October 29, 2011

U.S. Government Orders 44.75 Million Doses of Antrax Vaccine

If a catastrophic earth-based event (such as an asteroid impact, or natural mega disaster) were to occur on a future date and world governments had advanced knowledge of such an event — would the populace be warned? If the event were to be too catastrophic to recover from, and people in dense population centers were left to fend for themselves — would world governments preform an extermination of some regions in advance to avoid the total mayhem of a dynamic breakdown of society into ultimate civil unrest? One must wonder… - Shepard Ambellas & Alex Thomas, U.S. Government Gears Up To Release Bio-Weapon On Civilian Populace As Doomsday Event Looms?, The Intel Hub, October 24, 2011

Children May Be Given Death-Linked Anthrax Shots Under Bioterrorism Scare Trials

By Anthony Gucciardi, Infowars.com
October 26, 2011

Obama administration officials are debating whether or not a study should be launched which would lead to injecting healthy children with the anthrax vaccine in an experiment to “see whether the shots would safely protect them against a bioterrorism attack.”

Of course the safety of the anthrax vaccine has been questioned in the past by health professionals and the former Senate Majority Leader — also a physician. That is why the Obama administration is using the threat of bioterrorism as a method of getting the public to submit to the study through fear.

The administration had mainstream health officials touting the vaccine as a way to ‘protect’ the children from the threat of bioterrorism.

“At the end of the day, do we want to wait for an attack and give it to millions and millions of children and collect data at that time?” said Daniel B. Fagbuyi of Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, who chaired the group. “Or do we want to say: ‘How do we best protect our children?’ We can take care of Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle and Auntie. But right now, we have nothing for the children.”

Evidence shows the anthrax vaccine is dangerous

Daniel B. Fagbuyi portrays the study as a necessary means of protecting the children, but evidence shows the anthrax vaccine is actually quite dangerous — not ‘protective’ as the Obama administration officials make it out to be. In 2001 when letters containing anthrax were mailed to several congressional leaders, former Senate Majority Leader and physician Bill Frist spoke out against the shot. He told CNN:

“There are very real and potentially serious side effects from the vaccine and anyone who elects to receive the vaccine needs to be made aware of that. I do not recommend widespread inoculation. There are too many side effects and if there is limited chance of exposure - the side effects would far outweigh any potential advantage.”

In a 2007 report by the CDC in conjunction with theVaccine Healthcare Centers of the Department of Defense and the watchdog group Government Accountability found that ”between 1 and 2 percent” of vaccinated military personnel experienced ”severe adverse events, which could result in disability or death.”

Between 2001 and 2004, the FDA Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) received 4,136 spontaneous adverse event reports: 347 (8.4%) were reported as serious.

Serious adverse events include: death, hospitalization, permanent disability, or are life-threatening. There were 16 deaths.

If the anthrax vaccine is to be tested on children, perhaps it should be tested on the children of those who are calling for the study. The Obama administration should be willing to inject their own children with the anthrax vaccine if they are so confident that the test is necessary.

Ignoring the warnings of physicial Bill Frist and the 2007 CDC report, government officials are now calling for your children to be injected with the anthrax vaccine in order to ‘protect’ against bioterrorism, so why wouldn’t they want their own children to be protected? Perhaps it has to do with monetary incentive.

The almighty dollar behind the anthrax vaccine push

On May 2, 2011, mega corporation Emergent Biosolutions announced that the federal government would be purchasing 3.42 million doses of the anthrax vaccine to add to the civilian anthrax vaccine stockpile. Emergent Biosolutions was formerly known as Bioport, the manufacturer of Biothrax, which is the only anthrax vaccine approved by the FDA.

The purchase adds about $101 million to the overall contact for the DHHS’ anthrax stockpile, boosting the value to about $500 million. The company has made $2.4 billion since 2004 alone, which could climb to over $2 billion if the government purchases the 75 million doses it said it needed. This purchase is in addition to the military anthrax vaccine stockpile.

In fact, the Washington Business Journal reports that Emergent generates the majority of its profits from federal public health agencies.

‘Emergent proudly supports the U.S. government’s efforts and unwavering commitment to meet its stated need of 75 million doses of anthrax vaccines,’ said Fuad El-Hibri, chairman and chief executive officer of Emergent BioSolutions. ‘This contract is an indication that BioThrax remains a critical component of the government’s arsenal of biodefense medical countermeasures. In addition to this contract modification, we are continuing discussions with the U.S. government regarding a follow-on procurement contract, which we anticipate will cover a multi-year period.

