

So far, Los Angeles has not been mentioned in the intelligence gathered, but the city has been the target of past attacks. Authorities are reminding citizens to stay alert.

"If you see something, as a member of the public, that doesn't make sense to you, particularly on this anniversary of the most terrific attack to occur on American soil, say something," said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.

There are indications the attack could be aimed at bridges and tunnels. Police in New York and the Washington D.C. area warned residents that cars left unattended near sensitive targets will be towed.

Booga Booga: Fear Ramped Up With Yet Another 9/11 Anniversary Terror Warning
September 9, 2011

The Department of Homeland Security has issued yet another terror warning today, ordering security to be stepped up owing to a “credible and specific” intelligence report that al Qaeda is planning to blow up bridges or tunnels in New York on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

The terror warning is just the latest in a series of advisories from Big Sis and the White House, all of which have been lacking in detail and described as “unconfirmed”.

Sky News reports that the latest warning comes from “a reliable source”, but remains “uncorroborated” because it has not been backed up by any other intelligence.

“There is specific, credible but unconfirmed threat information,” said Janice Fedarcyk, the assistant director in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) New York division.

Details are sketchy, however, with the only specifics linking the threat to Pakistan and to a car or truck bomb.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered police to ramp up security at subways, with more random bag inspections, and to deploy radiation monitoring equipment.

The warning comes just days after a previous DHS advisory that al qaeda followers may attack the US with small aircraft on the anniversary of 9/11.

Again, the warning contained no specific information, but was aimed at airports, ordering heightened surveillance.

Another general warning was issued last week by the State Department.

The department said it had not identified any “specific threats” about possible attacks but that al Qaeda and its affiliates had “demonstrated the intent and capability to carry out attacks” against the U.S. and U.S. interests.

Establishment figurehead such as US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta have been out in force, hyping the possibility of another 9/11.

The numerous warnings have come along with a slew of reports from the government expressing fears that homegrown terrorists are growing in number inside the US and that the internet is radicalizing a new wave of jihadis. Again, specific details are lacking.

In addition, television networks have begun broadcasting an onslaught of 9/11 tenth anniversary specials as the establishment desperately tries to reinforce the myth that terrorists pose any more threat to Americans than intestinal illnesses or allergic reactions to peanuts.

As the major networks saturate our screens with documentary after documentary about how ‘the world changed on 9/11′, it’s important to point out that the only genuine change has been the growth of a gigantic and oppressive Homeland Security surveillance state that feeds on fear and ignorance of the facts.

We have previously documented how such terror alerts have been routinely hyped purely for political purposes.

Never forget that the media and the government have been totally discredited over and over again by their complicity in issuing phony terror alerts designed to manipulate elections and frighten the public into slavish acquiescence.

Just as former Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge admitted that DHS would issue fake terror alerts shortly before elections in a bid to influence the outcome during the Bush era, the Obama administration is mimicking the same tactic.

Ridge said he “was pushed to raise the security alert on the eve of President Bush’s re-election, something he saw as politically motivated and worth resigning over.”

Fast forward seven years and you find exactly the same tactics being employed.

Warnings in October last year of a supposed al-Qaeda attack on targets in Europe were exaggerated by the Obama administration for political purposes, senior Pakistani diplomats and European intelligence officials told the London Guardian.

No terror event occurred.

“It was nothing specific, nothing very new,” said Swedish Justice Minister Beatrice Ask after the official warning. “We agree that there is no indication of concrete targets, concrete dates and concrete terror groups,” added German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere.

British intelligence officials admitted that there was no evidence whatsoever to suggest that a significant terror plot was imminent, describing the suggestions as “irritating”.

The furor surrounding the non-existant terror plot generated headlines such as“Britain gripped by Al Qaeda terror plot fear” with graphics depicting possible targets and warnings that “a Mumbai-type plot would ‘outmatch’ the police and turn London into a war zone” with people being brutally “murdered one by one” – all based on nothing but media hype:

Earlier this year, when the freedom stripping PATRIOT ACT was up for renewal, DHS head Janet Napolitano officially notified a congressional panel that the US was facing the greatest possibility of a major terror attack since 9/11.

Big Sis noted that there was “an increased emphasis on recruiting Americans and Westerners to carry out small scale attacks.”

Three of the PATRIOT Act’s most draconian provisions were duly extended for a further year by House Republicans.

Every other “terror plot” since 9/11 that has materialized into anything beyond a vague and non specific warning has been exposed as either artificially engineered or seized upon and used by the federal government, with the enthusiastic support of the corporate media, to provide justification for more funding, more power, and more authority to continue the “war on terror” and a gross clampdown on freedom.

Just a brief reprisal of such instances gives a telling insight.

