March 12, 2009

Washington Arrogance Has Fomented a Muslim Revolution

Muslim extremists shouted abuse at British soldiers during a home-coming march by the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment.

British Soldiers Targeted by Muslim Extremists Will March Again

March 11, 2009

During a home-coming march by the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment, a group of around 20 men in traditional Islamic dress held up banners and placards that read: "Anglian Soldiers Butchers of Basra," "Anglian Soldiers Criminals, Murderers Terrorists," and "Baby Killers." One also read "British Government Terrorist Government."

As the 200 soldiers in the battalion, which is nicknamed The Poachers, reached Luton Town Hall, the small group shouted and yelled "Terrorists" and "Anglian Soliders Go to Hell."

The protestors then had to be protected by police as angry supporters of the soldiers turned on them shouting: "Scum" and "No surrender to the Taliban."

As the parade finished in St George’s Square in front of the Duke of Gloucester (Colonel-in-chief for the regiment), the Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire (Sam Whitbread), a KCB General (Sir John McColl), and the Mayor of Luton (Councillor Lakhbir Singh), police had to force the protestors into a small area reserved for them by the town’s Arndale Shopping Centre.

Two lines of police officers protected the anti-war protestors from a large number of locals, some waving Union and St George’s flags, who turned their attention to them rather than the inspection of the soldiers by the dignitaries. There was a stand off between the two groups who yelled insults at each other. Police dogs and riot vans were also called to the scene to keep the two sides apart. A number of people staged a counter demonstration, and Bedfordshire Police confirmed two people were arrested for public order offences and taken to Luton Police Station.

Justice Minister and Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik said:
"All decent people, irrespective of religion, will be sickened by the antics of this group of extremists. Our soldiers do an incredibly brave job all round the world. And in Afghanistan, as well as their military role, they are also engaged in development projects which are improving the quality of life of ordinary Afghans, not to mention the two million girls who now attend school."

"They don't ask to serve anywhere; it is politicians who make that decision. All soldiers do is loyally serve Queen and country. The idea that they are "baby killers" is profoundly repugnant. The antics of this very small group will damage community relations and will give ammunition to the far right wing."

"I am proud of the fact that I am patron of the Dewsbury branch of the Royal British Legion, and these extremists in Luton no more represent ordinary Muslims than the Real IRA represent ordinary Irish people.

"If these people want an Islamic state, as they profess, my advice is to go to an Islamic country. Britain is multi-faith and we are proud of that fact, as indeed we are of our soldiers."
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Gloomy Predictions for 2009

By Stanislav Mishin, Mat Rodina

The economic collapse in the UK will continue a foot with the United States. Rights of the citizens will continue to be usurped by the state, and all pretenses of civil rights will disappear after the Islamics in the city center start to agitate and push out, through direct violence, all remaining British nationals. England will start to look a lot like Sweden with the cities owned by the immigrant Islamics and the refugee locals forced to pay the Islamics' welfare.

Once the majority starts leaning to the hard right and violence starts to break out between the military Islamics and the ultra nationalists, the UK government will drop all pretenses of the citizens rights and clamp down with martial law. Welcome to the Police State. If the public does not rise up at this point, the UK is lost.

To keep the audience nice and fearful, look for the British powers to escalate a Cold War with Russia at any cost.

This is an excerpt from the article by Stanislav Mishin, which originally appeared on his blog, Mat Rodina. Another excerpt from this article also appears under the cateory "Predictions and Prophecy" in this blog, along with other articles in "Predictions for 2009."

Washington Arrogance Has Fomented a Muslim Revolution

By Paul Craig Roberts, Infowars
December 6, 2008

Is Pakistan responsible for the Mumbai attack in India? No.

Is India’s repression of its Muslim minority responsible? No.

Is the United States government responsible? Yes.

