December 6, 2009

The Banksters' Plan to Rule the World

There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, and it is common among men: a man to whom God hath given riches, wealth, and honour, so that he wanteth nothing for his soul of all that he desireth, yet God giveth him not power to eat thereof, but a stranger eateth it: this is vanity, and it is an evil disease. - Ecclesiastes 6:1-2

Almost every nation has a central bank. The bank does three things: (1) it supplies the government with funds at low interest rates; (2) it limits the expansion of money by the commercial banks; (3) it bails out the largest banks when a banking crisis hits. It officially promotes the first two goals. It does not talk about the third. - Gary North, Taxpayers In Revolt, State Bankster System In Europe Is Collapsing, Next Stop USA, Market Oracle, November 9, 2011

Can America Stop the Coming Oppression?

By J. Hapiak, People for Freedom
December 1, 2009

Could Climategate Unravel the UN’s Plan to Rule the World?

In a matter of days, President Obama will write a brand new chapter in American history, one that fulfils the promise of change that the Americans asked for, but not necessarily the change that they hoped for. What I am speaking about is the Copenhagen Climate Treaty that President Obama had promised to sign around December 9, 2009, that could forever surrender American sovereignty.

Now with the emergence of Climategate as reported all over the internet, and Senator Inhofe’s calling for an investigation into that matter, which implies that the top UN climate scientists had cooked the science of climate change for profit . . . the signing of this document has been supposedly postponed, but the President still has plans to make the trip to Copenhagen anyhow.

Will President Obama sign this treaty behind closed doors despite the allegations that Climate Change may be a fraud? Will he sign it like President George W. Bush signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership* (SPP) in Ottawa, in secret? No one knows for sure.

The mainstream media isn’t saying much about anything, and they certainly aren’t warning the American people that this treaty is less about the climate and more about establishing an international carbon tax and finalizing the framework for a new layer of government, one that is international in scope and whose “rules of law” will govern the conduct of all UN member nations. What else they aren’t saying is that there will be no pulling back out of this agreement without the unanimous consent of every UN member nation.

This movement has been fueled for many decades, but it went virtually unnoticed until 1991 when George H. W. Bush announced to Congress the coming of a New World Order, the first steps to setting up a global community and changing the way America conducts its business forever. A few months later on February 1, 1992, he made another speech to the United Nations General Assembly, and stated:

“It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance.”
Ever since making this declaration, every other elected President has endorsed the same allegiance to the United Nations without the consent of the American people or Congress.

The United Nations

Since its inception, the UN has demonstrated a long train of abuses against all member and non-member nations alike, which suggests that once they are in charge, the possibility is there that they can and will exploit any government they choose by pressuring them to sponsor their cause, not by freedom of choice, but through coercion. With most of the G20 nation heads still promising to sign this climate treaty, the UN and the international banking system, according to some, will be able to finally establish themselves as the supreme authority, second to no other government in the world.

America was born on the principle that promised our nation would always remain free and independent. It was hopeful that all other nations would adopt the same principles. But throughout history, there has always been an underlying desire by a select few to control the world, and some of these individuals have found that if they can control the issuance of fractional currency and lend it out with interest, in time, they can burden whole nations with accumulated debt and could actually get political leaders to wager collateral in exchange for the money they need to keep their nations economy afloat.

Debt and a nation's continuous need for more money gave international bankers an easy way to pressure our government into signing agreements like NAFTA, the WTO, Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarious, Universal Health Care in exchange for a loan. What wasn’t known by the American people then is certainly well known now, that these agreements have forced all nations to incrementally transfer – directly into the hands of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank - control of their:

  1. Assets like property, rivers, lakes, natural resources; and

  2. The power over trade, agriculture, manufacturing, cyber security, media communication, healthcare, military, gold reserves, politicians and even the rights of its people.
This in effect, puts the entire American economy, the laws of the nation, and collateral under the control of the private Federal Reserve System, outside the reaches of the US Government. In the United Kingdom the story is the same: the control of the nation's assets and power over the people were transferred to the Bank of England. In fact, all over the world, nations are now signing agreements and giving up everything to the central banking system in exchange for more loans.

What is planned next is most likely the consolidation of all central banks in the world and placing them under the control of the UN and the IMF / Bank of the World. According to the draft agenda of London’s G20 Summit held in March 2009, they have already started the process of making these changes. The Copenhagen Climate Treaty could likely be one instrument they need to make that transformation complete and permanent.

Who Controls the Money Controls Everything

Thomas Jefferson warned the Congress about this very problem and, in one quote, he implied that the lenders are more menacing to our freedoms than a standing army. And that’s why our founding fathers were adamant that the United States issue their own “interest free” currency, and the reason is clear - so America would never become a slave to debt or to the lenders. Yet that all changed in 1913, when the Senate ratified, with minimal debate or opposition, the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve System, with a 2/3 majority vote during the Christmas vacation, and after the Senate had already broke for the Holiday.