On January 27, 2010, the Detroit News reported how the State Department refused to revoke Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s visa despite the fact that he was on a terror watch list and allowed him to board the plane, allegedly in order to avoid tipping off a wider investigation.

After weeks of stonewalling, authorities quietly reversed the official story behind the aborted attack and acknowledged that an accomplice was involved, despite weeks of denial and derision of eyewitness Kurt Haskell’s description of a sharp-dressed man who helped Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab board Flight 253 in Amsterdam.

Detroit lawyer Kurt Haskell maintained from the beginning that he saw a well-dressed Indian man aid the accused bomber to board the plane despite the fact that he had no passport and was on a terror watch list.

“While Mutallab was poorly dressed, his friend was dressed in an expensive suit, Haskell said. He says the suited man asked ticket agents whether Mutallab could board without a passport. “The guy said, ‘He’s from Sudan and we do this all the time,’” reported the Michigan Live news website.

FBI agents interviewed Haskell and he told them about the sharp-dressed man but officials refused to admit that a wider conspiracy was at hand, stoically maintaining the official story that Abdulmutallab had acted alone. Authorities claimed that videotapes did not show a second man accompanying Abdulmutallab and yet they refused to release any footage of the alleged bomber.

There seems little doubt that Abdulmutallab had at least one accomplice if not more. Authorities have remained silent on other eyewitness reports which described a man intently filming the alleged terrorist throughout the whole flight, a connection that strongly suggests the attempted bomber was involved in some kind of drill and that his strings were being pulled by people in more senior positions.

The Delta 253 incident was just one of the dozens of terror busts and stings since 9/11 to have been orchestrated by handlers aiding the accused terrorists at every turn. We have never come across a major case where the terrorists involved in a plot were not being prodded by the FBI and federal informants, or where clear prior knowledge and forewarning was not evident.

Take the case of Fort Hood shooter Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who repeatedly communicated with alleged Al-Qaeda leaders for nearly a year before his rampage. The FBI knew Hasan was sending emails to terrorists, but they did nothing, allowed him to remain on a U.S. Army base, and even invited him to participate in Homeland Security exercises.

Hasan, “Sent 10 to 20 e-mails to several terror-related Islamic figures, including Anwar Aulaqi, a radical imam from Virginia who has been openly propagandizing for al Qaeda in Yemen and who had ties to several of the 9/11 hijackers,” reported the New York Post.

As Webster Tarpley reported, Aulaqi is “an intelligence agency operative and patsy-minder” and “one of the premier terror impresarios of the age operating under Islamic fundamentalist cover” whose job it is to “motivate and encourage groups of mentally impaired and suggestible young dupes who were entrapped into “terrorist plots” by busy FBI and Canadian RCMP agents during recent years.”

Tarpley points to Aulaqi’s role in the Toronto and Fort Dix, New Jersey, terror plots, which were both contrived by the feds, as proof of Aulaqi’s usefulness to the authorities in radicalizing terrorist patsies.

Lawyers in a case relating to the much vaunted 2007 terror plot to attack Fort Dix and kill “as many soldiers as possible” concluded that FBI informants were the key figures behind the operation and that the accused, six foreign-born Muslims, were merely bungling patsies.

Similarly, the “Toronto” terrorists turned out to be “a bunch of incompetent guys who were primarily misled by a delusional megalomaniac”. The explosive fertilizer material the terrorist cell apparently planned to use was in fact purchased by an informant working for the RCMP who had radicalized the group.

Hasan’s direct relationship with FBI operative and ace patsy-minder Aulaqi provides strong evidence that the Fort Hood shooter was being watched very carefully long before he went on his tragic rampage.

Hundreds of terror suspects (read: patsies and mental deficients) have been convicted in civilian federal courts, including convicted shoe bomber Richard Reid who attended the Finsbury Park Mosque in North London. The Finsbury imam at the time was Abu Hamza al-Masri who began working with British Security Services in 1997. A large number of the supposed terrorists convicted in American courts were entrapped by the FBI in classic COINTELPRO fashion and did not have links to the CIA-created al-Qaeda. The entrapped were often fuzzy on al-Qaeda or what it represents.

In the media-lauded Miami terror case in 2007, the supposed ringleader Narseal “Prince Marina” Batiste “had heard of Al-Qaeda, but wasn’t sure what it stood for. The FBI instigators made Batiste swear loyalty to al-Qaida; then had him call on his local buddies to form an ‘Islamic army’ in Miami. None had military training. Some could barely read. But Batiste assured the group in the midst of its collective marijuana buzz of greatness ahead,”wrote Saul Landau.

These were the men who comedian John Stewart referred to as “seven dipshits in a warehouse” after Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had ludicrously told the press that the group of semi-retarded gang-bangers had planned to “wage a ground war against America”.