Emergent Biosolutions also secured a $186.6 million contract for a recombinant protein antigen to combat anthrax and a $28.7 million contract for a third-generation vaccine.

The question is how did Emergent Biosolutions manage to obtain such profitable US government contracts for the anthrax vaccine?

According to political analyst Scott Lilly:

The Emergant model extracts contracts from the US government at exorbitant high profit margins, compared to the cost of manufacture. The vaccine vials expire after 3-4 years, requiring continuous replenishment–guaranteeing sales of at least $100 million / year to the manufacturer for the foreseeable future. However the expenditure throws taxpayer money into a black hole.

Is the DHHS pushing the dangerous anthrax vaccine just to justify vaccine profits?

The disturbing history of government health and vaccine trials

The history of US health and vaccine trials is so unnerving that President Obama has described one such event as ‘shocking,’ ‘tragic,’ and ‘reprehensible’. Obama made these statements in October of 2010, when he apologized to Guatemala for tests conducted during the 1940s that deliberately infected 700 prisoners with syphilis to examine the effects. The researchers went so far as to pour the syphilis-causing bacteria onto the bodies of prisoners with skin abrasions. Another method involved forcing the prisoners to sleep with prostitutes.

The 40-year long Tuskegee experiments were another gruesome ‘experiment’ of the United States government. In order to perform the study, the US Public Health Service withheld syphilis treatment from infected black men to measure the effects of the disease. Again, this took place over a 40 year period.

As you can see, the anthrax vaccine is controversial for a reason. It is a risky, dangerous, and even deadly vaccine that has a questionable history going as far back as its production.

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Anthrax Vaccine Ordered By U.S.

An influenza vaccine that protects against all pandemic strains of the infection could be developed after a volunteer in a medical study had an unusual reaction to the flu virus.

October 10, 2011

To protect against anthrax, the U.S. government has ordered 44.75 million doses of a vaccine from a Maryland company.

Emergent BioSolutions Inc., with headquarters in Rockville, Md., said that under the $1.25 billion award it will supply its BioThrax over a period of five years, UPI.com reported.

BioThrax is the only vaccine licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to protect against anthrax infection.

"Emergent is proud to be able to contribute to the U.S. government's program of protecting the nation from the threat of anthrax," said Fuad El-Hibri, chairman and chief executive officer of Emergent BioSolutions. "This five-year award provides for uninterrupted supply of this critical bio-defense countermeasure while addressing the government's mandate to reduce spending across all programs.

"In coming to agreement, Emergent and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention worked diligently to establish business terms that incorporate substantial price concessions."

Initial deliveries are expected to begin this year. A total of 8.5 million doses is scheduled to be delivered during the first contract year.

The company retains the ability to modify the timing of deliveries depending on manufacturing yields and other factors.

Last month, Emergent was a co-host for a bio-preparedness conference in France on the threat of anthrax.

"Emergent [was] pleased to co-host this conference as part of our efforts to raise global awareness of bio-preparedness," said Allen Shofe, senior vice president of corporate affairs, Emergent BioSolutions.

Grants Issued for Next-Generation Anthrax Vaccine -- False Flag to Come, or More Wasted Money?

Activist Post
September 22, 2011

On September 20, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that it had awarded millions of dollars worth of grants to the Biomedical Advanced Research and Developmental Authority (BARDA) for the purpose of supporting the “advanced development of a novel next-generation anthrax vaccine and a new type of anthrax antitoxin.”

Although the announcement has received very little attention in the media, it is nonetheless concerning to those of us who are not apt to trust that every move made by our government is for our benefit.

The agency receiving the grants, BARDA, is located within the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, which itself is a division of HHS.
BARDA manages Project BioShield, which “includes the procurement and advanced development of medical countermeasures for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear agents, as well as the advanced development and procurement of medical countermeasures for pandemic influenza and other emerging infectious diseases that fall outside the auspices of Project BioShield.” BARDA also oversees the Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise (PHEMCE).
As one can see, the research grants given to BARDA through HHS are emergency-minded in nature; the idea behind these particular contracts being the development of an anthrax vaccine or treatment in the event of an anthrax attack on the United States. The money provided to BARDA will be funneled from the agency to two vaccine companies who will actually be the ones to conduct the studies and manufacturing processes for the up and coming vaccines.

Vaxin Inc. out of Rockville, MD will receive $14.7 million over two years, with the possibility of an extension of up to four years, which would end up totaling $21.7 million if the extension is granted. Vaxin Inc. will be charged with the development and manufacture of a more expeditious anthrax vaccine. Elusys Therapeutics Inc. of Pine Brook, New Jersey, which will be tasked with developing an anthrax antitoxin, will receive $26.5 million for two years, or possibly $68.9 million for five years, upon the extension of the job.