Many opponents felt that the New York bankers Morgan and Rockefeller and also Paul Warburg, who was directly connected to the Bank of England, duped the United States. Soon after the Federal Reserve System was formed, officials from the Bank of England were quick to establish the League of Nations, which in 1945 became the United Nations. They were also connected to forming the International Money Fund (IMF) in 1944.

Chartered in 1694, the privately-owned Bank of England happens to be the same banking cartel that pressured King George III to pay back his European war debt. By 1742, the Parliament passed the British Resumption Act that required all taxes and debts be paid in gold. In order for the King to pay just the interest on his debt to the Bank of England, he imposed huge taxes on the American colonies and required them to pay in gold as well.

With shortages of gold in the colonies, this change caused a long term depression, so the colonies began experimenting with different types of currencies and eventually settled on a fiat currency, called Colonial Scrip, which brought about a new age of prosperity. When officials from the Bank of England learned about their newfound wealth, they questioned Benjamin Franklin and discovered that the colonies learned the benefits of issuing their own currency and how currency works. As a result, the Currency Act of 1764 was quickly passed, thus prohibiting the Colonial officials from issuing their own currency. This made Colonial Scrip worthless and again drove the colonies back into a depression.

The oppressive laws of the King along with the depression that was caused by the Bank of England . . . eventually led the Colonialists to declare independence from England and their European bankers. Soon afterwards, England attacked the Colonies and the Revolutionary War began . . . But it didn’t end there. That battle for power still goes on today.

In March of 2009, President Obama attended the G20 summit meeting in London. According to the G20 draft agenda, they discussed the Coordination of International Regulation which, in effect, places the control of the Federal Reserve System, Securities and Exchange Commission, the collateral that the institution controls, and the entire American economy under the control of Europe’s IMF / Bank of the World. The IMF is rooted directly to the same group of lenders that the Colonies fought off 250 years before.

How the UN Retains Control of the Nations

The UN/IMF has accomplished many tasks that they set forth by using agreements and treaties like the WTO and Agenda 21 to control all manufacturing and agricultural output throughout the world. The treaties and agreements encourage international trade instead of supporting local trade, thus profiting no one except for the corporate leaders and also the banking elite who control the financial institutions and lend money to the large corporations and governments at interest.

The UN/IMF seeks dominion by controlling the elements of power that naturally propel a nation forward. Don’t be fooled, the ideology of the World Trade Organization is not about creating an environment that encourages new competition and business growth locally, but rather it is an engineered plan to stop small business growth and to create international duopolies and monopolies formed from business mergers and consolidation that can be easily controlled by the international bankers.

Instead of new competition growing out of invention, the international treaties and agreements are inhibiting this growth by distancing the very supply lines that are needed locally by the entrepreneurs who possess the new ideas and can build the new companies. As a result, today’s entrepreneurs cannot easily obtain access to the raw materials, supplies, engineers, skilled trades people, or the machines that they need to develop new products without traveling abroad to foreign lands and making huge investments that often involve banks and foreign partnerships. This means new competition can never grow like it once did in America from the kitchen table to a garage, shop or factory without a huge input of borrowed cash, thus slowing down the invention process and stopping manufacturing growth forever.

For over 200 years the strong and powerful American market was protected by tariffs and quotas. When the American economy slowed, tariffs were artificially raised by the government in order to increase the price of foreign imports. This helped to keep American manufacturing competitive locally, while stimulating manufacturing and protecting jobs at the same time. Foreign countries that wanted to sell their products in the huge American market had two choices:

  1. Either pay the tariffs to America, or
  2. Pay the workers in their country more money so they could afford to buy the American-made products.
As a result, this ideology created fairer trade and raised the standard of living in every nation that we traded with, such as South Korea, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Taiwan, Israel, to name a few.

The Change of Ideology

The progressive NAFTA and the WTO agreements turned the old protectionist way that America traded, inside out. Under this new international rule of law, the UN is now in control of American trade and enforces it by penalizing the United States with trade sanctions, fines and other deterrents every single time that America tries to collect tariffs or set quotas on imports, or tries to pre-qualify our trading partners with certain rules. The UN/WTO agreement allows most UN member nations to flood the American market with cheap imports, which only undermines American manufacturing and the middle class at its core.

George Carlin - Who Owns You?

Through compliance of international regulation and law, the UN/IMF rewards one nation with prosperity, while it punishes other nations for not conforming to their rule of law. This is not a freedom of choice, but rather extortion that is imposed on countries by the UN/IMF. When all manufacturing is eventually controlled by this select few, then the elitists will continue to have all the money they need to loan while the masses under this socialist rule remain unemployed, poor and servants to the banks. If we don’t stop this atrocity now, then under this form of government, contraction of the economy and the merging of all nations will never cease until there is only one left standing, and that will be the UN, its banking system called the IMF, and their few industries that they control in the world.

