March 10, 2009

Out of Chaos, a New World Order

“An international order will emerge…”
- Henry Kissinger

By Joseph Farah, World News Daily
March 9, 2009

Henry Kissinger wrote a very important article in the International Herald Tribune January 12. I believe it was meant as a signal – marching orders, if you will, for a disparate band of elitists determined to bring about a new form of global rule that will supersede our notions of national sovereignty, limited government and personal freedom.

I would also offer it up as exhibit A in making the case that our current financial crisis is almost entirely manufactured by forces trying to bring about the long-hailed “new world order.”

Here is how that plan is going to work: America, the most prosperous and freest nation on earth, will be brought to its knees in an economic leveling process that will purposely make it reliant on other nations of the world – so much so that America will, in the hopes of people like Kissinger and David Rockefeller, eagerly accept and submit to world government.

I urge you to read Kissinger’s entire article for yourself, but, even two months later, it is impossible to interpret it in any other way than as a blueprint for what Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress would do with their “unique opportunity.”

“That opportunity involves a seeming contradiction,” Kissinger wrote. “On one level, the financial collapse represents a major blow to the standing of the United States. While American political judgments have often proved controversial, the American prescription for a world financial order has generally been unchallenged. Now disillusionment with the United States’ management of it is widespread.”
Kissinger goes on to say that every nation will be tempted to act independently to extricate itself from the “crisis” or “debacle.” However, this course of action will be futile and counterproductive. Only “common action” will be acceptable.
“Even the most affluent countries will confront shrinking resources,” he continued. “Each will have to redefine its national priorities. An international order will emerge if a system of compatible priorities comes into being. It will fragment disastrously if the various priorities cannot be reconciled.”

Kissinger added: “The alternative to a new international order is chaos.”

In other words, that’s the choice – chaos or submission to rule by an unaccountable global elite.

Kissinger goes on to predict what will happen – and is happening already: there would be “rescue packages” designed by domestic governments relying on seemingly unlimited credit – the mirage that created the crisis in the first place.

Since the end of the Cold War and the Soviet Union, Kissinger explains, there has been a “period of nearly uninterrupted global growth.” That fact “induced too many to equate world order with the acceptance of American designs, including our domestic preferences.”

That, to Henry Kissinger and his global banking masters, is undesirable.

And here’s where Barack Obama fits into the plan:
“Not since the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy half a century ago has a new administration come into office with such a reservoir of expectations. It is unprecedented that all the principal actors on the world stage are avowing their desire to undertake the transformations imposed on them by the world crisis in collaboration with the United States. The extraordinary impact of the president-elect on the imagination of humanity is an important element in shaping a new world order. But it defines an opportunity, not a policy.
Kissinger hints that even the fear-inducing terror of the global jihad may be part of the orchestrated plot by the masters of the universe.
“The ultimate challenge is to shape the common concern of most countries and all major ones regarding the economic crisis, together with a common fear of jihadist terrorism, into a common strategy reinforced by the realization that the new issues like proliferation, energy and climate change permit no national or regional solution,” he writes.
Kissinger then hits on the major contributing factor to America’s economic crisis – its abandonment of a manufacturing economy and its transformation into a debt-based consumption economy.
China made possible the American consumption splurge by buying American debt; America helped the modernization and reform of the Chinese economy by opening its markets to Chinese goods,” he writes. “Both sides overestimated the durability of this arrangement. But while it lasted, it sustained unprecedented global growth. It mitigated as well the concerns over China’s role once China emerged in full force as a fellow superpower. A consensus had developed according to which adversarial relations between these pillars of the international system would destroy much that had been achieved and benefit no one. That conviction needs to be preserved and reinforced.”
No one knows more about this subject than Kissinger. He was the grand maestro – even to the point of becoming a well-compensated agent of the Chinese in the process.

What Kissinger and his friends in the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group want to see and construct is a “permanent” form of global governance. They seek to serve as the architects of a new empire.
“An international order can be permanent only if its participants have a share not only in building but also in securing it. In this manner, America and its potential partners have a unique opportunity to transform a moment of crisis into a vision of hope,” he concludes.
Look for more directed chaos from the masters of the universe.

They believe it serves their interests well.

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