Specifically, Vaxin will be in charge of determining whether or not the vaccine AdVAV can protect against anthrax with fewer doses than the vaccine that is currently licensed, which requires that the recipient take five doses within 18 months and annual boosters for continued protection. Elusys will evaluate the effectiveness of the drug Anthim in terms of its administration before or shortly after one’s exposure to anthrax.

Of course, anyone who has done cursory research into the safety and effectiveness of vaccines will be aware that vaccinations are neither safe nor effective. Vaccines have never been proven safe or effective by any real study that wasn’t connected to a vaccine maker or pharmaceutical company. In fact, vaccines have a history of causing severe health issues, particularly the one used to “immunize” against anthrax, and there are at least 100 compiled studies showing that.

For instance, in 2005, over 1,200 military personnel who were vaccinated against anthrax before going to Iraq developed serious illnesses, and there were thousands of queries about potential side effects. Just the initial symptoms of side effects to the vaccine were diarrhea, cramping, fever, sleep and memory loss, chronic fatigue, headaches, and chest pains, not to mention the long term effects that went undetected.

True to form, both the military and the medical establishment continued to hype the shots and encourage soldiers to take them. Citing, the false-flag anthrax attacks of 2001, the anthrax vaccine was promoted as being needed “now more than ever.” For example, in typical fear-mongering fashion, Maj. Brian Blalock, public health flight commander at Nellis Air Force Base in 2005, stated that,
“We’re living in a completely different era. There are terrorists who are intent on using biological agents and there are countries that certainly have the capability.”
In 2006, the Pentagon announced that it would make the anthrax vaccine mandatory for all soldiers serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and South Korea after the FDA found the vaccines to be safe and effective. Obviously, one might be justified in asking if there has ever been a vaccine that the FDA has not found found to be safe and effective but that is another topic altogether.

Yet it should be noted that the anthrax attacks of 2001 cited by the Pentagon and its spokespeople were not the act of Muslim or domestic extremists as the American public has been hammered into believing by the corporate media and government propagandists.

Microbiologist, Dr. Bruce Ivins, the unfortunate patsy blamed for the attacks and another “lone nut” who turned up dead as a result of an apparent “suicide,” was clearly not the perpetrator of the anthrax mailings, as voluminous amounts of evidence point to his innocence as well as testimony of many credible witnesses and the Department of Justice itself have revealed. Indeed, there seems to be a much more sinister agenda in this case, but, as with the vaccine safety issue, this is also another topic which requires far too much attention to discuss within the confines of this article.

It cannot go unmentioned, however, that there were an alarming number of microbiologists who had turned up dead shortly before the anthrax event. As Dr. Francis Boyle, a former government biological weapons legislator, has stated publicly,
“Ivins is only the latest dead microbiologist. You also have to tie into this the large numbers of dead microbiologists that have appeared since around the summer before these events, when the New York Times revealed the existence of the covert anthrax weapons programs run by the CIA, and that too is in the public record.”
This is the context in which the recent HHS announcement has appeared and, upon hearing of this new push regarding anthrax and the development of new “medical countermeasures” for it, one should bear close in mind the vast and obvious government involvement in weaponized anthrax and false flag terror. As a result, one must be concerned about the potential for serious mass-scale crisis creation using these available resources and methods.

Indeed, this is not the first time BARDA has been given such a task. According to the HHS press release, the agency has been given the goal of funding the development and acquisition of two anthrax antitoxins in the past. These antitoxins are now present in the Strategic National Stockpile. In addition, BARDA’s direction over the Project BioShield operation, which goes at least as far back as 2004, was relevant to the awarding of contracts to the acquisitions of countermeasures to anthrax, smallpox, botulism, and nuclear exposure as well other bioterrorist attack-related emergency supplies.

These stated goals and developmental grants were largely a result of Barack Obama’s Executive Order 13527, which was signed on December 30, 2009. This Executive Order (EO), according to the “HHS Fiscal Year 2012: Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund – Justification of Estimates for Appropriations Committees,” makes it the policy of the federal government to plan and prepare for the timely provision of medical countermeasures to the American people in the event of a biological attack through a rapid federal response in coordination with state, local, territorial, and Tribal governments.

The policy’s goal is to mitigate illness and prevent death, sustain critical infrastructure, and complement and supplement state, local, territorial, and Tribal government medical countermeasure distribution capacity. Section 2 of the EO tasks HHS and USPS to develop a concept of operations and national postal model for other cities interested in utilizing a residential delivery system through the USPS to deliver medical countermeasures for a biological attack.