The Progressive Ideology Takes Hold in the Fed and at the State Level Against the People

Taking its lead from the United Nations, now the Federal Government is doing the same thing to the States in the Union. If the states won’t comply with the international rule of law, then the Federal Government threatens to cut the states funding for projects, Medicare, unemployment etc. This is not freedom of choice; this again is coercion to get the states to cooperate.

In turn, the states comply to the UN mandates and imposes new laws that work toward building a police state by militarizing the police, requiring a thumb print to acquire a driver's license, creating checkpoints on the highways, disrupting and arresting protestors, allowing illegal search and seizure and the confiscation of weapons against innocent American citizens, such as in the events that occurred in New Orleans. The list goes on and on. This again is not freedom of choice, but rather coercion to control the masses.

Our founding fathers believed that manufacturing is the tree where wealth and a nation's security grows from invention. But according to the international bankers, a debt-based economy and borrowing money against personal assets is the wave of the future. This fascist approach to government only compounds the problems because it disposes the natural abilities of every person, while it empowers the international bankers who are all socialists.

I am urging all Americans to remember that there is a ray of hope for America and that is Article VI of the US Constitution and the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights, which empowers the states and the people to throw off the government or to abolish the government and replace it in its in entirety.

Even though the states have the power to tell Washington to take a hike, we must remember that Washington still holds the purse strings and can retaliate by blocking the funds that the states need for projects, Medicare, unemployment, etc.

Other abuses against the states include the UN’s WTO mandate that forces the US government to keep tariffs on imports intentionally low. The WTO dismantles the states ability to manufacture goods and stay competitive within our own American market, thus reducing the job opportunities that are needed by the American people while increasing the pressure on the states for more welfare funding at the same time.

In other words, the WTO agreement starts an unending downward spiral that slows the economy and makes the American people more dependent on the states welfare program, thus forcing the states to become compliant with the global movement so they can still acquire more welfare funding from Washington.

If the States are divided and begin seceding from the Union, they can lose their vested interest and protection from the other Union States. If a state secedes, what stops UN troops from invading the shores and capturing the state and its resources? Nothing!

This means Washington or the UN can pick off the defectors one by one. This means that the states must stand together and cannot be divided, and they must not secede from the Union at any cost, and they must use their united power to overturn the Fed and these ridiculous agreements and treaties.

It is essential that all American people begin throwing off their two-party affiliation and start taking the time to thoroughly research all candidates and only vote for people at the federal, state and local level who are wholeheartedly in support of the US Constitution and not the globalist agenda.

Under the WTO, our nation's production is pushed to the side and the American economy is constantly shrinking, making Washington more dependent on borrowed money from the international bankers just to keep the nation's economy stimulated. This creates more debt that will be compounded with interest, thus driving up taxes at the same time on the American people who are already being enslaved. Without production, the debt can’t be paid. This is a no-win situation if the states don’t stand up against the socialist Federal Government and the United Nations and also their treaties and agreements that promote international taxation while preventing the US from collecting tariffs and setting quotas on foreign imports. Under this regime, the American citizens lose all the way around.

If things don’t change, this is the bottom line . . .

Under the WTO, the states must become compliant with the United Nations mandates in order for them to continue receiving welfare funding from Washington for the people. Under this agreement the States must also support and make preparations to adopt the following:

1) The Codex Alimentarious (UN takeover of the food code and classifying vitamins as toxins, while making outlawed toxins legal)

2) Universal Health Care (UN takeover of health care, population control, firearms control)

3) Agenda 21 (UN takeover of America’s agricultural output, farmland and water rights, relocation of people)

4) World Trade Organization (UN takeover of all manufacturing and trade)

5) Security and Prosperity Partnership* (open borders with Canada and Mexico, the forming of the North American Union and creating a gold or silver backed universal currency)

6) Cap-and-Trade and the Copenhagen Climate Agenda (UN takeover of all taxation, transportation, energy, etc.)

7) Coordination of International Regulation (The UN takeover of the Federal Reserve System, the Securities and Exchange Commission, all issuing of currency, all government loans, collateral and the economy).

The list goes on and on . . .

Let the truth be known to all: Until the American people realize that the United Nations is the oppressor, despotism will always be on our doorstep.

* The Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas, which some have dubbed PPA, was first launched by the Bush administration in September of 2008 in an effort to further deepen existing economic partnerships in the region. Many speculated that it was a last ditch effort by Bush to resurrect a revised version of the failed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). The Obama administration has continued with the PPA and is set to re-launch and expand the initiative which would lead to greater integration in the Americas. Some aspects of the PPA are similar to the defunct Security and Prosperity Partnership and could spread SPP objectives to other parts of the Western Hemisphere. - Dana Gabriel, Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas, Borderfire Report, September 7, 2009

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