One of the more recent examples was the case of the so-called Muslim terrorists busted in New York, who supposedly wanted to blow up synagogues in the Bronx and shoot down military airplanes flying out of the New York Air National Guard base. The men were provided with fake explosives and inactive missiles by an FBI informant, reported the Christian Science Monitor. Two of the ringleaders of the “deadly” plot which was endlessly hyped by the media turned out to be semi-retarded potheads, exactly as we had predicted would be the case due to the innumerable past cases with the exact same modus operandi.

The federal authorities seem none too concerned about stopping any real terrorists and are instead obsessed with manufacturing patsies, bankrolling, radicalizing and prodding rag-tag groups to attempt attacks so that the massive slush fund that is the “war on terror” can be prolonged, while the corporate media relishes each opportunity to politicize such events to demonize peaceful resistance to big government as “violent extremism”.

With this insidious partnership now colluding to produce a constant supply of Abdul Mutallabs on an almost monthly basis, we can expect to see many more domestic terror alerts and “attacks”, be they genuine, provocateured, or outright staged, and with each one the calls to crush free speech and censor the right to express dissent on the Internet will build to a crescendo, with little or no investigation on behalf of the mainstream media as to how such attacks came about in the first place, and who was really behind them.

These and countless other over hyped and completely manufactured threats have led directly to programs such as the “See Something, Say Something” campaign – a literal citizen spy operation overseen by the DHS, that is creating more paranoia and hysteria, if anything serving to make any real terror threat more likely to go undiscovered.

The endless terror alerts, whether real or phony, are now being issued via the mainstream media and beamed directly to mobile phones and home computers over social networking sites, and even via Emergency Alert broadcasts.

In addition to the invasion of traditional and new social media, The Federal Communications Commission announced recently that it has approved a presidential alert system.

Commissioners voted in February to require television and radio stations, cable systems and satellite TV providers to participate in a test that would have them receive and transmit a live code that includes an alert message issued by the president. No date has been set for the test, according to the Washington Post, which described it as being like something out of Orwell’s1984.

Soon enough the creepy and invasive broadcasts that are already being played on giant telescreens in Walmarts across the nation may be playing in your front room.

The DHS is slowly creeping into the lives of every American to the point where it can no longer be sidestepped. Fattened federal agencies are using the over hyped threat of terrorism as an excuse to normalize the notion that the people are servants of the government, rather than the government acting as servant to the people.

The September 11 anniversary provides a unique opportunity for the establishment to reanimate their flagging war on terror with a new round of fear-mongering propaganda. The event will allow them to exploit decade old footage of the attacks in order to insist that there remains a threat large enough to require Gestapo goons at airports, a high-tech surveillance grid, and the point by point dismantlement of the Bill of Rights.

U.S. Ups Security in NYC and D.C. in Face of ‘Credible’ 9/11 Threat (Video)
September 9, 2011

The U.S. has beefed up security in NYC and Washington D.C. in response to a ‘credible’ but not ‘corroborated’ 9/11 threat that officials believe is planned Sunday on the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers and Washington. In the video below, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg addresses the public about the threat, the strengthened security and what residents should do in the face of the threat.

"The best thing that we can do to fight terror is to refuse to be intimidated by it," NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg says in the video from Thursday night, promising to take the subway to and from work Friday. He says that while officials have received "credible" information that an attack may be planned for September 11 2011, this Sunday, that citizens of New York cannot live in fear. "For 10 years we have not allowed terrorists to intimidate us. We have lived our lives without fear, and we will continue to do so."

Intelligence officials say the potential September 11 threat is centered around three individuals with al Qaeda ties, whom they learned about through tips, intercepted conversations and intel found in Osama bin Laden’s former compound in Pakistan. They believe one of the individuals is a U.S. citizen, but have not confirmed whether or not any of the individuals are within U.S. borders.

U.S. officials believe the operatives came out of the tribal Pakistan-Afghanistan border region and that they are part of al Qaeda "central," but that there is also a possibility that Pakistan-based groups like LET or TTP are involved.

While there has been concern over the introduction of a radioactive isotope, or "dirty bomb," officials say they believe the direct threat is a vehicle laden with explosives, but add that "the intelligence picture is not completely formed," according to a senior official.

The heightened security was visible in NYC and Washington Friday, in the form of several police checkpoints following reports of the potential vehicle-borne strike. This is causing a number of traffic delays throughout NYC, with especially troublesome traffic near the George Washington Bridge, which links New Jersey with New York City, as well as the Queens Midtown Tunnel, the Holland Tunnel and the Verrazano Bridge, which links Staten Island and Brooklyn.

The NYPD is also sweeping garages for explosives, using digital license plate readers to check for stolen vehicles. More on the effect this has to NYC, in particular, and more information about the 9/11 threat itself, can be seen in the video below.

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