Essentially, the EO directs HHS and USPS to develop a method of distribution of “medical countermeasures” in the event of a bioterrorist attack in the United States.

Test runs for these procedures were conducted in both 2006 and 2007, as well as later in 2010. George W. Bush also signed an order to provide advance distribution of “medical countermeasures” to those letter carriers who volunteered for the program in 2008.

While one could scarcely argue that it is a bad idea to develop mechanisms for the rapid deployment of medicines and life-saving products via the Post Office or other available institutions in the event of a biological weapons attack or outbreak of a deadly disease, one must also view these EO’s and government policies with skepticism and concern. Especially when one takes into account the historical precedent set by governments (specifically the US government) in creating and exploiting just these kinds of situations.

The fact is, while these procedures appear at first glance (at least to the uninformed) to be a protective measure against foreign bioterrorism or domestically executed attacks, it is actually the US government itself that is almost always the culprit when it comes to virtually any kind of terrorism.

Whether it is the anthrax attacks mentioned above, 9/11, OKC, Swine Flu, or other more small-scale operations, it is not shoe-string extremists that have launched consecutive attacks on the United States; it is rogue elements with the US government itself.

Indeed, among those who research government false flag operations, it is well-known that there are often many potential giveaways as to their coming execution. In some instances, it is military exercises. In others, it is the implementation (or introduction) of laws or policies that would pertain to just such a situation. Therefore, when our government begins preparation for a bioterrorist attack, especially when those preparations are specific in nature, one is definitely justified in a reaction of concern in regards to what this actually means.

These new contracts for development of more advanced anthrax vaccines should cause specific concern in light of previous EO’s signed by both Bush and Obama as well as legislation designed to essentially declare Martial Law in the event of a bioterrorist attack or pandemic virus.

The EO mentioned above (Executive Order 13527) contains language regarding the escort of postal workers carrying “medical countermeasures” by law enforcement officers in order to protect them from “potentially violent crowds,” leading some to speculate as to whether or not this angry reaction would be the result of forced vaccination programs.

Interestingly enough, the Post Office has played an assisting role in the coming Martial Law program in the past. Keep in mind, USPS facilities all across the country have been constructing secretive hardened “criminal investigation rooms.” The source who revealed these room constructions also revealed plans to use these rooms in the event of Martial Law to “separate families.”

While the recent announcement of new anthrax vaccine contracts may be just another waste of taxpayer money on the faith-based scientific efforts known as vaccines, we must not be so quick to dismiss it as such without taking into account the context of these announcements. The United States government has been making plans for years regarding the final crackdown on civil liberties and the ultimate moment to fully transition to an openly authoritarian police state. A bioterrorist attack using anthrax or any other deadly or fast-spreading disease would provide the perfect pretext to do just that.

With Security Spotty, Many Had Access to Anthrax at Fort Detrick

During a two-week period in April 2002, officials at the Army’s lead biodefense laboratory at Fort Detrick discovered anthrax spores had escaped carefully guarded suites into the building’s unprotected areas. The breach called into question the ability of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases to keep its own deadly agents within laboratory walls, seven months after the terrorism attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 and the anthrax mailings that autumn. The 2002 incident was considered a breach in containment because anthrax was found outside a containment suite, a group of laboratories and administrative rooms. [Read the Report: Beyond the Breach]

Security reports by independent government specialists suggest that deadly anthrax stocks may have been more accessible than investigators assumed in declaring Army scientist Bruce Ivins the perpetrator.

McClatchy Newspapers and ProPublica
October 25, 2011

The Army laboratory identified by prosecutors as the source of the anthrax that killed five people in the fall of 2001 was rife with such security gaps that the deadly spores could have easily been smuggled out of the facility, outside investigators found.

The existing security procedures -- described in two long-secret reports -- were so lax they would have allowed any researcher, aide or temporary worker to walk out of the Army bio-weapons lab at Fort Detrick, with a few drops of anthrax -- starter germs that could grow the trillions of spores used to fill anthrax-laced letters sent to Congress and the media.

The two reports, which have not been made public for more than nine years, describe a haphazard system in which personnel lists included dozens of former employees, where new hires were allowed to work with deadly germs before background checks were done and where stocks of anthrax and other pathogens weren't adequately controlled.

Fort Detrick since has adopted new bio-security measures. But the security reports by independent government specialists suggest that deadly anthrax stocks may have been more accessible than investigators assumed in declaring Army scientist Bruce Ivins the perpetrator.