The attack on Mumbai required radicalized Muslims. Radicalized Muslims resulted from the US overthrowing the elected government in Iran and imposing the Shah; from the US stationing troops in Saudi Arabia; from the US invading and attempting to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq, bombing weddings, funerals, and children’s soccer games; from the US violating international and US law by torturing its Muslim victims; from the US enlisting Pakistan in its war against the Taliban; from the US violating Pakistan’s sovereignty by conducting military operations on Pakistani territory, killing Pakistani civilians; from the US government supporting a half century of Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their lands, towns and villages; from the assault of American culture on Muslim values; from the US purchasing the government of Egypt to act as its puppet; from US arrogance that America is the supreme arbiter of morality.

As Justice Brandeis said, crime is contagious. Government teaches by example, and America’s example is lawlessness. America’s brutal crimes against the Muslim world have invited every Muslim to become a law unto himself—a revolutionary. It is not terror that Washington confronts but revolution.

By illegal, uncivilized and undiplomatic behavior, the US has stirred Muslim peoples from their long slumber as serfs of Western colonial powers. Some Muslims have had all that they can take, and their fury drives them to rouse a billion of their fellows to throw off the yoke of foreign hegemony.

The arrogant incompetence of American governments brought this conflict to the American people and inflicted it upon the world. By destabilizing Pakistan, the US lost a puppet and created an opportunity for Muslim revolutionaries to exploit. By enraging India against Pakistan, the Mumbai attack has created new problems for Pakistan that will focus that government’s attention away from combating Taliban sanctuaries on Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan. If the US picks up the slack, it will have invaded yet another country and become trapped in a larger quagmire.

Having fomented terrorism, the American government now pretends to be the innocent victim, just as Israelis, having brought about terrorism by driving Palestinians from their homes and villages, pretend to be innocent victims.

Today European members of NATO, an outdated organization formed to defend Western Europe against Soviet invasion, are sacrificing the lives of their soldiers fighting the American Empire’s war in Afghanistan. If America continues to have its way, Europeans will soon be dying in Ukraine, Georgia, and Iran.

The American government, which preaches “freedom and democracy,” has in the 21st century gone to great extremes to stamp out the US Constitution and the civil liberties that it guarantees. The US government has repudiated the Geneva Conventions and the prohibitions in US statutory law against torture. The US government has set aside habeas corpus, the ancient legal principle guaranteed by the US Constitution that prohibits governments from holding people in prisons without presenting charges. The US government has broken the laws of other nations by kidnapping foreign citizens and transporting them to other lands to be tortured.

These massive crimes have been justified in the name of the “war on terror.” In truth, America’s crimes foment revolution.

It was the US government that created the “war on terror,” which has been used to murder, which disposses millions of Iraqis and Afghans to imprison US citizens as if they were medieval serfs, and which squanders three trillion dollars for the sole purpose of enriching Halliburton and the military-security complex.

Investigative journalist John Pilger has shown that the so-called “moral superiority of the West” is a hoax designed to shield from view the self-seeking West’s crimes against humanity.

Obama promised change from this destructive behavior, but how does change arise when the most arrogant woman on earth is appointed Secretary of State, and the rest of the new government is staffed with tried and true Likudniks and servants of the military-security complex?

The change over which Obama will preside will have no American victories. The change will come from America as a failed state, from the dollar dethroned as reserve currency, from America repudiated by its allies and paid puppets, from massive unemployment for which there is no solution, from hyperinflation that produces anarchy.

The day might arrive when Washington is faced with revolution at home as well as abroad.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions. He can be reached at:

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Bin Laden Urges Jihad - (Reuters) In a recording aired by Al Jazeera television, Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden accused moderate Arab leaders of plotting with the West against Muslims and urged his followers to prepare for jihad (holy war). "It is clear that some Arab leaders have plotted with the Zionist-crusader coalition against our (Muslim) people, these (Arab countries) the United States calls the moderate states," bin Laden said, without naming any of the leaders. "We must seriously work and prepare for jihad to enforce the right and abolish the wrong," bin Laden said in the audio recording that was aired on Saturday. Bin Laden, who made a similar call for jihad on January 14, described Israel’s offensive in Gaza and its attacks on the Palestinian territory as a "holocaust" and said militants wanting to help Gazans should support Iraqis fighting U.S.-led forces and Baghdad’s government.

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