June 20, 2009

A Cashless Society in Five-to-Seven Years

The above video clip is from Alex Jones' interview of Hollywood producer and documentary filmmaker Aaron Russo, which was conducted on January 29, 2007, seven months before his death. Russo tells the story of his friendship with Nick Rockefeller and what he learned from him. He goes into depth on the astounding admissions of Rockefeller, who told him that the global elite's ultimate goal was to get everyone microchipped so that they could have absolute power and control. Rockefeller said that "if someone got out of line, they would just turn off their chip." Russo and Rockefeller's friendship ended before September 11, 2001. Russo was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2002; he died on August 24, 2007. [Click here for Alex Jones' full interview (1 hour, 9 minutes) of Aaron Russo]

Cash to Become Extinct as Chips Take Off

By Anthony Keane, The Advertiser
June 15, 2009

Cash is accelerating down the path to extinction as new technologies threaten to mark the end of loose change within a decade. Bank and credit union bosses say cash won't be alone, with wallets and credit cards also likely to disappear too.

They told The Advertiser's round table forum that cash and cards will be replaced by computer chips embedded in mobile phones, watches or other portable devices.

Australian Central chief executive Peter Evers believes cash will be replaced for most transactions in five-to-seven years.

"Cash will disappear as there will be other forms of carrying cash, stored value in your phone or whatever it might be. It will transfer automatically," he said.

"We're very close in countries around the world. If you go in to Hong Kong or Singapore, the low-value transactions have already disappeared. You can't go anywhere, like on public transport, without pre-purchasing a card."

"I think the Australian Payment Systems Board is very much on top of it and is trying to move down a path, but hasn't publicly put things into place yet."

BankSA general manager strategy and operations Chris Ward expects Australia to follow the offshore lead, with small cash transactions disappearing first. "So you can't go and buy a bottle of water from the deli with cash; you've got to go and buy it with your chip," he said.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank state manager SA/NT John Oliver said it was easier for retailers to use electronic transactions than manual cash transactions.

Savings & Loans chief executive Greg Connor said the concept of the wallet would go. "Whereas now we have a wallet and purse, it will be a chip in your phone or your watch or something like that as your access," he said.

Mr. Evers said credit cards were on the way out as well. "The access to credit is still going to be there through the mobile phone, but you don't need the card because that's really only a means of identification," he said. "There could be another way of identifying, but the product, revolving credit, will still sit there."

In addition to fine-tuning and tweaking the bankster control of monetary policy, the move toward a cashless society will allow the elite to control the masses to an extent previously only speculated upon in science fiction novels. The cashless society prophesized by our rulers fits right in with the choreographed move toward satellite and cellphone tracking, ubiquitous RFID chips, DARPA and NSA surveillance, the orchestrated end of Posse Comitatus, and the federalization of local police and governments now well underway. - Kurt Nimmo, Cashless Control Grid Inches Closer to Reality, June 19, 2009

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