The letters, mailed to two U.S. senators and at least three media outlets, panicked the nation in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Justice Department says the letter spores derived from a flask controlled by Ivins at Fort Detrick.

Marked "for official use only," the two reports were completed in 2002. One was conducted by a seven-member team from Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M. The other was by auditors for the Army's inspector general's office.

The teams evaluated security at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, or USAMRIID, then the lead federal lab for developing vaccines and other medical defenses against biological weapons.

McClatchy Newspapers, the online investigative newsroom ProPublica and PBS's "Frontline," which have collaborated in an examination of the Justice Department's case against Ivins, obtained copies of both reports.

The reports are expected to be made public later this week in a $50 million lawsuit filed in federal court in West Palm Beach, Fla., by family members of Robert Stevens, a photo editor for American Media Inc., who was the first person to die from the anthrax attacks.

About time

"It's about time," said Richard Schuler, a lawyer for the family. "The public should know about the way security for deadly pathogens was being handled -- or mishandled -- by the Department of the Army and the government in the period leading up to the 2001 anthrax attacks."

A psychological report on Ivins, who committed suicide in July 2008, said Ivins had "diagnosable mental illness" when he was hired in 1980, and that his mental health should have disqualified him from obtaining a "secret-level" security clearance.

Ivins died of an overdose soon after learning that prosecutors were seeking approval to charge him with five counts of murder. The FBI case was largely circumstantial, although prosecutors say their most direct evidence was the genetic link between anthrax in the letter powder and spores in Ivins' flask of liquid anthrax.

Before posthumously declaring Ivins the killer, the Justice Department said, the FBI eliminated as suspects as many as 419 people.

Those individuals would have had access to Ivins' flask, which was stored in an airtight "hot suite" at Fort Detrick, or to spores he had shared with colleagues or outside researchers, including scientists at the Battelle Memorial Institute in West Jefferson, Ohio.

The Sandia report emphasized that terrorists had obtained germs from research labs before.

It cited a February 2001 National Defense University study that found 11 cases in which terrorists or other "non-state operatives" had acquired biological agents from "legitimate culture collections," including three research or medical laboratories.

Despite USAMRIID's sobering mission, the Sandia report said, the western Maryland lab had developed a work environment in which employees failed to make the same "indisputable commitment to security" as they did to research.

"The current biosecurity system at USAMRIID does not adequately protect HCPTs (high-consequence pathogens and toxins) and related information," wrote the Sandia team, headed by security expert Reynolds Salerno.

The report said no rules governed movement of germ specimens from one building to another, for example, and that a test tube containing some of Ivins' spores was left for weeks in a refrigerator in a second building.

Fort Detrick's personnel database failed to list 213 of USAMRIID's employees but did include 80 who had left their jobs, the Sandia report said.

A separate human resources roster listed 56 people who had left but not 12 who worked there.

Conflicting rosters didn't necessarily signal a security weakness, the Sandia team wrote, but they contributed to "perceived chaos in the personnel system" at the facility.

Even if all those things had been perfect, the examiners said, there was little way to detect diversions from flasks of germs, because a "malevolent" worker could grow more of the pathogen or find other ways to conceal the removal of a small amount.

'Hot suite' access

Asked about the studies, a Justice Department spokesman said in a prepared statement that the FBI looked at everyone who had card-key access to the "hot suites," including researchers with up-to-date vaccinations, then thoroughly investigated "all individuals with theoretical access" to Ivins' spores in advance of the mailings.

The Army auditors, who studied security throughout Fort Detrick, not just at USAMRIID, made clear that pathogens in the bio-weapons facility were "not afforded a standard, minimum level of protection" similar to that for nuclear and chemical weapons.

Although a 22-year-old Army regulation governing the management of hazardous biological substances was in effect in 2001, the Army auditors wrote, two of the three labs at Fort Detrick weren't aware of it and the other ignored it as outdated.

The Army report also said that contractor labs, such as Battelle, had limited regulation and no screening of individuals working with anthrax and other pathogens, creating "the potential for unauthorized access to these materials."

USAMRIID has long since committed to a major overhaul of its security system and adopted a comprehensive Army "biosurety program" in 2003 that included closer tracking of inventories of various germs.

Employees with access to the "hot suites," which are designed to contain anthrax and other pathogens during experiments, must now submit to regular medical, mental health and behavior screening, including monitoring of their use of prescription drugs.

"The safety of the USAMRIID staff and the security of the biological agents on which it works," spokeswoman Caree Vander-Linden said, "have always been top priority, even before the events of 2001."

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